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  1. VamosRafa69

    Nike Fall 2019

    is this pic under men’s nike shoes? i can’t find it
  2. VamosRafa69

    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    i think nadal has a decent shot if he gets a good draw and avoids any serve bots in the first week. his new serve and offensive game worked really well at AO until he faced nole who destroyed him. rafas much more match fit now and has fine tuned his defense. i think novak or fed will probably...
  3. VamosRafa69

    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Has anyone else’s undergrip slipped and exposed the bevel? What replacement under grips would be better than they stock ones
  4. VamosRafa69

    Nike Tennis Hats

    does anyone know why nike doesn’t release featherlight hats that match what the players wear? also why don’t they make the featherlight rafa hats?
  5. VamosRafa69

    Nike Summer 2019

    I think so. It has different aspects from all his winning French open shoes, like the back heel has the same splatter pattern as the 2017 lunars
  6. VamosRafa69

    Nike Summer 2019

  7. VamosRafa69

    Nike Summer 2019

    Anyone know anything about the Rafa cage 3 gloves on N*ke talk?
  8. VamosRafa69

    Rafa Shoe Testing in Madrid Practice

    Saw a vapor x glove version on n* maybe it’s a cage 3 glove
  9. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    i saw that too. i think the shoes will prob have some silver accents cuz there’s some silver on the collar and sleeves
  10. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    Oh thanks. I thought it was going to be volt. Lol
  11. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    Has anyone seen the collection yet?
  12. VamosRafa69

    Nike Summer 2019

    so the green rafa cages won’t have a clay sole?
  13. VamosRafa69

    Nike Summer 2019

    Does anyone know if the RG cages will come out w/ a clay sole? Either here on in Europe?
  14. VamosRafa69

    Rafa Shoe Testing in Madrid Practice Could it be those shoes just covered up by the black zipper thing?
  15. VamosRafa69

    Rafa Shoe Testing in Madrid Practice

    Could it be a version of the shoes he was wearing at IW?
  16. VamosRafa69

    Rafa using La Decima paintjob

    he’s using it against bagut right now
  17. VamosRafa69

    Problems with VCORE pros.

    idk if this has anything to with it but the serial numbers on the april ones both start with 09 while the december one starts w 10
  18. VamosRafa69

    Problems with VCORE pros.

    So i have been using the VCORE pro 97 310 since April and have had great results. I’m currently using hyper g 16 @ 54lbs with 2gs of lead at the 12, size 4 1/4 grip with a Yonex super grap. I bought two rackets in April and a third in December, but i have noticed that the one from December is...
  19. VamosRafa69

    Nadal is testing a new shoe at IW?

    ik nike has been using the epic react cushioning alot. could it be a epic react ballistec maybe?
  20. VamosRafa69

    Junior Clothing Sponsorships

    u should try adidas
  21. VamosRafa69

    red yonex bag

    does anyone know if or when this bag will be on sale?
  22. VamosRafa69

    Modifying Vcore Pro 97 310

    i added a head leather tour, played with it, and hated it. since then i have been using it stock with a wilson pro/ tourna OG, a yonex shock, and hyper g 16. if it aint broke dont fix it.
  23. VamosRafa69

    Nike wimbledon gear for Rafa

    Does anyone know if Nike will be releasing the shorts rafa wore in his exhibition match or the cages he is wearing with a grass court outsole? Thanks
  24. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimebledon Sneakers

    does anyone know if they will be coming out with a Wimbledon zoom cage 3 with a grass court sole?
  25. VamosRafa69

    Modifying Vcore Pro 97 310

    Thanks for ur input I’ll try that
  26. VamosRafa69

    Modifying Vcore Pro 97 310

    I have recently switched to the vcore pro 97 and like it a lot. I find that it is slightly under powered at times. I have had trouble returning big serves with it. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this racquet and what modifications they have added. I am going to be adding a...
  27. VamosRafa69

    Different Yonex racquets.

    i’m looking for a racquet that can allow me to “point and shoot”. i would like a flexy racquet that doesn’t add too much power.
  28. VamosRafa69

    Different Yonex racquets.

    I was wondering if any one can share there experience with Yonex racquets. I am currently demoing the ezone 2018 and VCore pro 97 310. I’m not sure if I should demo the DR or not. Than,s
  29. VamosRafa69

    Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro: Leather under grip, Solinco Tour Bite @ 54 lbs

    Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro: Leather under grip, Solinco Tour Bite @ 54 lbs