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    Wrist pain.

    Hi folks, Just want some advice here. Appreciate any info etc. I'm 52, hitting at 5/4.5 level. Heavier racket, strings hybrid poly and multifilament set up. Relatively soft 52lbs. I hit an eastern forehand and to add some oomph to it I tend to almost shake my wrist before ball contact to built...
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    Ok folks just wondering what the rules say here. Playing doubles earlier and one of our opponents makes a cough sound on pressure points when we are playing the ball. He did this consistently over the course of two hours mostly on pressure points but always when we were serving. On serve once...
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    Loews Sapphire Hotel Orlando 4.5 player 26 Dec/4 Jan

    Hello Folks Staying at the above resort on the dates given. Anyone for tennis or any recommendations. Short of all this the last resort is a ball machine at lake Cane Tennis centre. Thanks in advance.
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    X ONE BIPHASE/Reel format

    Anyone know if I can get this in reel form? Thanks
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    x-one biphase full reel

    Hello, Can you tell me if there is such a thing as the above? Is it available in Europe? Thank you
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    Removing and replacing broken net post

    Hello Any help here gratefully appreciated. We have broken our wooden net post at the base and wish to replace both posts with steel posts. I haven't a clue how to remove the old posts and would need guidence in fixing in the new ones. I'm relatively handy and feel this is well within my...
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    Fight or flight versus focus and flow

    Just searching for varied opinions here. Five or six years back at tennis now playing to a good level after a 30 year or more break and I've come across this fight or flight concept quite a bit. I'm here looking for opinions on this based on my experiences of the last few years. I think its a...
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    Why so few Prestige XT paint jobs on pro circuit?

    Just wondering? Thought Head would actively change the older paint jobs to the newer ones almost by default but seemingly no. Anyone know the reason why?
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    2 handed backhand off hand position

    Just wondering what ye guys do with this. As a right hander i prepare with a forehand grip with my left hand holding racket loosely at throat. If the ball is hit to my backhand and assuming it is within the wheelhouse (meaning I can handle the footwork required) I use my left hand to twist the...
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    2 handed backhand off hand position

    Just wondering what ye guys do with this. As a right hander i prepare with a forehand grip with my left hand holding racket loosely at throat. If the ball is hit to my backhand and assuming it is within the wheelhouse (meaning I can handle the footwork required) I use my left hand to twist the...
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    Match Intensity! What it means to you

    Just wondering as someone passed comment on a player playing in competition saying he lacked match intensity yet to me he seemed focussed and very much on the job in hand. It has been said of me also that at times I don't get into it yet seem to play ok. Is it different things to different...
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    Multifilament Strings

    Simple question. Do all multifilament strings fray? Thanks
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    Using a players frame. The essential bits

    Just wondering apart from the obvious things of good technique and fitness what do ye guys consider to be the two most effective factors in actual stroke play with a players racket. A follow through in the direction of the hit on ball impact comes to mind lessening the incidence of off centre...
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    Taking the ball too early

    Today I hit with a guy 20 years my junior, big hitter massive forehand, big first serve and a brutal kicker for a second serve. I could hold parity with him on backhand exchanges by utilising heavy deep slice to his backhand and then attacking the short ball, taking it early and driving it to...
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    After Prestige MP

    After the Youtek Prestige mp what are the best options. 50 plus now and recovering from shoulder issues. Love the Prestige but it requires a level of fitness Im afraid I seem to only hit in spots. I have tried various tweeners hopping from one to another but nothing feels quite as good to me as...
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    Head Instinct MP instability

    Following shoulder injury and the onset of the dreaded 50 I've parked up my prestige mps for the last year or so in favour of the Head Instinct. Initially I thought it a good move and still do in many ways. However I find it unstable hitting wide out fh or bh with pace. The rackets seems to...
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    Slice backhand

    I have found in recent years I use the slice backhand more and more. We all know it has many uses and is an effective stroke. My query relates though to a conversation I had with some coachs who were of the opinion that players in their 40s and 50s overuse the stroke and ultimately it represents...
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    Last chapter rotator cuff rehab

    Hi folks. This is an ongoing problem for two years or so. Apologies first off for the technical stuff below but for some this stuff makes sense. My most recent MRI scan revealed as reported A 6mm partial thickness tear of the extreme anterior leading edge of the superspinatus tendon. Problems...
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    Holding an extra ball

    Played a first round tournament game a few weeks ago. Was handed 3 new tennis balls at the start of the match. Proceeded to the court with opponent and balls etc etc. Noticed on the second game that my opponent was bouncing a ball in preparation for my serve. How can this be I wondered as I have...
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    Allmagro stick

    Is that a Mantis Allmagro is hitting with? Morocco. Thanks
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    XT instinct/Possible change of racket

    Hello folks, I was always a Head Prestige player but current developments with graphene etc have swayed me elsewhere. Other factors were also at play in this switch such as shoulder bursitis, rotator cuff tear etc. Last night I was hitting with a mate where I had the distinction of string breaks...
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    Estoril Open

    Thinking of heading to the Estoril Open 25 April to 1 May. Anyone been here before? Any recommendations? Hotels? Sights? Thanks in advance.
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    Grommets for Graphene Prestige Pro

    Are the grommets for the Graphene Prestige Pro black? I will be ordering from your Branch in Germany. Thanks in advance.
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    Thinking of moving from prestige mp to pro

    Hello. I currently hit with a prestige MP but am thinking of moving to the pro version of the same racket. I"m basing my change on the more open swing pattern and more forgiving nature of the racket. I have missed a lot of the current year with rotator cuff issues(not down to racket issues). I...
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    Over 50s hitting with Prestige Pro/Mp

    No doubt my favourite scalpel. However as I head for the 50 landmark next year I feel i'm not quite the master surgeon. My shank count increases year on year. Last year I had shoulder issues too. Time takes its toll and i'm definately that bit slower. Sure, for one set I can stay with most...
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    Heading back to court post injury

    Hello all. Had an ongoing rotator cuff issue for a more than a year. Finally bit the bullet 5 weeks ago and went for MRI. The diagnosis, shoulder tendons stressed. The words the radiologist used were in fact a tendon fracture which passed me by at the time but on reflection didn't make a lot of...
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    Tennisicoach subscription

    Anyone sign up for this? 30 bucks for a wealth of knowledge or is this knowledge already on the internet Recommend or not? Thanks
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    Shoulder tendon fracture

    Injured my shoulder about 7/8 months ago. Whilst negotiating a forehand volley off a violently hit forehand drive my shoulder tendon tore. I retired from the match and took a short break from tennis. Week or two. On my return it was obvious to me I hadn't healed completely. I have continued to...
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    Head ATP Balls lacking consistency

    First off I really like this ball. However. Bought a box of 24 cans and have noticed upon opening some cans that the the balls lack consistency. Oftetimes one ball is softer than the other two. Bought the box maybe 3 months ago. Any theories?
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    How long for recovery post rotator cuff op?

    Hello all, Have an ongoing rotator cuff problem for circa one year now. After the initial injury I took a break for 3 months or so and did resistance bands exercises and various other exercises before returning to the game. It became apparent after a while that the injury had not healed to any...