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    Djokovic ranking achievements

    With Nadal's withdrawal from Cincinnati, here are the minimum and maximum points totals for the big three on Monday September 9, the day after the US Open: Minimum: Djokovic: 9325 Nadal: 7225 Federer: 6680 Maximum: Djokovic: 12325 Nadal: 9225 Federer: 9680 This means that Djokovic is...
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    US Open Seeding

    This is very much up for grabs. If Nadal and Federer were to get 0 points over the summer, Nadal would have an 85-point ranking lead the week before the US Open. This means, for example, that if they played one MS event each and Federer outperformed Nadal making the QF or further, Federer would...
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    Some landmarks for Djokovic at this Wimbledon

    Already achieved: 1. 25 major finals (one of three all time) 2. Six or more finals at three of the four majors (one of two in open era) 3. 109 career finals (ties McEnroe for #5 in open era) With victory on Sunday: 1. 16 major titles (one of three all time) 2. Five Wimbledon titles (ties Borg...
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    Serena Williams ties Navratilova's Slam final tally

    They are both at 32. Serena moves ahead of Graf's 31. Evert still ahead at 34. Court left trailing behind at 29 (24-5 in Slam finals is an extraordinary record!)
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    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Elina Svitolina (8) v Simona Halep (7)

    Most likely, one of these women will attempt to stop Serena Williams from tying Margaret Court's major total on Saturday. Which one gets the honor?
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    Wimbledon odds before the quarter-finals

    Men: 1. Djokovic 4/6 2=. Federer 3/1 2=. Nadal 3/1 4=. Querrey 40/1 4=. Bautista Agut 40/1 6=. Nishikori 50/1 6=. Goffin 50/1 8. Pella 80/1 Women: 1. Williams 6/4 2. Halep 5/2 3. Konta 9/2 4. Svitolina 9/1 5. Riske 12/1 6=. Muchova 25/1 6=. Strycova 25/1 8. Zhang 33/1
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    Murray hoping to return to singles in fall 2019
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    List of men to win a major title aged 33 or more in the Open Era

    1. Ken Rosewall 2. Andres Gimeno 3. Roger Federer 4. Rafael Nadal To think that people always said Nadal would have a short career. A good example of wishful thinking, I suppose.
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    The last time?

    Two questions: 1. Do you think this will be the last ever Federer/Nadal match at a major? 2. Would you like this to be the last ever Federer/Nadal match at a major?
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    Wimbledon grass-court seeding formula

    Here's the rule: "• Take the ATP Ranking points on 25 June 2018 • Add 100 per cent of the points earned for all grass court tournaments in the past 12 months • Add 75 per cent of the points earned for the best grass court tournament in the 12 months before that" By my calculation, that makes...
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    When will the lights be finished at Roland Garros?

    I know they were planning to build floodlights. Is it next year that they'll be ready? Or 2021? Or have I got this all wrong?
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    Kohlschreiber ranking consistency

    I just noticed that Kohlschreiber has finished no higher than #20 and no lower than #43 in each of the last 12 years. Bearing in mind that ranking fluctuations tend to be far greater outside the top few players because the gaps are smaller, this is an extraordinary feat of consistency. (He's...
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    The youngest man to have won multiple major titles is now 32!

    It's Djokovic's 32nd birthday.
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    Anyone know for how long Djokovic has the #1 ranking secured?

    Tomorrow (Monday 28th January) he starts his 236th week as #1. He has a substantial lead and virtually no points to defend until Rome in mid-May. So it's very likely that he'll be #1 for at least the next three and a half months. But Nadal has nothing to defend until April, either, so I'm not...
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    Kvitova finally to win a non-Wimbledon major?

    Surely her best opportunity, what with Cecchinato (okay, Collins) in the semis and then either Pliskova or Osaka in the final. Not that any of them are easy opponents, but she is at least firm favorite tomorrow. And, if she does win, she will finally be the world #1. Something that should have...
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    10th time lucky for Roberto Bautista-Agut?

