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    So why isn't Llodra playing the singles tomorrow?

    exactly. slow courts equals nightmare for a s and v player.
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    Thank you USTA for all the changes in USTA ratings bumps

    Back to the original post, I know a bunch of 5.0's who got bumped from 4.5 to 5.0...
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    my youtube vids

    You obviously have a lot of talent and had great training. All of the major a technical concepts are well drilled and confident. If I could only add maybe a couple of small ideas that could help. I have played against 3 star girls and ex - highly ranked D 1 players (Yale etc. in their mid...
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    Best match you've seen live.

    even though these aren't Fedal finals, but I was at the Ryan Harrison/Stahovsky match at the US Open. Amazing energy. Also I was at the Oudin/Petrova match last year at the Open...amazing energy from the crowd!
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    I'm playing a 5.5 tonight...

    You can also go down the line during the rally don't have to do it on the serve esp if the person has a good serve. hit a deep crosscourt shot return and if you see a ball that you can change directions on, rip it down the line!
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    The Nicest Thing An Opponent Has Ever Said To You

    I was slated to play with a 4.0 in 4.5 men's league. The team we played is tied for 1st and the doubles team we played had a player who wins 90% of his matches and his partner was no slouch either. So, basically its was 8.5 vs. 2 4.5's. The first couple of games were not pretty but I started...
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    I'm playing a 5.5 tonight...

    Next time you might want to try to go down the line against this guy. Anytime you have a super aggressive net player, hitting a few down the line will keep him honest. Even if you miss or if he returns the down the line shot, he knows that you are aware of him and it should keep him at bay...
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    Opponents who report the score incorrectly. Why?

    I have heard similar stories just like this....
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    Your NTRP progression

    played high school, but was NO good. Played JV on an undefeated state qualifying team. quit at 16 for 10 years. (all USTA leagues) 2008: 4.0 2009: 4.5 2010: 4.5 + 2011: 5.0? (fingers crossed, really hard transition!)
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    "I'm Actually Watching This Match, Brad."

    sometimes BG makes me laugh, sometimes he is too meatheadish for me, but i can't stand how he says David Ferrer's name!
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    NTRP Rank me (video link included)

    It is hard to make a real opinion without real gameplay videos. Sometimes pretty strokes and shots go AWOL in a match....if this is how you play in a match, 4.5, if you compete at 75% of the level of the video, a strong 4.0.
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    NTRP Rank me (video link included)

    As a 4.5 player, you look like a 4.5 player in the video. Good consistancy, mostly good depth, nice footwork and nice returns. I would really would have to hit with you in person to get a real opinion. I've been told by pros and 5.0 players that I have flashes of 5.0 but as of now I am would...
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    Predictions for Wimbledom!

    I'm with you about Roddick, but I don't know about Murray. His form has been pretty bad, going out early at Roland Garros and other disappointing results this year. He needs to really bounce back in the next month on the grass if he wants to be in the discussion. Let see what transpires...
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    Rafa's Back Check on TC

    oops i meant BAG check...
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    Rafa's Back Check on TC

    Hey did anyone notice that Rafa has a mouth guard in his bag? Has anyone heard of a tennis player using one?
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    Clutch serving...

    play tiebreaks starting you down 0-2....
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    Eating/recovering in heat during tournament; 4+ singles matches

    get a foam roller!!!! amazon, target...easy to find....great for recovery!!! i use mine everyday before and after matches. also look into the ice down after play and stretch like crazy!!! good luck and stay healthy!!!
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    Roddick hit a 110mph forehand

    I think what people forget about early Roddick was the UE count. He would hit something like 30 or 40 UE's during a match (as opposed to 12-20 UE's now). True, he would hit some amazing forehands (the ones you see in the YouTube vids) but what you don't see in those vids are the large amount...
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    Is Alex Clayton a pusher?

    Alex has nice variety.....he is not a hard, flat groundstroke machine....
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    Is Fed's backhand more like a block?

    I agree!! I think the only time Fed's BH is a block is when Roddick or someone blasts 140 mphs at him on serve....
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    I kind of think that Kohlschreiber plays "up" when he is playing a higher ranked player but also can play "down" when he is playing a similarly ranked or lower player...he reminds me of Tipsavoric that way....he does have a nice 1hbh though....
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    Nice recap of the 1992 US Open

    I miss Stefan Edberg!!! Class act!!!
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    Just wait until the collection goes on sale...polos 55 bucks......
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    Can anyone remember the last time Roddick hit his forehand this well?

    Monfils has hit i believe a 118mph forehand....
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    What was with Rafa's outburst at the changeover in the third?

    Personally I don't think it is the is either/both between the ears or a physical problem...Rafa's camp is good at keeping things vague so we will never know. When Fed had his problems last year, people were saying "the racquet, the racquet, he needs to use a midplus". Since then...