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    Rumour - Remake Head Prestige Classic (PT10)

    Anyone have any prior experience with doing pre-order and matching with Tennis Warehouse?
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    Rumour - Remake Head Prestige Classic (PT10)

    Before the pandemic, I never used an overgrip. However, the past couple years I had to contend with eczema on my hands especially during the winter. I started using Wilson Pro overgrips to mitigate chaffing. I have used Fairway, Wilson, Dunlop, and Prince calfskin leather grips in the past...
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    Rumour - Remake Head Prestige Classic (PT10)

    Argghhh... so much for being fiscally responsible. I was hoping for a discounted price...but I also remember as a junior player in the 90s that the 600 tour was $250 locally. If the build quality is on par with Head's main releases, I'll take the dive. Anybody have any recommendations of the...
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    Another Victim of the Pure Drive Plus?

    I think the only Babs I could play with is the Pure Strike. I took at couple strokes with the Aero and my elbow immediately whispered, "No, thank you." Pure Drive is a really powerful racquet. I know one former D1 player who can spank with Jack Sock-esque power and topspin... but even he...
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    Rumour - Remake Head Prestige Classic (PT10)

    What is taking them so long?! I can only hoard my TW gift cards for so long!!!
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    What tension for Solinco Confidential on PCG?

    I used to string my LB Changs (pre-titanium) around 72 lbs with Prince Synthetic Gut (it's recommended tension was 50-65)... ahh... the 90s... strings have come a long way since then... I typically string my Phantom 93P at either 53 or 50 lbs. I think you are safe with AceyMan's suggestion...
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    Prince Trap Door Butt Cap Sharp Edge Issue?

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Putting in an order in the next day or so!
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    Prince Trap Door Butt Cap Sharp Edge Issue?

    If anyone orders any replacement caps from TW, please let us know if they have the newer rounded edges.
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    I'm a 3.5. Does it matter what string I get? Or should I just get what's on sale?

    I'd say start out with a middle of the road basic synthetic gut like Prince Synthetic or Gosen OGSM at 16 gauge for 2-3 string jobs. Get a feel for the string bed and learn what are your natural tendencies in your stroke (i.e. flat, moderate topspin, or Rafa-extremis). Then when we you try a...
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    Prince Trap Door Butt Cap Sharp Edge Issue?

    I had the same issue with the buttcaps on the 93P. I tend to grip the racquet with my part of my pinky off the handle. I moved to a Fairway leather grip to cover more of the bevels and threw on an overgrip. Unfortunately, the staples in the buttcap are loosening slightly... combined with the...
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    Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5

    I was excited to see Mizuno shoes back in the line-up at Tennis Warehouse. The Wave Exceed Tour 4 were my favorite shoes since the Asics Gel Resolution 6. However, my honest review on the Wave Exceed Tour 5 is that some executive at Mizuno attempted to justify their salary by messing with...
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    Considering switch from Hyper -G for more power. Suggestions?

    I used Cyclone 19 in a full bed but mainly as a hybrid in the Phantom 93P (18x20). It will have more pop than Hyper G 16. The string bed will have much more flex and dwell time. However, it won't be as consistent as a full bed of Hyper G. For a 19 gauge, it has decent durability. I do...
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    Prince Phantom 93p v Phantom Pro93p - difference?

    I kind of preferred the stiffness and response of the 2018 version. I got more feedback from hitting the ball, and I think it has a slightly lower launch angle as well. The 2020 version was a little more muted, and it had a little more spin. Also, I like the stock grip on the 2020 version a...
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    From Prostaff 90 to ?

    I switched from the 2014 PS90 to the Phantom 93P (18x20). The PS90 is heavier but more compact, so I felt like strokes with the PS90 finished "faster" with more plow through. I also felt that the PS90 was less likely to twist on off-center shots. The 93P was a bit more forgiving especially...
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    Leather grips lovers

