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    Workout/Fitness routine that you guys out there do...

    I would absolutely throw some yoga in there at least once a week to maintain some flexibility. Weight training, although completely necessary, can stiffen you up. You may not notice your speed/movement suffering without it, but you will definitely notice you feel a little different after a...
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    Double Case of Tennis Toe

    That really sucks. That blackness is blood pooling underneath the nail. If you really want to play, you can tape the #1 and 2 toes together. Regardless, keep your toenails clipped. Get some thicker socks that are mostly cotton. All of that polyester, nylon, rayon whatever is breathable and light...
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    Can you get away with using slice only on backhand?

    They both can be effective. If the slice stays low and deep it can drive players crazy, but its difficult. Most rec players don't create the depth on it and they just end up being mid court sitters or drop shots. Easy to take advantage of those. When playing someone with a slice backhand, always...
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    Need help closing out set's, ANY advice appreciated!

    Think of your opponent as a big roach or bug. You can't just hose it down with spray and expect it to die. Stomping it out and squashing it under your boot is the only way to guarantee victory.. A little lie here and there can't hurt either. Try telling yourself you need to hold to stay alive...
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    Current Prince Graphite Oversize users?

    Which model, the originals or the current re-release? I own an '83 POG and have the current demo in my bag right now. Considering switching over completely to the new ones. The brand new models lack a bit of swingweight and beef of my '83 so they're a tad down on power. The later POGs from the...
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    That's interesting. I hope I like the feel of the newer sticks bc I hate the idea of having to piece together a quiver from flea bay.
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    I'm demoing the re-release of the Graphite 107 soon. I have a 1983 single stripe that I love (grew up playing w 107 Radicals) but the grip is too big. I like the whippiness of the Prince compared to the 90's Radicals I used.
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    Vollaix Agassi Shirt

    Those shirts of Andre's all through the 90's were HUGE. I had a few. That's where he got in the habit of rolling them up on returns.
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    Are these Ok for a clay court?

    These look like an all-courter. Should work out fine. A true clay shoe will have that herringbone tread on the whole outsole.
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    What is the Best Racket for a 2 Handed Forehand?

    Just from personal experience, all of the oversized Agassi Radicals of the 90's were beasts for two-handers. Huge margin with the 107sq head size, good swingweight behind the ball, and a dense and predictable stringbed that really let you get into a groove. None came in extended lengths though...
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    Babolat Pure Aero 4 &1/2 to 4 &1/4 how could I make it

    It'll knock it down 1 full size. Not two. But it does a great job at it. Its very thin but doesn't feel like it.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 4 &1/2 to 4 &1/4 how could I make it

    The grip? 3 Choices. 1.) .8 mm Kimony leather replacement grip 2.) Remove all grips and mark all 8 sides with a marker. Shave down each side until the marker disappears. 3.) Buy or trade for the same racquet with the right grip. I chose option 1 for one...
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    After how many hours should you restring Poly ?

    If you look down after a point and the mains look like a gorilla pulled apart some cage bars, they're on they're way out.
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    Forehand went walkabout, muscle memory

    I feel you. Former 4.5 with a 9 year layoff. Been playing again for about a year. Now struggling to beat 4.0 players. My game was like a burst pinata filled with unforced errors. Forehand was super late and in tight and gave me massive TE. I started wondering if I could play again at all. Over...
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    Prince Synthetic w/Duraflex

    I've played the yellow 16G duraflex in a wide open Pure Aero Plus and it was a tank. Lasted many hours. Good, crisp feel. But spin is nowhere close to poly. I like playing with nylon in certain frames and especially just practicing because of its cost and longevity. I actually use one of those...
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    String Colors To Avoid

    Prince Syn Gut w Duraflex plays completely different across the color ranges.
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    Things I sometimes do after retrieving my racquets after string jobs

    I do the same exact thing.
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    $60 for a Wilson T-shirt

    I second the Ross/Marshalls/TJMax approach. I find most of my tennis shirts/shorts there. You just have to keep an eye out for tennis stuff, and the good tennis stuff. I found a Nike Court Dry Challenger shirt for under $20 bucks at Ross. That shirt retails for 40-50 dollars. Same with the...
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    Anyone try synthetic gut in a Pure Aero?

    I have a couple Pure Aero Pluses that I used to string up with a cheap poly. (Pro's Pro Blackout) They played well for a little while but would suffer from massive tension loss and settle down in the 40's. Was wondering about synthetic gut. I have Prince SG w duraflex in 16ga that I'm thinking...
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    Bought a Wilson Pro Staff 97LS, Variation of Federer's Own Racquet

    From the Instagram his old racquet looks like an Aero Pro Drive Boost+ which is something you find at the big box sporting goods stores for kids and rec players. The PS97LS is marketed and sold in much the same way. Sadly, that Luxilon 4G probably went dead as soon as this thread hit page 2
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    Which court surface is better?

    I live in Florida and split time between clay and hard. Clay is my favorite surface to play on. Less pain after playing, although you do play longer to be sure. If you're not used to it at all, certain muscles like calves etc will burn after a hitting session. Also your hips can get sore if...
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    Reason why you feel tired, weak, and racket is heavy on day of match

    When you figure this out, there's about 7 billion people on the planet that want to know too. Only thing you can do is do your due diligence and leave the rest up to biology/physiology.
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    Bought a Rossignol F-200 Carbon today (no pics yet)

    Wow. Just saw this thread. I have one of these too given to me by my dad. Red/white stripes with 'Mats Wilander' on the throat. Haven't strung it up or played with it yet but I always hear about the trampoline like flex.
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    "Prince has issues"

    Already own a TT 100P and in the middle of demoing the 95P, which hits as good, or better. Smh that a company with the soul sucked out of it can still put out a better feeling racquet than the likes of Babolat or Wilson. (Although I do like the new Ultra/Ultra Tour/Pro Staff 97C)
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    What is your favorite 18x20

    Another vote for the Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Modern frame, old school feel.
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    Pure aero VS and Pure aero

    The VS is an interesting racquet, its one of those 'hybrid' frames from Babolat. Personally, the 16x20 string pattern doesn't do it for me. It lacks put away power and spin of the PA, but has substantially more control than the Pure Aero which feels about as sharp as a dull pencil when aiming...
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    Am I crazy??

    Give the guy a break, maybe? 20 years is a LONG time. I took 9-10 years off and its taken me about 10 months just to stop shanking the ball and get my contact point a little more out in front like it used to be. You really need to set aside your ego and stay humble when getting back into it...
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    After how many hours should you restring Poly ?

    The loss of play-ability is hard for most rec players to discern. But the total death of the poly some hours later is obvious. For me, when the mains stop snapping back after every point, there's no life left at all. Mark the time. RIP. This usually happens in the 10-20hr window.
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    Pro Staff 97 Countervail

    I am just coming off of a week long love affair with this racquet. Sad to see it go back. Comfortable, good spin, good directional control, good plow through. Just a great all around racquet. Much easier to swing for long periods unlike the RF97. Its the best racquet I've hit with since I've...
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    Best kind of wind sprints ??

    Instead of stopping completely, try a light jog until you're heat rate recovers. Its called active recovery. Then go again. If you're disciplined enough and are determined to take the pain, you will get in shape in no time and your opponent will be sucking wind. And get a cheap watch with a...