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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Good thread....I am also intrigued about the new Blades as for the last 18 months or so I have been playing with a customized CV 16x19. I originally liked the 18x20 but tried the 16x19 and found more spin and forgiveness and was sold. For me, the control is fine with the 16x19 but it gives me...
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    This thread has me wanting to string my XT Extreme Pro up again or take the new Extreme Pro out for a spin. Played with the Extreme for about 3 years starting with the IG 2.0 Extreme Pro. I did a video review of the Graphene Touch Extreme MP and found it to be a great racquet. I am going to...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat Pure Drive VS Playtest

    I was selected as a play tester for the Babolat Pure Drive VS. I really appreciate TW and Babolat offering this play test as I was really excited to try the racquet out. Here are my thoughts: String and tension used for test: For the play test, I used Wilson Revolve 17 in the mains at 54lbs...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat Pure Drive VS Playtest

    I was selected for the Playtest (thanks TW!!!) and received mine yesterday late. I really like the looks of this frame. Overall, the paint job looks high quality and I personally really like the looks. I weighed mine and it was spot one 10.6 / 300g. The balance looks to be spot on or maybe 1...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Yes from what was told to me.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Yes I have as well as it was confirmed by our local Wilson rep..similar weighting to the Clash Tour but in a 98 head size.
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    Nice video and playtest! @Geoff @kimguroo I got to try the Clash Tour the other day for an hour. Local Pro had it and I wasn’t allowed to take pictures or measure specs but I did get to hit with him for an hour or so with the racquet. Overall, the Tour swung very easily and I could feel...
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    Recommendation for smart sensor ?

    In the Head sensor, on mine, you can go into the session report where it shows an overview of all strokes. You can click on the forehand or backhand,etc data and then you can click on the stroke by stroke where another tab opens up and gives you ball speed (mph), ball spin (rpm), heaviness and...
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    Recommendation for smart sensor ?

    I have used the Head sensor and thought it was real gives individual shot information and has very nice detail. But you are restricted to Head racquets only and it needs to be newer versions for it to be spec neutral.
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    Current 'Heavier' Racquets with Wide Open String Patterns?

    Assuming 11.4 is strung? Pure Aero Tour? With a 17 gauge that racquet is pretty open in the middle.
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. I am intrigued for sure but not sure about the buy two idea. I am also curious about a Tour version as I gravitate towards their Tour version racquets because I think they are a bit more comfortable.
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    Cool. Can’t wait to hear about it. Do you know if there will be a tour version?
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    New Dunlop Srixon

    Here I was getting excited about a new Dunlop 200 Tour until I read it is lighter than the 18x20..their old line Aerogel 4D 200 Tour was one of the best racquets I ever played with. Super plush with tremendous spin and plow through. I also believe it was an 16x18 as well.
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    Wilson New Project Racquet New Line

    They should do something like the Juice Pro. Nice players stick, extended length, low RA and great plow through / spin. I guess the Burn 95 is similar but that racquet killed my arm whereas the Juice Pro was nice and plush (slightly larger head size than the Burn 95 as well).
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    Believe it is a staggered 23 / 26 / 21 beam width...looks like the Pro is 5 grams lighter than the previous Pro versions as well as a bit more head heavy (1 inch vs 1 1/3 inch previous). Based on the specs of the MP and the Pro there isn’t a whole lot of difference outside of .2oz and head...
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    I was upset when there was not a Pro in the latest model so I am very much looking forward to the return. I liked the change in the head shape as well. I really enjoyed the IG 2.0 Pro as well as the XT Extreme Pro.
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    2019 Head Instinct

    I know I am glad they are bringing the Extreme Pro back as I was a big fan of the Pro especially the IG Pro 2.0 as others have mentioned. I am not that excited though for the more open strong pattern as I tried the MP this past year and the ball trajectory was high.
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    Head Extreme Series

    Hi TW, any thoughts to my question below..just really curious about the future of the Extreme series...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Graphene 360 Speed (Pro, MP, S) Playtest

    As mentioned in my written review, here is my video review of the Speed Pro. A great update in my opinion.
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    How does Xcel do with Hyper G? Does the Hyper G eat right through it? I have always wanted to try this combo but been hesitate because I thought the Hyper G would eat right through the Xcel given it is a fairly soft strong.
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Graphene 360 Speed (Pro, MP, S) Playtest

    I play tested the Pro and will add it is no slouch either. I found excellent spin with it as well that is similar to a 16x19 frame. I will also try the MP but loved the Pro and seriously considering a switch to it.
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    Head Extreme Series

    Hey TW, Any update on the next Head Extreme version? I don't recall when the recent one came out. I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark but I was a huge fan of the Extreme Pro. Any news if Head plans on releasing a Pro? My guess is no but thought I would ask...personally I think they...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Graphene 360 Speed (Pro, MP, S) Playtest

    Thank you very much to Tennis Warehouse and Head for the opportunity to play test these racquets. I am very grateful for being chosen and really appreciate the opportunity. I am also posting a video review that I shot as well so will post that shortly. Here is my written review. Racquet...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Graphene 360 Speed (Pro, MP, S) Playtest

    So I have been able to spend more time with the Pro. The thing that has stood out to me is how plush this frame has been. Great comfort. For some reason the previous frames were brassy to me and my wrist would feel some pain as I was using it. I am impressed with the lynx and velocity combo...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Graphene 360 Speed (Pro, MP, S) Playtest

    I was selected for the Pro Playtester. Nice looking frame and at first thought it was a different shape than the previous Speed but that doesn’t appear to be the case (just a wider body). I strung it with the Lynx in the mains and Velocity in the crosses. Nice comfortable response with good...
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    New 2018 Wilson Pro Staff Line.

    Goodness all of these cosmetic updates of the same racquet (Pro Staff, Blade, Ultra, Burn, etc) must be tough for a retailer to carry so much inventory of the same racquet. May not be an issue for TW but other smaller retailers I could see it being an issue (if they decided to carry all of them).
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    Let it Burn (CV100)

    This! I also heard from a retailer that Wilson is discontinuing the Burn. A shame but it does hurt my arm as well.
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I do agree that the CV Blades (18x20) are clubby and more HH. When I bought mine, I asked for a match pair and had TW pull the two racquets that were the most HL of the bunch. Both racquets came in at 11.1oz, 6.5pts HL w/ a 290 sw. After stringing and customization mine are now 11.9oz, 7pts...
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    Good racquet for an 11 year old beginner?

    I agree with SpinToWin. My daughter is 10 and plays with a grip size 1 and plays with the Babolat Pure Drive Lite. That racquet is about 10.1oz or so strung. As Spin indicated Babolat has a very good selection for young juniors in the Pure Drive and Pure Aero lines.
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    Your Top 3 Racquets - Performance Wise

    Dunlop 4D 200 Tour Head Microgel Prestige Pro Babolat Pure Drive Roddick (first cortex version)