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    What Was the Most Boring GS Final in the Past decade?

    just here to warn of a large amount of comments regarding any slam final that nad has won
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    Does anyone really like Chris Evert as a commentator and if so why

    im really digging that mckendry, not for her commenting though
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    The Myth of the 2017 USO draw

    murray pulled out too late and consequences were irreversible, hard lesson we all males have to learn
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    starting to fall in love with cirstea

    BUMP! sorry i had to, i love her and cannot get over it!!
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    Nike Winter 2018

    uniqlo lowkey saved fed from this years us open
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    freakish pro physiques

    lopez triangle obliques
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    name of this thing?

    the big resistance band that you attach to your waist and some else holds the other end to create resistance, you see all pros using it for mobility work with their coaches standing behind holding it while they sprint
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    How tall is Shapo?

    his serve says otherwise
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    very good analysis of 2018 Wimbledon Semi: Nadal vs Djokovic (from Quora)

    nadal was playing really aggresive, being out of his comfort zone for so long would pull him down at some point
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    Golf Site Criticises Wimbledon

    cant believe idiots get paid for being idiots and here i am behaving for nothing
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    When will Vekic and Wawrinka marry

    im sure kokk was behind...
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    Where are all the Youtube Wimbledon highlights??????

    i have, and i thought wimbledon was the safe one as i never heard of them taking down matches
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    Konta complains about opponent slapping thighs

    ill slap her thighs instead so dominika does not have do it herself
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    Cibulkova-Serena Should Not Be Seeded

    i want to see cibulkova in a thight dress, give her the seed!!
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    Quentin Halys refused WC to FO main draw

    so basically he can afford to lose money playing the sport, i hope he becomes a good ranked player in the following years, otherwise that desicion will weight a lot, imagine the lost experience on this one
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    Geneva: Wawrinka's Fee Request Rejected

    half a million for a 250?
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    SW Doesn't get a seeding at FO, is that a bad thing?

    i think it messed it up with the fact that she came back to the tour already, maybe if she hadnt played a single match since leaving perhaps the scenario would be more in favour of her, i mean, what if she had just came back at the same level and have a good ranking already> would we be having...
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    Djokovic playing Barcelona!

    would be interestinh if he draws rafa early on
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    Nadal Academy Shot Down In Boca

    they are doomed to receive the plague
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    Nadal switches to bigger racket

    expect the daily mail to hire you know
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    Tsonga Knee Surgery

    didnt he change his sevice motion because it put strain on his knee?
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    Is junior Davis Cup televised?

    dont think so, not even if you are on the home country
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    Nadal News 2.0

    that bullring stadium looks really epic, never thought i would see rafa, feliciano and ferrer on davis cup again
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    There are 40 ATP 250s on the schedule. Why?

    there are more players that you dont see on the finals weekend of m1000 and slams, they have to play somewhere its how you climb up the ladder to become better
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    Chubby Tall Guy (Raonic) or Slim Short Guy (Schwartzman)?

    too bad, he wss playing with home crowd relatively
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    Federer News

    i predict fed will win us open 2018 by beating delpo in the final, its all coming full circle then and the IW final is the price to pay for that