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    Does electronic racquet stringing machine string tighter ?

    My racquet stringer has switched to electronic racquet stringing. He says my racquets should now be strung 4 pounds looser because of that. I have never heard that before . Does it sound correct ?
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    Gut in mains instead of crosses - why does it break more often ?

    I used to go with VS Team 17g in the crosses ( at 59 ) and pro hurricane in the mains ( at 57 ) Now I switched it around to get more benefit from the feel of the gut so the gut is in the mains and I’m literally breaking strings every 2 or 3 days. I hit fairly flat so I’m surprised this is...
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    2018 PD tour alternatives

    Can anyone recommend an alternative racquet to the 2018 pure drive tour ? Somehow I don’t feel the same stability or control on the new racquet as I have done on the 2015 PD tour. It is becoming difficult to find more of the 2015 PDT Racquets.
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    National signing week

    As we are in to the week of NLI signings here are the new TR blue chip recruits . Obviously there will also be overseas recruits. I am only restricting this list to blue chips to make things simple. Almost all the male blue chips have committed, maybe there are less women because a few more are...
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    Have there been any ATP or WTA players who went to Ivy schools ?

    There are obviously very few successful pro players ( top 150 ) who went to college first , though the numbers do seem to be increasing slowly. Would you say that going to an Ivy School with less intense match competition spells the end of those ambitions for any aspiring young pro player ...
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    Should this forum be called “ men’s college tennis talk “ ?

    Searching through to find people’s views on women’s college tennis, they are almost non existent . As far as I’m aware 50% of college players are women. Maybe they should have their own forum . Anyway, if anyone has any views about good women’s academic and strong tennis schools combined I...
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    Congratulations Jo Konta

    i know this message board is very ATP orientated. Maybe I missed it but I don't see any real tributes to the massive improvements made by Konta. She won Miami by being aggressive throughout whatever the score and it was a very impressive performance. It was particularly impressive the way she...
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    Natural gut for teenager recovering from wrist injury

    My teenage daughter has just got over a wrist injury on her non dominant hand which has kept her out of competitive tennis for a couple of months. While she completes her recovery would switching from her usual hybrid to all gut be helpful ? And strung the same tension on mains and crosses ...
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    Kvitova next world no 1 ?

    Kvitova is the only player out there who has as much firepower as Serena. Her problem has always been maintaining her high level and not having constant dips in form. But she has the weapons and it looks to me she is in great shape physically since movement was not always in line with her stroke...
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    Balancing tennis and academics in high school

    My daughter is entering 9 th grade in the fall and we are trying to decide on her school curriculum. Her tennis is at such a level technically and competitvely that if it continues to develop at this rate she is on track for Stanford, Duke or an Ivy League ( assuming she doesn't go down the...
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    The US needs a specialist Fed Cup doubles team

    The defeat of Williams and Riske by Italy in the deciding Fed Cup match by Errani and Penetta was predictable, as was Vesnina ( a true high level doubles player ) being by far the best player on court in the Russia v Germany mtch. Just like the Davis Cup team includes the Bryans the Fed Cup...
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    Respect for Halep

    Halep may have lost yesterday but for me she showed why she is number 3 in the world and a possible future number 1. Serena played amazing tennis for a set and a half lifting her game in the way she does against her main rivals. Many players would have fallen apart. But apart from a couple of...
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    Should a PD tour be strung tighter than an APD ?

    My teenage daughter has a full Babolat sponsorship which has led to a change fom her previous 2010 APD. Having played with a number of their racquets including the 2013 APD, the Pure Control ,the Strike , the Pure Drive and the Pure Drive Tour she opted for the PD Tour. My question is this...
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    Is the pure drive tour too heavy for a 14 year old gil ?

