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  1. topspinlob

    Prince Silencer String in VLog #554

    Troy mentions liking a Prince Prototype String that is between a syn gut and a multi in this Vlog Is he talking about Prince Silencer 16g string? Just curious...might want to try it out!
  2. topspinlob

    Wanted: Prince Phantom Pro 100P L2 Grip Size

    Looking for used Prince Phantom Pro 100P in L2 (4 1/4") grip size. Thanks!
  3. topspinlob

    String Identification

    So I bought some string off the bay and it is described as Prototye Cube-shaped 1.20mm co-polyester string. The description in the bay was that it is black but it's more dark grey. I strung it up in one of my customized Pure Strike 100's at 53 lbs. It played really springy and felt it was...
  4. topspinlob

    Tennis Warehouse Pro Shop

    Hello! I follow this tennis center (here in the "Valley" of LA) on IG. They say they have Tennis Warehouse Pro Shop over there..what are the details on that? Thanks!
  5. topspinlob

    Great Seller: JOSHL

    Bought a PS 100 from @JOSHL. We both lived in the same area and he allowed local pickup.. great communicator!
  6. topspinlob

    WTB: Pure Strike 100 (2016 Version)

    Looking for this racket in L2 (4 1/4) grip size only. Please contact me at Thanks!
  7. topspinlob

    Places to Eat in SLO

    Hey TW Staff! I am headed to SLO for a wedding in a couple days. Any suggestions for good eats? I have been to Firestone Grill already.. good stuff! and of course I will be making a visit to TW to stock up on gear! Thanks!
  8. topspinlob

    FS: Wilson Steam 99S L2

    Item Description Wilson Steam 99S Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 99 Condition (5 out of 10): strung with tourna big hitter black 7, 17 gauge at 50lbs. I bought this on the big auction site in package deal with other rackets and string. It is heavily used. There is a lot of wear at 3 &...
  9. topspinlob

    Donnay Formula 2 Xenecore

    So I bought a used Donnay Formula 100 of the bay last week. However it look like a different version but still black with orange lettering. See pics below. It looks slightly different than the 2012 version. Inside the hoop where it said "Donnay" in the 2012 version it says "ArmHealth" and...
  10. topspinlob

    Lotto Viper Ultra Sizing Compared to Babolat SFX

    I saw that the Lotto Viper Ultra are on sale. I wear Size 12 in the Babolat SFX. I read that the Lotto Viper Ultra has a wide fit. What would be the comparable size for the Lotto if I were to order a pair? Thanks!
  11. topspinlob

    Question for Andy/Jon : Strings Similar to Prince Poly Exp

    I have been enjoying this string for awhile. I know that Andy did a quick playtest I have bought as many as I could on the big auction site. Just looking in the future when I run out, are there any current...
  12. topspinlob

    FS/T: (2x) Wilson 2013 Blade, 4 1/4, 8/10

    Item Description: Wilson 2013 Blade 16x19 Grip Size: L2 4 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition (8 out of 10): Specific Time Used: I bought both racket used and used them recently for a year *General Description: The head guards have usually rash from court play. Price: For both rackets: $170...
  13. topspinlob

    WTB: Donnay Formula 100 L2 or L3

    Looking for Donnay Formula 100 in L2 grip size.. will consider L3 since I heard Donnay grips run small... please e-mail me at djgoose at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
  14. topspinlob

    WTB: Donnay Formula 100 L2 or L3

    Looking for Donnay Formula 100 in grip L2 grip..will consider L3 since donnay grips run small. Please email me at! Sent from my RM-877_nam_att_205 using Board Express
  15. topspinlob

    Racket Suggestions for Player using Wilson Profile 2.7si 95

    So my friend currently plays with a Wilson Profile 2.7si 95. My understanding is that this racket is Head-heavy. He’s a 4.0, flat hitter, get to the net ASAP. He uses either gut or X-One Biphase 16 in 60’s. He hardly breaks strings. He has developed elbow problems and just recently this year got...
  16. topspinlob

    WTB: Pure Drive L1 or L2

    I am looking for Pure Drive 2012 in L1 or L2. Any condition is ok but no cracks! I would consider the Cortex and GT version as well. Not looking to spend a lot. Please provide pics if possible. Thanks! Please e-mail me at
  17. topspinlob