    I have used the current Fairways, Wilsons, and Prince Calfskin. I don't use an overgrip. I had the Fairways on my PS90s. I felt like the overall break in period was a murderous 4-5 months (playing 4-5 times a week). Playing in the winter in L.A., the grip seemed to suck out of the moisture...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Thanks for the responses. There is one slightly exposed corner on the cap which looks like the main culprit on the newest edition. I usually let the local pro shop install my leather grips. I tend to get OCD when I install the grips myself (recovering perfectionist - hence my aversion to...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Phantom Crew, I did pick up a couple 2018 93Ps (18x20) from TW during the sale. Thanks for your advice! I have noticed that the bevels on the butt cap are digging into my palm causing and ripping some massive blisters. Is anyone else have this problem? A month into the pandemic, my local...
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    Topspin Cyberflash Fans

    I have been using a full bed of CF 17L since I ran out of Cyclone 19 at the start of the pandemic. In a small frame with a dense string pattern like my 93P (18x20), the strings do "lock" up after they notch in the first two weeks. As a result, the cross strings stopped moving but the ball...
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    Wilson Revolve is Junk

    I once experimented with a hybrid of Revolve 17/ Cyclone 19 a couple years ago. The combo was extremely under powered. I had to take heavy cuts at the ball, but the ball just seemed to dwell on the stringbed and the spin potential was off the charts. I was clearing the net by an extra 2-3...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Anyone here have a quick comparison for the 2018 93P and the 2020 93P? Need to make a decision in the next 16 hours. Is the 2020 a significant upgrade worth the extra $40?
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    Cheaper alternatives to X1 Biphase and ALU Rough?

    I tried NGW gut in my mains with a couple poly crosses. Unfortunately, the NGW (V2) gut had a tendency to break on the stringing machine or in the bag. There's a whole thread on that, so I just summarize by saying that those string jobs that survived that were quickly eaten up by the crosses...
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    I started with a modded PS95 (2014) when switching away from my Pro Staff 7.5s. I loved the PS90, but at the time, I was hitting a 2HBH, so I wanted more margin for error when on the defensive. That being said, even with a lot of lead, the PS95 was never as stable as the PS90. When I made the...
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    Best tennis balls to use?

    I was getting tired of the dead Costco Penn balls right out of the can. I bought several different cans over the past month. Here is how I would rank them: 1. Dunlop AO (4 pk) 2. Wilson US Open 3. Dunlop ATP Extra Duty 4. Dunlop ATP Championship 5. Penn Championship (Costco) 6. Wilson All...
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    Prince Phantom Pro 93p swingweight?

    Liking a full bed of Topspin Cyberflash 17 at 52 lbs. Comfy and great pocketing. Great depth especially on a longer relaxed strokes. I can really flatten but still have access to spins. My usual hybrid is Volkl Cyclone 19/ Gosen OGSM 17 @ 53/50. The Topspin Cyberflash doesn't have the same...
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    Tennis Bag Recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation. My typical "haul load" puts a lot of strain on the straps especially when I bike 6-10 miles round trip to get to my preferred tennis courts or carry the bag up and down the flights of stairs at the office and parking garage. With the exception of the straps on...
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    Tennis Bag Recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation and the links to the video reviews. I was didn't see any of those before. It's a great help!
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    Tennis Bag Recommendations

    My old black/silver Wilson Team tennis bag is ready to be retired to the closet after nearly five years. The shoulder and the "luggage" strap have torn off, and I am tired of using top strap and slinging the bag over the shoulder. I am looking to get another 6 or 9 racquet bag. My standard...
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    Whats wrong with young generation?

    I would argue that there isn't anything "really wrong" with them. They are just going through typical growing pains. I think the overall talent and fitness gap between Mid to Low Seeded Players and the rest of the Top 100 has shrunk significantly over the past decade, so a first round match...
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    Looking for a new Wilson Racquet in my 40's

    I have a couple blacked out RF97s. When I went back home for Christmas and played indoors on some 90s style/fast hardcourts, the ball was getting on top of me on my backswing! I think it takes someone with immaculate anticipation and early preparation to get the most out of the RF97... perhaps...
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    Looking for a new Wilson Racquet in my 40's

    First, congrats on the weight drop! Just keep on keeping on at the gym! After I decided to move back from a 2HBH to a 1HBH several years back, I moved from the Pro Staff Classic 7.5 to the Pro Staff 95 (2014) down to the Pro Staff 90 (2014) and then over to the Prince Phantom 93P (18x20)...