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    Let’s talk seriously about the Alcaraz jump serve

    Is that Travlerajm? man these guys make fabrice santoro look orthodox. Trav is in great shape for someone who is around the age of 50 . Very impressive. Calfslan would be proud. As for Alcaraz's serve, I don't think he is that much different than many of his peers. Sinner, Rune, Tsitsipas and...
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    Blade V7 and V8 handle difference

    I have been using this racket for 5 months now. I also shadow swing during some cardio workouts at my place. The grip is objectively thicker and I measured it with the v8+1 wilson pro overgrip coming out at almost 4 1/2 whereas the v7s were 4 3/8th with overgrip on them. The issue is that this...
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    Blade V7 and V8 handle difference

    Hey I was wondering if anyone else feels that the handle of the V8 is significantly different than that of the V7. I used the blade V7 for years and i always used a 4 1/4 grip with 1 wilson pro overgrip. I had 2 blades and the grip felt the same on both. I bought the V8 this summer and 4 1/4...
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    Novak's Even Stevens comment

    That lob was sky high and only started dropping after it had passed the service box and had a lot of backspin on it. The only way Djokovic was smashing that was if he had the kinda of high quality dynamic overhead of a Federer or Nadal who would often backpedal rapidly and hit the overhead while...
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    Novak's Even Stevens comment

    Well I can understand why some would call that a lucky break for Alcaraz. It is debatable though since Alcaraz played a hell of a point and the lob he pulled off was so good that Djokovic couldn't exactly even smash it and had to resort to a swing volley.
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    On a scale of 1 to 10 how would rate the quality of the Wimbledon 2023 final?

    It was a great match and one of the best things any true fan of the sport can do is to not come on this forum and read the garbage posted on here during the matches. I'm convinced that the vast majority of people hating on the quality of the match were too busy sh1tposting about how "2013 X was...
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    Holy molasses at how fast the AO was before 2008

    Rebound ace wasn't particularly fast. I would say that there have been years on Plexicushion that were way faster than Rebound Ace ever was. IMO what really changed was the USO. The courts got a lot slower over the years. I really noticed how much faster the USO was from the AO when I watched...
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    Roland Garros Final: [3] Novak Djokovic vs [4] Casper Ruud

    Personally, I don't understand why it took this long for Djokovic's forehand to get the acknowledgement that it deserves. Djokovic's backhand is a great shot that is super solid and amazing at redirecting traffic but he can't overpower most players with it. Since he started winning big his...
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    Roland Garros Final: [3] Novak Djokovic vs [4] Casper Ruud

    In every sport the great players are playing better and better longer into their careers. The fact that players in the past called it a career in their late 20s and early 30s says nothing about what the big 3 were able to accomplish late into their careers. The guys in the past walked away from...
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    2023 Roland Garros QF: Casper Ruud vs. Holger Rune

    He should forget about Nadal and RG altogether and shift his focus to Wimbledon and the US Open. His groundstrokes, serve and net skills will help him greatly at those events. On clay I feel like too many of his peers hit way heavier than he does.
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    2023 Roland Garros QF: Casper Ruud vs. Holger Rune

    This match confirmed my view that Rune is the most overrated player and Ruud is the most underrated player on these forums. Rune definitely has time to improve but nothing about his game made me think he was a favorite at RG. In fact the moment he struggled against Eubanks in the first round...
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    Is Rune a cheater?

