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    2023 Dunlop FX 500

    I measured all my 3 FX500 racquets using TW DYI method and got results: 308 sw 307 sw 311 sw Compared to my PD21 315 sw I was afraid I was doing it wrong, but seeing you have one at 309 perhaps I got it right, guess I have to put some lead on mine aswell :)
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    2023 Dunlop FX 500

    Please ignore the horrible paint job on my old PD21, I was bored...
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    2023 Dunlop FX 500

    I think comfort is no big difference, perhaps the FX500 is a bit more comfortable, it has a bit more solid feeling compared of a PD21, my coach tought the sound of the racket hitting the ball sounded more solid if that's the right word for it. I usually don't have problems with my elbow or arm...
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    2023 Dunlop FX 500

    It's very similar, if you don't like PD2021 I don't think you are going to like FX500 which is a little less stiff and you get a little more ball pocket but other than that, they play the same imo.
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    2023 Dunlop FX 500

    It's a great stick, finally realizing 100" stiff rackets help me so much in matches after playing with a Pure Drive for 6 months. Wanting to have several rackets, PD was a bit expensive. I bought three FX500 2023 instead and with discounts I paid 128$ per racket. In Sweden a racket is about 250$...
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    2023 Yonex VCore Pro Racquets / 2024 Percept Racquets

    Anyones P97 a little bit longer than standard length? Similar to the DR98. I strung mine with multi mains and poly crosses if that may be the cause.
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I just noticed that my DR98's were longer than my Gravity pro so I measured them and they were: DR98 1 strunged: 68,9cm DR98 2 unstrung: 69cm I believe standard length is 68,6cm Anyone know whats going on here? :o
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I bought two used DR 98's. With strings and OG they're at 31,5cm balance. Is that not kinda low? I am more used to around 32,5.
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    Ezone 98 2022, Racket of the year or too early??

    Great racquet! Mine came in at 307g and 31,3cm in balance. Is it safe to assume that the extra 2g is in the handle and that the swingweight is close to official spec of 318?
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    Novak new Racqet ???

    This may sound stupid but visually his racquet doesn't look like a 95 to me, anyone else had the same thought?
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    Any racket 95 sq in or 98 that’s stiff ?

    Been looking aswell, 97L or FX500 Tour is on my list.
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    No shin splints for me with these shoes :)
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    Carlos Alcaraz is using a stock Pure aero vs

    Note sure if someone pointed this out before but I count only 19 crosses in this picture?
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    Do anyone know the weight of the replacement grip of Blade v8?
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    What is the engineering philosophy behind the yonex shaped racquet head?

    Vcore 95 2021 had a larger feeling sweetspot than Pro Staff 97 and PureStrike Tour for me.
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    I'm back in this club, I had a ET for a month before selling it earlier this January. Since then I have tried: RS305, 360+ Speed Pro, CX200, LMMP & 2013 AeroPro Drive. Got two Nite versions now and they are so good! Of all the above racquets, only LMMP came close but way too demanding for my...
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    Revisiting the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Which do you think is the better string option, a shaped or a round poly for this racquet?
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    Dunlop cx200 16x19 users

    I think tennisnerd reported that his CX200 came with only 306SW. I have two LS, unstrung: 284 & 291 grams. I have silicone, leathergrip and lead at 3&9, some lead under the bumper on the underspec one. Unstrung weight after modifications are 317g, with OG and strings they are at 338g and they...
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    Revisiting the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Slower, indoors
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    Revisiting the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    5 grams but too much I feel, took it all out, the swingweight was not sustainable for a full match for me so I will try without this week. I was trying to match up the spec to my leaded up CX200LS but I must have the wrong swingweight number for that one.
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    Revisiting the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Both me and the seller confused it for grip size then. I got two in 4 1/2 and two in 4 3/8 but weirdly I barely feel any difference between them so I can live with it :) I have no clue where they were made though. I put on leather grips and balanced them out with some lead tape. Only had the...
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    Revisiting the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP

    I recently got four of these, does L4 on the throat stand for grip size 4 1/2?
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    Total weight of mine is 326g, strunged with tour bite soft 1.20, overgrip and 5g of lead tape in the hoop. Has to be underspec right?
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    I've been borrowing my friends PA 2019 for a couple of weeks now and I'm thinking about getting my own but the extended length versions. My friends PA has a grip size 3 and compared to my Vcore 95, Blade 98 2015, the PA has a noticably larger grip. Is this true? I've also used to play with a...
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    Been playing with my Vcore 95 2021 for 3 weeks now. Coming from a PS97 no CV version, I definitely noticed less control but instead gain much more pace and spin, the control is still decent! Feedback from players i've played against in practice or matches is that I have much better pace and...