    RBA didn't do well in Slams last year (actually, after a good start, it was a disappointing year for him in general) but now gets a 10th shot at a round 4 match. So far, here's his record in them: 1. 2014 AO: lost to Dimitrov 2. 2014 UO: lost to Federer 3. 2015 WI: lost to Federer 4. 2015 UO...
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    Why isn't Ferrer playing the Australian Open?

    I just don't understand why he'd fly all the way to Australia for the Hopman Cup and not stick around long enough to put in a farewell appearance at a major event. I just don't understand why he's winding down his career with exhibitions and challengers and not more meaningful tournaments. It...
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    What a start for the old guys

    Even I think that 2019 is likely to be the year in which younger players make a real impression. But if this is the last stand for the old guard, they are raging against the dying of the light. First week of 2019: In Pune, Anderson (32), Darcis (34, almost 35), and Karlovic (39, almost 40)...
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    Dr Ivo falls one point short

    of a year-end top 100 ranking at the age of 39 and ten months. Will have to settle for #101 instead. Still, hope he starts 2019 well enough to register at least one week in the top 100 after his 40th (28 February).
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    2018 Davis Cup Final: France v Croatia

    Who will win? Tie is on red clay indoors in Lille. Presumably chosen by France to blunt Cilic's threat. On the other hand, neither Monfils nor Gasquet is even in the squad, and Tsonga, who is, is worse on clay than other surfaces. Full rosters are: France = Pouille, Chardy, Mahut, Tsonga, and...
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    London 2018 is roaring into contention for this award for being the greatest tournament of all time. A few reasons why: 1. 11 of 12 matches go to the higher-ranked player. 2. Both groups finish in ranking order. 3. 11 of 12 matches finish in straight sets. Underlying those three is: 4...
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    No ranking changes from before WTF to after it?

    Looks very possible, although still marginally odds against: 1. Djokovic confirmed both before and after. 2. Nadal confirmed before and after. 3. Federer confirmed before and after. 4. Del Potro before, but Zverev overtakes if he beats Isner tomorrow (which is likely) or goes through in third...
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    Officially retiring, but continuing to slog it out in qualifiers and challengers

    I note that both David Ferrer and Julien Benneteau are doing this. Anyone else? Surely Stephane Robert has claimed to be retiring a few times. And what about Nicolas Mahut? Talking of Benneteau, if he's not yet retired, surely he'd want a wild card to Paris Bercy rather than to be top seed in...
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    Connolly v Court (or Bueno) in the early 1960s

    There don't seem to have been many threads about Maureen Connolly on TTW for a few years, although Margaret Court is still in vogue. So, my question: had Connolly not been injured in the horse-riding accident, how long would it have taken Court or Bueno (or possibly Gibson a few years earlier...
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    Doris Hart

    Perusing old records, I notice that she: a. Reached as many Slam finals as Billie Jean-King and Evonne Goolagong Cawley (18), which is more than the likes of Venus Williams, Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport, Kim Clijsters, Maria Sharapova, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Hana...
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    Number of Years winning at least two majors in open era

    Men's singles list: 1. Federer: 6 (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2017) 2=. Djokovic: 4 (2011, 2015, 2016, 2018) 2=. Nadal: 4 (2008, 2010, 2013, 2017) 2=. Sampras: 4 (1993, 1994, 1995, 1997) 5. Borg: 3 (1978, 1979, 1980) 6=. Connors: 2 (1974, 1982) 6=. Lendl: 2 (1986, 1987) 6=. McEnroe: 2...
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    Will Naomi Osaka become the next dominant #1?

    There's been a lacuna at the top of the women's game for a while, but can she fill it? Today, she looked better than Williams in every aspect other than the serve. And her serve was decent. Not that much worse than Williams at the same age, but Williams's serve improved a lot over time. Osaka...
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    How long will there be no men under 30 without a slam title?

    New era dawns on 28 September. When does it end?