    FS: KSwiss Ultra Express

    Item Description:KSwiss Ultra Express Quantity:1 Size: 12 Condition 9.0 out of 10: This pair of shoes has seen about 5 hours of court time (hard courts). Please see attached link for pictures. Price:$50 includes shipping Shipping: included in price above Seller's Contact Info...
  18. topspinlob

    Nike Air Vapor Advantage

    I currently used Babolat SFX size 12. I have wide feet (2E) to I always have to upsize on shoes. I read that Nike Air Vapor Advantage is good for wide feet. I don't think I will be able to try this shoe. If anyone has tried both of these shoes, is the Nike AVA as wide as the SFX? How's the...
  19. topspinlob

    Pure Strike Grip Size

    I currently use Blade 98 16x19 in L2 grip size. I was thinking of getting a Pure Strike 16x19 used. I remember that Babolat grips run larger than others. Is this still the case for the Pure Strike. I would take the syn replacement grip and install the thinnest tw leather grip. Thanks! Sent from...
  20. topspinlob

    Question for Jason: Replacement for Babolat SFX

    I am the end of the line with my pair of Babolat SFX. I have low arch and the really..really..really wide feet. I was thinking of getting a pair between the following: Kswiss ultra express Nike air vapor advantage Nike air max cage Asics solution speed 2 Asics solution slam Im not worried...
  21. topspinlob

    tennis_nut= great seller

    I bought a partial reel of strings from tennis_nut. Quick shipping and good communication. Very trustworthy!
  22. topspinlob

    Video Editing Program

    This last week I was able to use a Flip Video Camera to tape some sets between myself and a friend. What video editing programs do some of you use? I would like to use something where I can cut and paste highlights from the video quickly. Between family and work, I don't have much time to do...
  23. topspinlob

    Wilson Buttcaps

    So I replaced the buttcap on one of my Wilson Blade 16x19 here's the replacement on TW When I played with this racket I noticed that the flare wasn't an pronounced as the other racket that had the stock buttcap here's a picture the...
  24. topspinlob

    FS: Prince Classic Graphite 100 Standard

    Racquet: Prince Classic Graphite 100 Standard Item Description: Prince Classic Graphite 100 Standard Grip Size: 4 3/8" - L3 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 100 Condition : 9/10 and 8.5/10 Specific Time Used : Used from Mid Feb 2014 until June 2014 General Description : Headguard Rash on...
  25. topspinlob

    Strings Similar to Yonex Poly Tour Pro?

    So I enjoyed YPTP 1.20 in my customized Blade 16x19. Soft, spin-friendly,low powered. lot of control to tame the lively Blade. Are there any strings similar to it that I should try out? Looking forward to hear feedback! the neon yellow looks great in the all black frame...
  26. topspinlob

    Wilson BLX Blade 16x19

    To the TW playtesters for this racket: Which strings played well for you in this racket? full poly? syn gut? hybrids?... tension.. my understanding is that this racket is string sensitive.. I currently have Dunlop Hexy Fiber 16/Pro's Pro Concept 17 53/50 lbs and it's notching really bad...
  27. topspinlob

    FS: Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 L3

    Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 L3 Installed with String Inserts (I can see if I have holes inserts.. if I do I will include) Installed New Resipro Replacement Grip 8/10 condition $60 shipped to continental US Paypal only if interested can e-mail me djgoose at hotmail dot com here are pictures...
  28. topspinlob

    Strings for Wilsom Blade 16x19

    I just got a used one of this racket. Been reading that this racket is string sensitive..what plays well in this racket? Not looking to use full bed of poly..even real soft ones...looking to use a hybrid..thanks! Sent from my RM-877_nam_att_205 using Board Express
  29. topspinlob

    WTB 2013 Wilson Blade 16x19

    Looking for this racket in L3 or L2 grip size..really dont want to pay too much looking..7/10 or lower condition... Sent from my RM-877_nam_att_205 using Board Express
  30. topspinlob

    Steve Johnson's Racket and shoes

    Sent from my RM-877_nam_att_205 using Board Express