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    Nadal revolutionalized grass tennis

    Wimbledon grass is slower than US open hardcourts now...
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    ****Asian K90/nCode 90/PS Tour 90/K95/nCode 95 Club ****

    10g of lead on the handle of the AK90 will make it 8-10pts HL 345-355grams with everything on including your overgrip. I would start there first before adding lead at 3/9 or anywhere on the head since adding weight there dramatically adds swing weight & reduce maneuverability.
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    How Much Better are Todays Racquets Comapared to Racquets of the Late 80's and 90's?

    The strings are better, non-gut strings are used by most professionals now. Even multis of high quality are used in placed of gut. There is more selection to racquets now and marketing non-sense, the racquets themselves seem to be made of cheaper filler material which gives them a dead feel...
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    Federer vs. Djokovic, Montreal Final

    Federer's 1st tournament in months and he loses in the final in which 2 sets went to tie breakers. Federer has played 3/4 finals and won 2 slams this year. Lets wait until after the US Open to judge whether or not Federer is on the decline, he looks a bit rusty at the moment as his huge angled...
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    Blu-Ray vs. HD

    You really need a 1080P HDTV set, the "chip" projection based HDTVs are nice, affordable and energy friendly for these sizes of HDTVs. Blue Ray looks like it will win the format war with heavy weights such as Disney in the Blue Ray corner. Surprisingly the best Blue Ray player for the money is...
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    Possibility exists that Federer may not be the greatest player of this era

    At the moment I think Nadal will be on pace to just exceed Agassi. Who knows what will happen, Federer is on pace for 16-18 slams which I think Rod Laver would have easily exceeded if not for the politics of the time.
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    Nadal is For Real -- Admit It (Merged)

    At the end of Wimbledon, the court looks more like a dirt surface thats slower than the US Open.
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    Federer vs Nadal 2007 Wimbledon Final - Post Match Thread

    It may be 15% slower than it used to at the start of a tournament with fresh grass, but at the end with the worn down dirt.... it becomes nearly a clay court and is noticeably slower than the US Open.
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    Serena's (K) Factor racquet....

    Nope frame looks different especially at the PWS area.
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    Good effects of war

    Well we already know how the Bush administration will try to twist what that means. History has proven that independence meant that the occupying or invading military was defeated. As for unification, that doesn't always matter.
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    Good effects of war

    No really if someone would break down the demographics and what social income class of those joining the military. I wouldn't be surprised to see those of the upper income out of harms way and those of the lower income on the front lines, the positions would scale along very closely. Peacetime...
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    Good effects of war

    Besides the usual unemployed that has to do something for a living, hey its a fact that a "volunteer" army typically means that the middle to lower income of society are the ones standing on the front lines. I'm more curious as to WHY they would WANT to reenlist knowing they are going to be...
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    Pure Control Zylon 360?

    Never really liked that racquet. It always felt somewhat unstable and required a bit of lead and still felt somewhat flimsy / plastic like. The pure storm on the other hand felt flexible and responded well, the Pure Control also felt solid... but the PC Zylon 360 should be avoided.
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    Good effects of war

    Curious why anyone who would want to volunteer TO BE IN Iraq chose the traditional way when today it is more profitable ($400-600 per day) to join a security firm and not be subject to any rules of engagement or civilian casualty or be the subject of media scrutiny. Private security companies...
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    Racquets in China

    If you are residing in America, you can always email BreakPoint if you are serious about getting one. Many people on this board with AK90's got some through him. Sometimes its just better to get what you want from a more local source so you know what you are getting before hand and not get...
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    Racquets in China

    For the most part, yes they are the same or even more expensive even in smaller countries like Vietnam, South Korea etc. If you can get them at a discount beware of the knockoffs. As usual anywhere, most of the time you get what you pay for so beware.
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    We NEED a TW Celebrity(posters) DEATH MATCH

    Death Match? Hmm thats what summer movies are for.
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    If the Kfactor 90 is such a great racquet how come Fed is the only guy using it?

    With Federer's success and the availibility of the Tour 90, more kids in the future will be seen with a Wilson box beam 90-93 of some variant. The continued use and success of the 88-89" PC and 90" Yonix on tour says it all, its the players.
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    So who's seen Transformers?

    The voice of Peter Cullen in the opening seconds of this movie says it all as to how great it was going to be. Wow, the voice acting the artistic feel of this movie was from the original cartoons. Definitely worth seeing at least once, its a hell of an entertainment and being 2:30 long it...
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    Bud Collins fired by NBC

    He's 78 years old time to move on. If the players in the locker room are not comfortable with his interviews or presence, then he should be out of a job. Just because he has been around the game for so long does not make him a bigger figure than the young players with multiple grand slams...
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    one hander not good for the amatuer level?

    randomname, a lot of things that are discussed on this board do not reflect what occurs most of the time on a tennis court. There will always be a certain group of people who are trying to imitate who the most popular tennis player is. Such as trying to hit the 2-hander on the rise and trying...
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    Sampras' current racquet set-up / Tennis Week mag.

    The results and ease at which he's hitting the passing angles off his back hand these days say it all. His current setup's sweet spot is roughly 4x larger than what he used to hit with. A lot less shanks from Sampras lately than he had overall in his prime.
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    3.0 player vs. Open player (actual pro)

    Forget 0,0... will the 3.0 even win a point?
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    How you guys handle topspin high and deep the FH corner

    Thats a good question, way too high, around shoulder level spinning away from the court... I'm still working on flatting my stroke out a bit and still being able to produce the angle but I'm just not good enough to do it consistently. This isn't a shot that I would take against an opponent who...
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    Pro Staff Tour 90

    Considering Wilson's quality control, of course they all aren't the same. Outside of that fact there are minor graphic differences between several version (black / silver graphics of the NTour90, ... St Vincent label on the Asian Tour 90). None of which make a big enough difference that lead...
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    increase control...

    Yeah there is a way to it in a matter of days, its called put the racquet down, quit hitting the ball into and over the fence and step away from the game until you get a coach so you don't develop bad habits, technique and strokes. Then you can worry about tension / racquet weight etc when you...
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    Nadal, what's that thingy he picks at?

    Nadal needs to get some boxer undershorts instead of briefs. I know the ladies like him picking at his butt but man it adds way too much time waiting for him to serve.
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    How you guys handle topspin high and deep the FH corner

    Reverse forehand to the short angle crosscourt or down the line.. high ball opens up the angle to clear the net for it. Or Lob.
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    increase control...

    Save yourself some money and embarassment from players using 25 year old racquets and go get a coach, you'll be thankful much sooner rather than later.
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    Laver Overrated

    I think Laver was closer to 40 Rabbit in that video. None the less not many people have talked about Rod Lavers movement, that was an area he was the at the top in during his era among other things such as top spin passing angles. The serve and volleyer of the past were torched by the angles...