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    Uniqlo US Open

    I like Kei's outfit minus the shoes. Fed's looks ok but might look good depending on what shoes he wears. I think colorful shoes would elevate both their outfits.
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    Almost got caught to a fake Babolat Pure Aero that looks like the real deal!

    I've seen an authentic Pure Aero with the wrong specs printed on it.
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    Quick clarification on TWU: MSV Focus-Hex 16 (1.23)

    On the String Performance Database, is "MSV Focus-Hex 16 (1.23)" 16 gauge (1.27) or 1.23 (16L gauge)? Thank you as always.
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    Parents: Do you let your kids play with equipment that is damaging their bodies?

    My opinion won't be very popular here, but I see very few issues with stiff racquets and stiff strings. I work at a very popular tennis shop that caters to many strong juniors. The trend I see is most players have no issues at all. Yes, there are some players who cannot tolerate them, but they...
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    Head still makes the best racquets

    1) Babolat outsells Head by a far margin. If you don't like Babolat or the stiffness, that's your prerogative, but most people who use Babolat don't have arm issues. If this were true, they would not put out best seller after best seller for the last decade and half. Plus, the Extreme, Instinct...
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    Head still makes the best racquets

    8. Their racquets have failed to consistently impress in the TW Playtests. Of course, the playtest is a subjective process and is by no means a true barometer, but its a consistent metric, and HEAD racquets have failed to score above the low 80s year after year. When taken as a trend, it's...
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    Head still makes the best racquets

    In my opinion, Head is one of the worst manufacturers right now. This is based on their overall products for the general market (not us neurotics TTWers) in my area over the last few years. They come up with good racquets once in awhile, but as a whole, they have been trending down. 1a. Too many...
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    Most lively tennis ball

    I recall the Babolat being the liveliest. I haven't tried the newer Dunlops or RFs though
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    Grip sizes - too small?

    I didn't think it really mattered what other people were using
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    The Aeropro Drive Original will arguably go down as the best modern racquet of all's why

    I also recall the SW not being that high, maybe ~325 Edit: wayback machine says~324
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    The Aeropro Drive Original will arguably go down as the best modern racquet of all's why

    Maybe others have a nostalgia factor or assume it must still be good cuz Nadal is using it, but I remember it being very harsh and plastic feeling. I personally think the Pure Aero 2019 is the best Aero generation so far (long-time Aero user).
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    Head Gravity

    22mm (as listed on the frame)
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    Why no 28 or 29" "normal" weight and head size rackets. Manufacturers PSYOP to prevent market?

    Because hardly anyone buys them. Markets tend to be demand driven, with customers dictating product trends. Even 27.5 inchers are rare in my area
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    I've got the Pro and MP to demo, and I can tell you the SW is pretty hefty on both. I wouldn't say 345 strung is out of the question (no RDC).
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    Is it time for Nishikori to switch Racquets?

    I honestly think his technique just isn't efficient, and that's why he's gotta swing so fast to generate pace. It ends up hurting him when he wastes more energy than he should hence longer matches or running out of steam in later rounds I think trying a 98 is worth a shot for him, but only to...
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    Compatible Bumper Guard/Grommet Set for Wilson NTour two 95 MP?

    I have a customer who still uses the nTour 2's and was in the same predicament as you. He brought me grommets for another iteration, I want to say it was the Steam 96 grommets. With careful installation and lubing every grommet, I was able to fit it in pretty well. I'll try to ask him next time...
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    The inspiration for Nishikoris FO 2019 shirt must have come from...

    Not digging the white/yellow dominant outfit he's wearing against Nadal right now though
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    The inspiration for Nishikoris FO 2019 shirt must have come from...

    I actually like Nishikori's outfit and shoes. The only adjustment I'd make is black undershorts, only because he's already got so much color. The extra neutral color would do well to ground the rest of his outfit, especially to match his socks/wristbands/hat.
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    It definitely matches Head's schizophrenic racquet development team...
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    New Shoes from Nadal at RG19

    The zipper looks kinda weird, but overall I think the shoe looks pretty cool. I wonder how breathable they are though
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    Thiem using new Pj of Pure Strike 2019 at RG

    It's actually a true red now. The color in the pics is pretty accurate
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    NXT-like multi but cheaper?

    According to TW's Similar Strings Tool: HeadFXP 17 WilsonNXT Tour 16 KlipKicker 16 DunlopComfort Synthetic 16 GosenNanocubic 16 GosenCompositemaster I 16 BabolatXcel Power 16 DunlopExplosive Synthetic 16 PrinceSynthetic Gut 18 Duraflex SolincoVanquish 16 GosenAK Pro 16 DunlopTour Performance 16...
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    Nadal's grip is so small, there is hardly space between fingers

    Federer and Thiem also have very little space between their fingers
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    Head Gravity

    It could also just be me projecting my desires :whistle:
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    Head Gravity

    It's a little hard to tell from the pic, but to me it looks kind of box beamed. Anyone else see that?
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    Most Beautiful 2HBH

    I'd have to go with Nalbandian since he rarely ever looked off balance on that side. Honestly, I don't think any part of Agassi or his game was aesthetic :)
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    Better Beginner Stringer: Klippermate or MiStringer?

    My all around favorite is actually the Wilson one, but they aren't easy to come by so the Alpha is my next pick. For bridging and starting, the Yonex/Kimony one is super solid. It's not good for cinching strings and is super expensive though.
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    Better Beginner Stringer: Klippermate or MiStringer?

    I started with the Klippermate before getting a table top fixed clamp drop weight (SP Hip Hop, discontinued). Since I've moved on to standing crank and various premium electronic machines; I string in a pro shop and for some challenger tournaments. Here are the big questions you should ask...
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    Racquet customisation paint services - anyone know where I can get this done?

    I've seen a couple racquets up close that were done at CTR. They were painted white with the Babolat stripes added. I was not terribly impressed; the paint did not look smooth. FYI, I'm expecting factory quality so maybe my expectations are set too high. They may have improved their process since.