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    Adidas Barricade II replacement?

    Are the Barricade Team 2 the same as the old Barricade II?? I liked the old Barricade II shoes from Adidas, and I see that they now have something called "Barricade Team 2" Is that the same shoe or something different?
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    If you improve your groundstrokes, you'll never have to worry about this type of player again. Learn to hit with power and consistency, and you'll just blow him away every time.
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    Best kind of Tennis Ball to use when playing Pusher

    If you're not good enough to beat a pusher, then you're not going to notice much difference with different types of tennis balls. You're focusing on the wrong thing --- improve your strokes so that you can blow a pusher off the court no matter what type of ball is used. Good luck --...
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    how to stay calm in long rallies

    Yeah, but long rallies are fun!
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    What do you do ?

    I'd like to hear more on this subject, because I've been thinking about it lately myself! Can someone explain exactly what sort of drop hit would be helpful in developing my game? Right now I return the ball between points in two main ways: (1)forehand slice (2) drop hit one-handed...
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    how to stay calm in long rallies

    Here's something I've found useful --- I forcibly exhale during my stroke to prevent from holding my breath or hyperventilating. When you get nervous or too tense, you can actually forget to breathe. Forcing myself to exhale deeply during each stroke has helped me relax and hit better. I'm...
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    Video of a 4.5 and 5.0 player please

    This is so true. Most people will overrate themselves after watching these videos, thinking, "Oh, I can hit the ball like that, too." Not!! I realized this after seeing James Blake play in person. Maybe more than any other sport, tennis loses a LOT on TV. You really have no idea how...
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    BB, others - San Diego

    Vin, Would love to play. I just sent you an email. You can email me at
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    Talking during the point

    Anyone who can't put away a mid-court overhead because someone on the other side is talking doesn't deserve the point anyway. I think any rules about enforcing silence are silly. If basketball players can shoot free throws amid a deafening roar (and visual distractions!!), and if baseball...
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    Inconsistency over a period of time.

    What do you mean by "playing like crap"? I'd like to hear more specifics, because, really, once you get to the 4.0 level, your ups and downs shouldn't be that dramatic. For example, if one day you're hitting everything in and the next day you have trouble keeping a ball in play, then...
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    Head Case

    Even if it WAS the deciding point of the match, it's still no reason to break your racket. Unless, of course, you plan on breaking a racket every time you lose. I'm guessing you're about 15 years old.
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    Head Case

    Saito is right. MMkay5, your post is a classic example of someone who won't look at themselves in the mirror or take responsbility for themselves. Read what you wrote --- you actually blamed your racket-smashing on us!!! That would be funny if it wasn't so sad or stupid; I can't decide...
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    PLEASE HELP - I'm depressed with my game.

    I totally agree! This is actually a fairly profound statement. Tell yourself to hit away and then DO IT. Stop caring so much about winning, and start caring about playing your best and getting better. Tell yourself you'd rather lose and hit away then play it safe and win. And mean...
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    service return w/ a one-handed ts bh

    Well, first of all, you have to be a pretty good player to return a 110 mph serve with a topspin backhand! I can't imagine anyone less than a really strong 4.5 attempting it. But if you are at least at that level, then my best advice is to keep your hand below the ball and swing up with...
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    Tips/suggestions from the experienced guys

    I say forget all these tips on how to beat these weaker players --- you already know HOW to beat them because you're already getting out to a good lead against them. The thing is, you're choosing NOT to beat them. You've got to figure out why, and don't take this the wrong way, but the answer...
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    Why does my SW FH keep moving towards a FW?

    Why fight it? If you're hitting the ball well with the full Western grip, you could try leaving it alone. Or are you not hitting the ball as well as you'd like?
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    Another how good are these players video

    People on this board are nuts. Those guys are easily 5.0 or better. (For those who downgrade these guys for the short rallies, ask yourselves how long your typical rally at any men's ATP pro match is.)
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    Advice for Improving Doubles Play

    Play with serious intent, but have fun, keep it light. Compliment your partner whenever he does something good, and let him off the hook when he berates himself.
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    What to do if opponent does not warm you up?

    Dunlo, I can so relate. That's happened to me more than once. Being a nice guy, I would agree to start playing. No more! No more Mr. Nice Guy --- I now tell my opponent that I need more time to warm up. I'll say something like, "Sorry, I need at least 5 or 10 more minutes." What's he...
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    When did you notice big improvement?

    Here are my top 10 "breakthrough" moments (not in chronological order, mind you): 1) When I realized I could place my serves in various parts of the box instead of just hitting them in. 2) When I changed my forehand grip from Eastern to Semi-western. 3) When I changed my serve grip from...
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    HELPP!! Improving Consistency....Frustrating

    I can't give you an exact time frame on when you will get a stroke down cold. Improvement in tennis is kind of like watching grass grow. It's very gradual. If improvement came easy, then everyone would be a 5.0! I would say we're talking many weeks or several months --- and that's if you...
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    HELPP!! Improving Consistency....Frustrating

    Here's what I've been doing to improve: once or twice a week I will simply rally with someone for 90 minutes or so. No games, no serving, just hitting, hitting, hitting. And while I hit, I really try and think about what I'm doing. If you just rally with someone you'll have "breakthroughs"...
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    HELPP!! Improving Consistency....Frustrating

    You're just not consistent enough yet. Once you get to a certain ability level (4.0?) you should be able to keep the ball in play even if you're off your game. Once you get a little better, your "off" days won't be so disastrous.
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    sharapova's grunt causing fans to turn away?

    The shrieking is annoying, unnecessary, and most of all, pretentious. But you can't outlaw it. I also find it annoying how basketball players will shriek and bellow after big dunks. Where's all this anger coming from?
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    Head Case

    There's really no cure for this other than growing up. You're obviously not there yet. It's okay --- I see guys in their 50s throwing rackets. I don't see that often, but I saw it again this week. It amazes me. The only other thing I can say is do what Federer did: just STOP it. You have...
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    Is Anyone Out There Constantly Messing With Your Technique On Shots?

    What I like to do is just rally with someone for a good 90 minutes. It's hard to diagnose and improve your strokes if you play nothing but matches. But when I rally with someone for at least an hour once or twice a week, I can really see what I'm doing and make small adjustments to improve my...
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    Girth of your racqut handle -importance?

    I've heard so much conflicting advice on this topic that I'm hesitant to chime in. I'd like to know the answer to this, too. I'm only replying so that I can get an email notification when the brilliant insights start rolling in.
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    how do I control a rally?

    Get to the net!
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    Want to improve? Find a compulsive groaner to play against.

    Good call, Kevhen. I'm pretty much doing what you suggest in terms of playing hard till I hear it's out. I haven't been assertive enough yet to tell him to let me know verbally on the close serves. I'm a bit intimidated by this guy, but I'll get over it.
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    Want to improve? Find a compulsive groaner to play against.

    Or how about this: there's a guy at my club who will smack back a serve of mine as if the serve was good --- only it was just out but he's assuming that I KNOW it's just out, except that it was so damn close that I can't assume anything, so I chase down his ball and hit it back, thinking that...