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  1. tennisntn3477

    Kneissl Official info

    Michael, welcome to the TT board. Very glad you are here. The green Tom's Machine and the White Stars from 2006/7 have been the most natural fit in my hand of any racquets I've ever used. New product is wonderful but hopefully we'll get the mainstays back from you as well.
  2. tennisntn3477

    Any difference between the 2006 and 2009 yonex rds 001 mid

    There was a minor change to the grommets but I didn't detect any real change in feel or playability.
  3. tennisntn3477

    The End of a (Personal) Era: BounceHitBounceHit Abandons Wilson!!

    And a wonderful shot it is!! Great paint job on that Dunlop you've chosen...some very fond memories with the original. Sam came through in early fall last year but I was headed out of town and didn't get the chance to hit with him. Hopefully we'll get him back in TN some day soon! All the...
  4. tennisntn3477

    The End of a (Personal) Era: BounceHitBounceHit Abandons Wilson!!'s that one handed backhand drive with the Dunlop?
  5. tennisntn3477

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Certainly agree. For me personally, very much appreciate your presence here on the forum.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Certainly there are many companies that you could justifiably question 'heritage'...but give a thought to what brand of gut was in many of the frames that won Grand Slams for years and years. Whether you like their frames or not, they are clearly a long standing part of tennis history.
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    My three new racquets from Bosworth

    LOL - ok...sounded really good though!
  8. tennisntn3477

    My three new racquets from Bosworth

    Thanks much for the clarification, sureshs!
  9. tennisntn3477

    My three new racquets from Bosworth

    My understanding was that the frame shape came from trying to get a specific string pattern. Not a racquet designer but the end goal makes sense to me. I tried twice to purchase frames from them but, at the time, their focus was on other customers.
  10. tennisntn3477

    Wilson BLX Tour Limited

    That frame was discontinued. Don't see a listing for them in the new racquets here on TW. It's an extended length frame and typically smaller retail market as a result. Good frame, in my opinion. The BLX Tour is similar...and would be a good demo to help answer your question.
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    Anyone hit with the VCORE 89 Tour AND the RDX 500 Mid?

    The RDX has a more flexible feel but overall playability is similar. The VCORE, for me, is closer to the RDX than either the RDS 90 or RDiS 93. I found the VCORE to be a better serving racquet and easier access to topspin.
  12. tennisntn3477

    Organix 10 mid review link...

    is not working. Just an FYI.
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    Vcore 89 vs RDS001 Mid

    Samster! Hope all is well on the Plains! Getting back to TN anytime soon? T89 is indeed the one. Very happy with it all around.
  14. tennisntn3477

    Vcore 89 vs RDS001 Mid

    The RDS001 mid was, for me, one of the best frames ever....responsive, unbelievable control, huge sweetspot, very stable and well balanced. The Tour89 doesn't feel as soft..likely due to the different grommet systems and the change from elastic ti. When I say soft, I mean both arm friendly...
  15. tennisntn3477

    Five (5) of your Favorites .....

    Wimbledon Traditional Pro Head LM Instinct Boris Becker 11 Special Edition Kneissl Tom's Machine/White Star Yonex RDS001 Mid
  16. tennisntn3477

    Yonex Vcore Tour 89 and 97 specs

    For me, the swing weights are deceiving. Both were maneuverable, easy through the strike zone and some of that is part and parcel of the head size. I never felt 'late' to the ball with the Yonex or the Head. I did feel like the Yonex allowed for better results on off-center hits. That was...
  17. tennisntn3477

    Yonex Vcore Tour 89 and 97 specs

    Loved the IG Prestige Mid (a lot less stiff than the previous Youtek version). Both the Tour 89 and IGPM are stable, ball control frames but I felt like the Yonex responded a little more when I wanted to crush a putaway, was a little more forgiving on off-center shots and won the battle...
  18. tennisntn3477

    Yonex Vcore Tour 89 and 97 specs

    The Tour 89 is a very playable racquet - big sweetspot, very stable, access to spin is improved (vs. RDX500 or RDS001) and a great weight/balance for serves. Very, very happy with the frame and have found it to be a better choice for me than the Wilson 90 or Prestige mid. Both the Wilson and...
  19. tennisntn3477

    Vantage Bast Core

    Played a couple of practice sets with a BC20. After an extended warmup, I put down the frame and actually played the first two games with a Yonex. I went back to the BC20 - simply because my intent for the session was to test the Bastcore and I wanted to give it a better chance. Everything...
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    Quick question for the TW Staff

    The reviews show an attempt by TW to match up their playtesters with the general target audience of the frames. I don't want Granville or Chris or any of the other playtesters to tell me what they think an 'average player' would experience with the frame. I simply want to know their...
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    What is the ONE racket you would love to own?

    One of Safin's UNBROKEN Prestige mids - any paintjob will do.
  22. tennisntn3477

    Most Control Oriented and Arm Friendly Tweener??

    Pacific X Feel Tour has much better feel/control that most tweeners I've used.
  23. tennisntn3477

    New Dunlop Biomimetic Line

    Bought and played with the Bio 200 Plus this week. Was very pleasantly surprised. Nice spin, very stable frame, served really well and sliced really well. Control was solid and decent ball pocketing. Best 100 sq inch frame I've used.
  24. tennisntn3477

    B. B

    Great pics - thanks!
  25. tennisntn3477

    new racket for 40-something w/ rotator cuff and joint probs

    Would highly recommend the Volkl V1 - Classic version first, Powerbridge second.
  26. tennisntn3477

    What racket is Lisa Raymond using ? Serve is HUGE

    I thought Stubbs was Raymond's doubles partner - what was she doing returning Raymond's serve?
  27. tennisntn3477

    Recommend Me Some 90-95 inch rackets to demo

    PK Black Ace 93, Prince Rebel, Yonex RDiS 100 mid and RDS001 mid
  28. tennisntn3477

    Should I be using a "tweener"

    I believe that the question you have to answer before anyone can give you real advice about tweener vs. player frames is what are you trying to accomplish on the court? Are you a recreational player who enjoys playing, working on specific strokes at times, playing matches but not trying to...
  29. tennisntn3477

    Anybody still using a Yonex RDX 500?

    The RDX mid or midplus play very differently than the RDS001 frames - no extra power but great feel/flex/control on all strokes.
  30. tennisntn3477

    Looking For Lighter, More Powerful Frame

    Highly recommend the OP demo the BB London...lighter/extra pop/great spin/control/pockets the ball really really well...was very impressed with this frame.