    My 14 year okd daughter is used to playing with the old APD GT. She tried out the 2015 pure Drive but found it lacked stability when responding to pace. She also tried the Yonex a1 100 and liked it. Because she has always played with Babolat racquets I would like her to test out the Pure...
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    Aeropro v Pd v pd tour v Ai100

    My teenage tournament playing daughter would like to switch from her old APD GT and has tested the 2015 Pure Drive and the Yonex Ai 100. She feels the PD lacks some stability against heavier balls and that the Yonex is more comfortable all round. But before she makes the switch would it makes...
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    Retailer mistakenly strung racquet with gut instead of hybrid

    I just received a racquet ordered on line that has been strung with natural gut instead of the hybrid of pro hurricane and gut that I ordered. I guess it will have a different feel to the other racquet I have ( an APD) but will it be so different that I should send it back ? Apart from breaking...
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    Planters wart on foot

    Are the remedies for removing a tenager's planters wart like freezing sprays sold in pharmacies effective ? Are there any other alternaives to surgically removing it ? And if it has to be removed would it mean not being able to play tennis for some days / weeks afterwards ? It is slightly...
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    Is the yonex Ezone Ai 100 a good switch from a 2012 Aeropro Drive ?

    My 14 year old daughter has switched between different Babolat racquets this year in search of a successor to the discontinued Aero Pro Drive 2012. She just hasn't felt comfortable with the new Aero Pro or the other models. She recently tried out the Yonex Ezone Ai 100 and really liked it but...
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    Yonex player sponsorship

    Does anyone know the criteria for getting a full Yonex junior sponsorship and a contact name and email ? Thanks
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    Yonex junior sponsorship

    Could anyone please give me the contact information of the Yonex marketing team responsible for giving racquet sponsorships to US junior players ? Thanks.
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    Kops Jones and Spears top us team but not good enough for Fed Cup ?

    Congratulations to doubles specialists Raquel Kops Jones and Abigail Spears on qualfying for Singapore ! They had a great year ending as number 5 team in the world and winning Birmingham and Cincinnati. Yet they are not selected for Fed Cup, presumably because Venus and Serena insist on playing...
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    Great job Ana

    I was so impressed with Ana last night. Great job winning at Tokyo. She had a great tournament and a year of strong performances. What I really liked was her stat of coming to the net 25 times in a 2 set match winning 20 of those points. Some of her volleys were out of this world. Her backhand...
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    Lendl says he may coach again - Murray should beg him to come back

    My belief is that the real reason Lendl left Murray was because Andy lost his hunger and desire after winning Wimbledon. He would never have won the Olympics and 2 slams without Lendl. All the signs are that ( even allowing for Murray's surgery last year ) Lendl is being proved right. Let's be...
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    Is doing hons. Classes necessary for serious tennis players ?

    My daughter is a rising 8 th grader in school. She is a highly ranked junior player. She has been allocated a number of honors classes for 8 th grade. My inclination is that this will be too much for her in view of her tennis commitments most days including absence for out of state tournaments...
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    Forget Maria, Serena, Vika , Li Na and Aga, these girls are the future

    I won't comment on the women's final in this thread but looking at the tournament overall 3 potential young slam winners are emerging. Muguruza, Bouchard and Halep are all the real deal. Give it another 12 months and they could be the ones at the top of the game, passing Serena, Maria, Vika, Li...
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    Fractured finger but no pain

    We noticed our 13 year old daughter had a bigger gap betwen her pinky and the next finger on her racquet hand than she did on the other one. So we took her to a hand doctor who felt this was probably just a side effect of playing tennis. Possibly in the past she hurt her hand or other fingers...
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    Any shady areas at Sony ?

    Last time I went to the Sony Ericsson it was impossible to watch more than 30 mins at a time in the sun. Are there any areas of the stadium where there is shade in the afternoon sessions ?
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    Radwanska magic

    That was a truly amazing performance from Radwanska. She had never even taken a set from Azarenka but tonight was like cat and mouse. It was like she had Vika on a string. If she ever plays another set like the 3rd set again I want to be there to watch it. It was like a throwback to tennis with...
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    Li na back to old style of play

    I am watching Li Na on the brink of defeat against Safarova. She just squared the match on a tiebreaker from match point down. Last year I was very impressed with her bravery in coming to the net frequently and mixing in a fair amount of serve volley which at that stage in her career was pretty...
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    stringing tighter at altitude ?

    Apart from the obvious difference in temperatures during the winter months between Florida and Arizona in winter can someone advise if 2500 ft above sea level is likely to make a big difference in how the ball flies and does it makes sense to string racquets tighter in those conditions ? If so...