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    Laver Cup non-RF merch

    They're sold at the event only?
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    Don’t understand tennis channel

    You can just cancel your membership after one month. You don't need the months that don't have the tournaments you wanna watch.
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    Anyone else not like Goran?

    Can't disagree with you at all. I grew up watching and respecting him, until recently....
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    Poll: Penalties for players who disregard Covid-19 rules during ATP Tour suspension

    Run-on sentence killed my patient. Couldn't really understand what you said here.
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    Proof that this "tournament" is a joke.

    Same logic can apply to Zverev. If Nadal played first and lost, Zverev didn't have to put up a show either. So, it's all fair and square. I hate Zverev and Mevedev but your fanboy mentality is blinding you.
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Then Nadal is out in first round? lol. I meant I hate Mevedev and Zverev. But they earned it. You better live with it. It's all fair games.
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    "snappiest" forehand on tour?

    I can think of Jack Sock and Del Potro as two very wristy imo
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    Federer needs a new racquet!!!

    I don't think he was missing/framing because of the racquet. He was mentally tight at those moments. Took his eyes off the ball a fraction of a second too early. And no, his game is exactly about precision. He needs to hit spots to move his opponents around, then finishes with a super early...
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    Not impressed with Thiem

    Yikes. Denial much? I would rather watch Thiem play then half ass Kyrgios who can only whine. Thiem works hard and improves everyday. Nobody expected him to be all time great. But he's accomplished way more than Kyrgios did. One of the hardest worker on tour. Opelka is the extreme boredom you're...
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    I wish its main color would be black. That would look awesome.
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    Mike Bryan's prescription glasses

    Yeah, I have the same problem. Been trying forever to look for a frame that works for me without making me look weird.
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    Mike Bryan's prescription glasses

    Hello TTW fellas, Does anyone know what prescription glaess Mike Bryan is wearing at WTF?
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    Luxilon Elite Dry Grip... right side?

    I used Yonex superwrap for a long time before switching to Luxilon completely. I remember i had the same thought. Is the inside supposed to be the right side, since it's more tacky. But then, after using the outside of the Luxilon grip, it became clear to me that's what it's intended for...
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    Do pros tend towards tackier overgrips or more suede leathery type overgrips?

    You get it wrong imho. Replacement grip and overgrip both can only absorb so much sweat. For my case, none of them will last me 2 sets. So i use overgrip to change out as often, as ecomically and without messing up the shape of my grip too much, as i can.
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    Does "Hydrogen" Ever Cut Prices?

    they do if you go directly onto their website. However, I have never tried to buy from their website. My guess is it's based in Italy so you might have to pay the shipping fee
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    Yonex Vcore Demo

    Hi TW, Will you guys have the Vcore 95 (2018) in grip 4 3/8 and polyester demo? Or the current one is the only you are offering? Thanks
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    Federer: Red racquet, but he is on the Blue team?

    The irony is that. Fed vs Nick. Blue team with red racquet vs Red team with blue racquet...
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    Laver Cup: what motivates them??

    This number is hard to believe. Where did you get those numbers?
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    Laver Cup feels even more artificial and manufactured this year

    I think you can still stage it in tennis. You could just go all out in 70% points then half-assed some points. Like run slower, pretend to be pressured and double fault, pretend to be pressured and it right to the net. Etc. That said, I don't think LC is rigged. If it is then Zverev is getting a...
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    A ridiculously simple philosophy question.

    How the fk is this thread made it into Adult League and Competition section? People, stop feeding into this troll. And mod, please move, remove, ban or w/e this jerk.
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    Fed cincy outfit

    Excuse me? You don't know me and you're talking **** about me? I'm giving you my honest thought on Fed's kit. I'm not a fan boy of any brand. I bought stuffs from all seasons from all clothing brands year round. I buy the stuffs I like and Mix match brand. Don't care if it's Nike Adidas Under...
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    Fed cincy outfit

    I don't know. The kits look cheap material-wise. My wife looked at Federer and asked me: "Did he get that kit from a Chinese fake market?"
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    Not feeling the paintjob. Am I the only one?
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    I like Fognini

    I can't really see what's so appealing about Fognini. He acts like as a-hole. Gives people middle fingers everywhere. Another version of Tomic, just older I guess. Has some game but his game is so freaking boring to watch. It's like he's not even trying. I would like anyone to prove me wrong...
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    I don't think it's horrendous. It just looks cheap and lazy imo.
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    On lacoste website or Lacoste store. I saw Paire's kit at a local mall in SoCal.
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    Adidas/Halep split?

    I don't see why not. She's consistently gone into second week of slams and consistently in top 3. She should be making enough to cover coaching. And Adidas is not the only company sponsoring her. If she can also get other apparel and shoes sponsors, too.
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    Ubersonic 2 vs Speed Solution 3

    I have experienced similar problems like Nav Dalmia. Got the Ubersonics white/pink colorway. Love the colorway. Unfortunately, hated the shoes. My foot slips alot, I remember I was chasing down a ball and fell right into the fence. My toes were bleeding, got a big scar on my right temple. Never...
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    Nadal withdraws from WTF 2017

    Are you seriously thinking the pro cares about protecting H2H counts? That's for the pathetic fans to worry about, not them. All they care is how they can perform their best, without taking a big toll on their bodies.
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    Thiem if you are listening, please try the Volkl VSense Tour 10....

    Money is where people's at. Pretty sure Volkl won't pay him enough to make him switch. Easy as that.