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    Does anybody use a Different racket for singles and doubles

    There has been some other threads on this so you should try a search. I will say that I have done it, but I have finally gone with one frame: 03 Red Speedport. I loved the Red but liked my Volkl Cat 8s from the baseline. The Speedport has a reduced flex and thinner beam (slight) plus I...
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    Speedport Red for Doubles Play?

    Yes -- it is wicked fast at the net (not sure if I can tell the difference from the 03 Red, I have both) but it is fast. On the ground, you can tell the difference from the 03 Red. It has more feel (but that could also be because I strung it lower too). I hit with a lot of topspin so I can...
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    O3 Red Speedport

    I went ahead and purchased the Red Speedport -- no regrets. It was as viscous at the net as the Red (great for rapid doubles exchanges). Serving is a dream, both spin and deep, flatter balls. I like the flexier feel (plus, I strung it on the low end).
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    O3 Red Speedport

    Can you elaborate?
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    O3 Red Speedport

    I would like to know this too. TW rates the Speedport as a low-medium in power where the regular Red is medium. Prince says they are the same (1100).
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    DNX8 users, let me know your opinion!!!

    Took the DNX 8 out today for three sets of doubles. It was what I expected -- more crisp than my Cat 8s. Also, noticeable difference on service -- you can blast away with great placement. I am a little concerned about the stiffness for my elbow, but we'll see.
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    racket for singles another for doubles

    I was so messed up in a tournament recently that I was using the 03 Red when my partner was serving (if you haven't tried one at the net, take my advice, don't because nothing will ever match it -- perfect combination of weight, balance, headsize, and stiffness at the net -- when you hit it, it...
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    Racquet for heavy topsin?

    Volkl Cat 8 VE. It is what I use now. The 16x18 pattern, weight, balance, and stiffness = spin city (sometimes too much). The DNX 9 is supposed to be great here too but with a little more heft (11.4).
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    Babolat Zylon 360 Pure Control

    The PCZ 360 is no longer being made (best I understand). The specs are very similar to the Pure Storm. I had one for a while. All around, a very nice frame. I like hitting with lots of spin so the fairly dense string pattern bugged me a little (although it was great for backhand slices)...
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    Rds 003 :(

    Tiki-- I had the same experience with the RDS 003 -- it felt sluggish and hit a flat ball. I have a similar swing (I think) as you. By accident, I demod the Volkl Cat 8 and haven't been able to put it down. Check out the specs. FYI -- I also bought or demod these frames: 03 White RDS 003...
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    OS Player's racquet

    03 Tour O/S seems to match. Also, take a look at these models: 1. Wilson nBlade 2. Wilson nTour 2 105" 3. Head iRadical O/S (you can get these cheap -- lighter and a tad more stiff than the LM or FXP Radicals (and with a lower sw)). Still, only 61 flex. 4. Fischer M-Speed OS (you will...
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    Bandanas -vs- Headbands

    agreed I agree that I do not like the look of the bandana -- it is just that much more effective (especially the dri-fit ones) than the other alternatives.
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    Bandanas -vs- Headbands

    All I know is that I have several Adidas Clima-Lite hats, a Nike Dri-Fit hat, headbands, and 1 diadora bandana thing. If have used them all and with the standard headband and hats, I constantly have to wipe the sweat on my forehead and my eyes. With the bandana, I do not. Maybe because it can...
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    Best mid top tennis shoe

    I agree with the basic idea but I am on my second pair of the Pro-Tech DA2s. The weird looking midsole thing (that goes from side to side) keeps breaking into pieces. I sent the first pair back and TW sent me another. I have only had them for a few weeks and they are breaking too. My take is...
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    Bandanas -vs- Headbands

    I have both (and the tying is a hassle) but there is not question which is more effective -- the bandana. Not even close. I sweat a lot and, with headbands or hats with bands, I am constantly adjusting them. With the bandana, I never touch it once it's on.
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    Anyone with glasses?

    I wear Bolle Rx but at night my regular glasses. I think the contacts idea is great if you already have them or if you can get them cheap. Something about my eyes -- they wanted $600 for my first set. I do not like the Rx inserts though. My Bolle's have a type of competivision lens (not...
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    Yonex RDS 003

    I had the 003 for a while. It is more sluggish than its specs suggest. I found it hit great for flat serves and flat shots, but not as good for spin. If you like extended lengths, consider the Volkl Cat 8 VE. It is the racquet I settled on and I have not been dissapointed.
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    blake vs. "the tall dude" day 5

    Sad to see him totally melt down right before your eyes. It is odd considering how well he was playing in sets 2 and 3.
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    Confessions of a racket junkie:

    Look on the bright side, if you played golf, your 1 racquet would be the equivalent of a decent 56 degree (much less a Big Bertha)! Buy your racquets and brag of your frugality to your wife belittling her friend's spouses who have $3000 in their golf bag! P.S. And, although I have been...
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    Volks DNX8 or Prokennex Ki10?

    The Cat 8 is arm friendly and 2hbh friendly (a little extra length (.25)). You may want to give it a try. Also, I think the string makes a difference. I think the Wilson Sensation string is a comfortable string versus some other harsh feelings ones (V-Rex).
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    New PD O/S

    Any news on the 107"?
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    New PD O/S

    Wow -- this new to the board and already providing useless posts. But, really, thanks for the heads up. I guess it was obvious from my post that I was not aware of that crucial piece of information. (That is sarcasm in case you did not get it).
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    New PD O/S

    I am looking for some feedback on this frame. No real reason other than it fits the specs of a frame I was looking for before I settled on the Cat 8. I was in search of a lower powered O/S frame with a bit of grip extension and not too hefty. If anyone has played with this frame, please post...
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    Volkl Catapult 8 VE - chick stick?

    I use this frame too. I echo all the comments made above. I would recommend stringing it at 60 or more. Wilson Sensation (16) has been a great fit. I tried the V-Rex string but it was harsh and lacked feeling.
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    Ever blindly buy a racket?

    Yonex RDS 003 (never available for demo). Hated it. Sent it back and demod more.
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    re: Gear - Setting the record straight

    Where did my tribute post to Breakpoint go? Who is the thread police here?
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    Prince Hybrid Spectrum

    TW does not have it up yet -- would like to see it there.
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    Prince Hybrid Spectrum

    I am real interested in at least trying this. As I have posted before, the Spectrum Comp was the best racquet I ever played with. My friend still has one.
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    re: Gear - Setting the record straight

    B-point: Do you quote yourself at dinner parties too? Nice sig.
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    re: Gear - Setting the record straight

    Rasta: I admit my point is a little weird, but I can't explain it any better but to say that is my experience. I like to take full swings. If you hand me a Diablo Mid, yeah, I will be able to swing at will and keep the ball in the court without reference to my hips, shoulders, location of...