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    Wrist Problem

    So my wrist has been hurting for a few weeks. When i play tennis it feels fine when im hitting a forehand but when i hit a backhand or a backhand volley i feel pain. Anybody have the same problem before? Need help and Information.
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    Tennis In Toronto

    im interested in the hit. not interested in the racquet sorry.
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    Tennis In Toronto

    Im visiting my family in Toronto, Canada and i was wondering if there were any clubs that i can play at or get lessons or if anybody from toronto would be willing to hit with me during my time there. I will be there from july 6-20th and i am a 4.5 NTRP. Shoot me an email at...
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    Tennis Package.

    Where can i get a tennis package that includes about 2-3 racquets / 12 sets of strings / shirt / dampener / and ect? Anybody know how i can get this kind of package? reply here or email me at
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    Shoot me an invite also please.
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    Addidas CC Feather 3's

    How are these shoes compared to the Nike Breathe Free 2's or Nike Cages ? As in Width? and comfort?
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    Yonex RQis Tour 1

    What type of player is the Yonex RQis Tour 1 made for? Im thinking of trying this out and im a All-Around type player who likes to end points at the net but can also have long rallies at the baseline.
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    Tennis In Bay Area,Ca

    Looking for someone to hit maybe once or twice a week. I am currently Living in Milpitas,CA and am Willing to travel to San Jose,CA or Fremont,CA depending on where. Looking for players that are 4.0-5.0 To hit and maybe play a few sets. If interested email me at anthonyxdsays @ yahoo(dot)com
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    Tennis in San Jose,Ca or Milpitas,CA

    Also forgot to add that my email is anthonyxdsays @ yahoo(dot)com
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    Tennis in San Jose,Ca or Milpitas,CA

    I am looking for someone to hit with in the San Jose,CA and Milpitas,Ca Area. Looking for someone between 4.0-5.0 To Hit with and get some sets in.
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    Help. Need Advice

    How would a full set of Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 56 LBS on a Babolat Pure Storm Tour Play? Feel?
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    Players in Norcal(BayArea)

    Im looking for some solid 4.0-5.0's to train with seriously. Looking for someone who wouldnt mind playing a match 1-2 times a week. Currently Living in the Milpitas,CA Area. Email Me at
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    Pacific Strings

    I Need Some kind of feedback on Pacific X-Force. How does it compare with SPPP? And Technifibre Code Reds? And does anyone know where i can get a Pacific Stencil? Thanks
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    Pacific Strings

    Anyone Know where i can get a Pacific String Stencil?
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    My NTRP rating is about 4.5
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    Comparison on Racquets

    What is alike and diffrent about the Wilson nCode Six-One 95 16x18 and the Wilson [K]factor 95 16x18?
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    Hey, Im looking for a racquet that has good feel to it. Any Suggestions?
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    Choosing a New Racquet.

    I currently play with the nCode Six-One 95 16x18 and ive had them for quite some time now. Ive been thinking about getting new sticks and ive been thinking between theBabolat Pure Storm Tour , Dunlop Aerogel 200,Wilson [k]Factor 95 16x18. Which is best for an all court game.?
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    I am a 16 yr old Junior/High School Player. I Currently have a 1HBH but sometimes i feel like it isnt effective at times. Ive been considering 2hbh and think it would make my game better. Is it to late for me to switch? Or should i just work on my 1hbh?
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    Hybrid Combo.

    I was just wondering how would Big Bangers ALU Power on Mains and Babolat Superfine Play on crosses feel on a WIlson nCode 6.1 95 ? And also how would the same crosses and technifibre pro red code on mains feel ?
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    Vantage Racquets

    Anyone know about this company called Vantage if so can you guys give me some feedback on them?
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    Stringing Advice / 2 Piece

    just like where to start?
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    Stringing Advice / 2 Piece

    I need some advice on stringing my Wilson nCode six-one 95. Its usually the crosses where i tend to mess up. mains arent as bad. but can someone give me some advice on stringing 2-piece?
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    is there a way to make a custon stencil ?
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    Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 16

    I need feedback on Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 16 on a Wilson nCode six-one 95 @ 55LBS . Good or Bad ?
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    Opinion on Strings

    Would Babolat Pro Hurricane Tours on Mains and Babolat Super Fine Play as Cross's be good ? and suggestion on tension ?