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  1. PanDa

    Decent Reels?

    I've probably got a couple more racquet's worth of string left in my reel, so I've been eyeing some poly reels lately. My budget's around 100, so my list looks like this: Signum PP Megaforce, Kirschbaum PLX and Super Smash, and MSV Focus Hex. Does anyone have any opinions on how these strings...
  2. PanDa

    Post-Tennis Footwear

    Is it normal to change out of tennis shoes and into lighter shoes (running shoes, flip flops) after practices/matches?
  3. PanDa

    Good choice?

    For a beginning stringer, is the klippermate an appropriate stringing machine? Just need something that is portable, long lasting, and generally accurate. UPDATE: I went with the klippermate, due to budget. I really do appreciate all the input and help from everyone. :)
  4. PanDa

    Christmas Carols

    Who’s enjoying all the songs? And if so, which ones?
  5. PanDa

    Barricade Classic Bounce

    Is this shoe up for $70 on the adidas website or is it just me?
  6. PanDa

    Volkl Cyclone in Pure Drive GT

    I'm using a Pure Drive GT, and I'm thinking of stringing it with Volkl Cyclone 16 @ 54 lbs, but I'm not sure. It was initially strung with Cyclone Tour 16 @ 56 lbs. Felt fine at first (a bit too much power), but after an inconsistent schedule, four months has passed since the last restringing...