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    Why is Murray branded a pusher rather than a tactician?

    Murray is ugly, Federer is a Male supermodel :shock: :confused: in some folks eyes (ugly as hell in my own :) )
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    Rafa - Time between the points

    Maybe the journalists don't care :neutral: like you do?
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    Andy Murray: "I've fallen out of love with tennis"

    Perhaps he needs a long break, get into the real world and work on a building site for a couple of months, I am sure his love for the game of tennis will come back to him.
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    Federer's illness might ruin his season...

    He said himself he feels fine, if it was serious he would not feel fine! :roll:
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    Call for a Ban on Andy Murray?

    Pathetic isn't it :(
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    How many careers did Fed ruin?

    Safin ruined Safin :(
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    Controversial Tennis Parents :shock:
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    Controversial Tennis Parents

    Sure there was a Father who drugged his kids opponents, a while back :-?
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    What is with Murray's disrespectful ejaculations on court?

    Perhaps she is caught up in the moment :) in the match?? some people do, nothing wrong with that.
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    So much for Murray "owning" Federer

    Why should I ?? Are you only allowed to think?? and no other?? I don't follow your lead, so I can't think (ha) :) no chance :)
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    So much for Murray "owning" Federer

    Perhaps you should as well
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    So much for Murray "owning" Federer

    Whenever I think of tennis geeks I always think of Federer fans
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    So much for Murray "owning" Federer

    [/B] :shock: :shock: I have seen it :)
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    Best Roger Interview in a long time...

    Roger is supporting Tiger :shock: and not his wife :shock: :confused:
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    Ask Rafa! Rafa blog back for AO '10

    Very boring :cry:
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    Harshest crowds? French Open??

    You missed out another huge brat Roger Federer in his teens :shock:
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    Murray 2010

    Shoot the opponent :) and be done with them ;-)
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    Australian Open Predictions

    Keep hoping then
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    Why do people forget about Federer's Mono?

    I am in awe of super Federer, reaching a semi-final at AO, making the final of FO and Wimbledon and winning US Open with such a debilitating disease as mono is :shock: :shock: The guy is superman, I wonder what the fit and healthy players made of Rogers debilitating disease and his wins...
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    AO 2010 Final

    Good for you :) as I said one can dream :wink::lol:
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    The We Want Nalbandian To Win A GS In 2010 Club

    No player deserves a GS until they win one :)
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    AO 2010 Final

    Not Federer and Not Nadal My ideal final would be G Lopez 8) v M Ancic (mono victim) :( One can dream :oops:
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    Why do people forget about Federer's Mono?

    I am not a Nadal fan :) perhaps you should take that argument up with his fans, feel free to
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    Biggest Upsets of 2009

    :lol: it must be great to support him beating nobodys in the game of tennis :lol:;-)
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    Roger Federer: The Making of a Legend

    I have never been more thankful for the roof at Wimbledon, other wise we would have been subjected to this video footage on every rain break :)
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    Why do people forget about Federer's Mono?

    When Rog has lost Mono rears its ugly head, when Rog wins Mono is not mentioned ;) When Rog has lost Mono rears its ugly head, when Rog wins Mono is not mentioned ;) I could go on and on :cry: Mono comes and goes for Rog and his fans
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    Favorite Player

    Garcia Lopez 8-) .