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    Toxic co-captain, what to do?

    If an organ in your body gets diagnosed with cancer, are you going to try to carry on with the cancer?
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    Response to NRTP grievance request

    Grievance rules only allow captains, coordinators, or member of a championship committee to file. Any team captain considering filing an NTRP grievance must always reflect on whether they live in a glass house. Teams that habitually are in the running to advance, usually do.
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    Self rated 3 strikes question

    Indeed. It is possible one or more of her 3.5 strikes are actually 4.0 strikes. All that is certain is she will be no lower than 3.5 at year-end. She may get promoted to 4.0 at that time. Granted if that happens, she should never have been rated 3.0.
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    Non-Appealable NTRP Dynamic Rating Disqualification?

    Correct. This is basic math at work. The DQ'd player must have been paired with lower rated guys, struck out, and is now without recourse to appeal. Sometimes the math stinks and there are victims of circumstances, but this has no where else to go.
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    How Will This Be Decided?

    In Chicago, it will come down to the district rules. They do not remove a team from the standings. Their league chair and coordinator will be the ones to ask.
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    Playing 7.0 mixed as a 4.0

    Best advice: Quit playing 7.0 mixed. Unless your partner is improperly rated, it will be a constant source of frustration. Mixed leagues allow a 1.0 difference so more off court couples can play together. No one else in his or her right mind should endure such suffering.
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    Trip report from 18+ NTRP Nationals (Doubles) @ Naples

    Hopefully an addendum to this story is "I was grateful to have this last chance as a 3.5 and know I'm where I need to be at the 4.0 level."
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    Captains being discouraged from stacking in plus flights

    The rule should be universal. In any league, a lower rated player should not be allowed on a higher court than players at level.
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    For a medical appeal to be approved, the injury must be permanent and debilitating. Many people think, "Oh, I'm hurt...I can't play at my current level so I'll file." These do not get through. There was a somewhat amusing video a few years back about needing to lose an arm or leg to have a...
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    There are no human appeals. The auto-denial is final. USTA does not listen to extenuating circumstances. Matches after 10/28 of this year go to 2019 year-end ratings. It is possible to play 3 or more matches and not generate a new rating. If you played a self-rate, it is possible he or she...
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    When the year-end ratings come out, the date next to your NTRP Level: #.# will change to 12/31/2018. It currently reads 2017 for those who received a computer rating at the end of last year. This appears on either the USTA League or Tournament tabs of course only after you've logged into the...
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    How can one know a section made additional adjustments if players are not told regardless if they get bumped or dumped by the computer?
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    In TennisLink, click "Advanced Search" under Find NTRP Rating Info. Use the drop downs to satisfy your quest for knowledge. No one is able to see the actual NTRP ratings. Only USTA National can change ratings. A state or section coordinator cannot make modifications. National has at times...
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    Djokovic is the weakest three-time Wimbledon champion in the Open Era

    The title of the thread itself is an oxymoron - weakest 3 time champion. There might be a fluke one time winner (Bartoli, Krajicek), but no "weak" three time champs.
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    Tennis Record - Accurate or Not?

    No. Sections league coordinators are just that. They are over their entire section whether it be one state such as Texas or Florida since they are their own sections or multiple states as with Intermountain, Missouri Valley, etc... Local league coordinators are merely over an area within a...
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    USTA rating metric?

    Shaun, thank you for the link. That document is one of the clearest attempts at educating the masses and not holding onto USTA secrets. I fear the author was soon after fired for unwelcome transparency.
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    Why can't the USTA grasp the concept of the fiscal year?

    Perhaps the USTA needs to do a radical change and not lump everyone in the same time span. This can be accomplished by having ratings based on age demographics. Ex: Play in 40 & Over, 75% of your 40 & Over rating is derived from play in that group with 25% coming from other Adult league types...
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    Cheating partners.........

    Wow, from reading this thread I didn't realize how lucky we are by having so many saints on the message board. Thank you, pabletion, for the post. No need to duck as I won't be throwing my own stone today. You were reasonable in your approach. In trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt...
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    8.0 Mixed Teams should not allow 4.5 players

    Agree that I hear straight level play in Mixed is a desired product. There's no match for a good 4.5 guy at 8.0. Our area always sees the best 4.5 men/3.5 women rostered teams advance. The 4.5s can dominate and the 3.5 women are either "wink, wink" 3.5s or have a serve that can't be...
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    1. Not moving with the ball 2. Believing that the center line is a border that cannot be crossed. 3. Not switching when they are behind me & I've crossed. 4. Standing up in the service box when I'm returning. I've only had one partner capable of handling a volley that gets picked off. 5. After...
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    Not fit for snowflakes.

    Not fit for snowflakes.
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    You are clearly a man and not a 3.0 woman. lol
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    This is incorrect. Starting with 2017 year end ratings, players with 10 matches could appeal successfully. Naturally it's very rare.
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    The real question is how wrong does the site need to be for people to stop wasting their lives staring at it? At best, TR might have 35% correct and that's of their projections for a bump or dump. That's not including all the ones they're not projecting either way who will move. Furthermore...
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    USTA Level ratings videos...

    There won't be a massive realignment.
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    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    Best I can tell, they only look at a single year and then only post a player with a rating if he or she has played three "Adult" league matches. They don't count in Tri-Level (probably because it depends on the local area/section if the results even count.) I'm not saying they're never right...
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    Letter Sent to Senior USTA Advisors and Personnel Re: Recent 18+ Men's and Women's 4.5 National Championships Held in Arlington, TX

    I don't think National should be faulted for trying new locations; however, it is criminal for a back-up plan to consist of "cross our fingers and hope." Unfortunately hardly any of National's staff has ever been in the trenches, run local or even sectional playoffs, and have no concept what...
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    Advancing in Leagues?

    What is your section? Sounds like Texas?