    What the hell are you talking about? Tennis umpires, even at the highest levels, are terrible with double bounces. Most of the time you can understand because it happens so quickly that both the player and umpire are duped. This was a clear double bounce and Rune saw it happen in real time. If...
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    2023 Roland Garros R16: Alexander Zverev [22] vs Francis Tiafoe [12]

    This coverage is a joke. Why won't they show the god damn shotspot mark for us to compare with the on court calls?
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    2023 Roland Garros - Men's Singles

    I wish Sinner understood basic geometry . It’s so frustrating that he can’t put away or at least set up a dink volley winner from these half court sitters. Slow conditions make it tough but most of these are inexcusable. I’m amazed at how much he struggles with generating angles . This is true...
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    2023 Roland Garros - Men's Singles

    If you gave Medvedev Korda's groundstrokes and gave Korda Medvedev's movement their troubles on clay would be over. Korda's groundstrokes are awesome but I feel that he isn't an explosive enough mover to get to the balls early and capitalize on certain options that would be available to him .
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    'Honestly I don't miss Nadal being in the draw...I don't like seeing him in the draw of RG to be honest'

    I wonder if the tennis "journalists" in the US and UK will use this quote to vilify Djokovic. They usually don't worry about context at all when it comes to Djokovic. If they do it would be funny since Nadal has expressed this exact same sentiment about Djokovic multiple times in his career...
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    Mouratoglou in Rune's box

    I have been wondering this for the past 2 months. They announced the end of their partnership, posted cheesy social tributes to each other and then went right back to working together through the entire clay season. Bizarre stuff to say the least. Holger probably couldn't quit that leech.
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    Gaston fined €133,000(!) for deliberately cheating at Madrid Masters

    This is absolutely hilarious. He went THAT far to avoid a double break. :-D
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    Medvedev has a Rome title and Federer doesn't

    Federer should be ashamed that he couldn't get it done against prime Nadal at MC and Rome. I bet he looks towards Tsitsipas and Medvedev trouncing the likes Fokina and Rune at these events these days and realizes he had it easy in comparison . Heh...Completely asinine.
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    Rome Masters F: Daniil Medvedev vs. Holger Rune

    Rune reminds me a bit of teenage Djokovic, albeit a more rambunctious one. His passive playing intermixed with explosive bursts where he reels of 3-4 games in a row, the MTOs and the constant debate about whether he is just anxious (constant heavy breathing) or physically hobbled. Hopefully...
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    Rome Masters F: Daniil Medvedev vs. Holger Rune

    This could be a fun watch. I think Rune's game is much better suited for clay than Medvedev's but Medvedev engages in sh1thousery at an elite level similar to Rune. I expect a few momentum shifts.
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    2023 ATP Rome Masters 1000

    Couldn't sleep so I caught up on some matches from Rome. Cerundolo put on one hell of a beatdown. Sinner's forehand coughs up sitter after sitter when facing someone who hits heavy topspin shots. I also realized that the only top player that Sinner has beaten consistently over the past year has...
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    Volcanic tension between Norrie Cameroon and Novak Djokovci

    Novak overreacted but hitting that smash so close to Novak looked like one of those dumbass things college tennis players do to gain the "edge" along with screaming C'MON after every other point they win.
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    Rome Masters R4: Novak Djokovic vs. Cameron Norrie

    It's hilarious in the same way Srdjan's nonsensical ranting is. She loves talking out of her ass. Literally nobody has called out Ruud for being unhelpful to young players. In fact, Ruud often helps them build their confidence by getting whooped by them and then spends 5 minutes congratulating...
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    Mouratoglou and Rune end their “6-month adventure”

    That's one thing I don't dislike Rune for. The way his mother behaves is at baseline disgraceful and she is probably the biggest reason he acts like he does. Similar sort of dynamic between tsitsipas and his dad.
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    Zverev USO21 vs Roddick 2003

    Have you ever watched Nalbandian play? I would think so since you have an avatar featuring Safin and Kuerten. He was supremely talented player who was having a great summer. He beat Federer, the number 2 seed, in 4 sets earlier in the same tournament. There was no DAYLIGHT robbery. It's high...
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    Zverev USO21 vs Roddick 2003

    Roddick. Zverev sux and is a choke artist.
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    Why was Madrid Masters so controversial?

    Thanks to the OP, I realize Hantuchova is a dumbass. The conditions were so slow that local golden boy Carlitos almost got served off the court by Struff. As always, serving good paid off in Madrid which has always been the case. If they wanted to help Alcaraz win the title easier they should...