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    No final set tiebreak please

    Lmao. Well done.
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    No final set tiebreak please

    Both players will be junk next round... they are playing the equivalent of 6-7 sets so far.... wish I could see it live.
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    Bethanie Mattek-Sands screams in pain on court just now

    That's a pretty good picture showing all the primary knee/leg parts. It certainly looks like the petalla was way too high in her leg. Damn.
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    Bethanie Mattek-Sands screams in pain on court just now

    You guys that are arguing about how much screaming she did, men vs women pain thresholds, comparing it to Seles, etc are just plain annoying. Drop it. I'm more interested in what kind of injury she is dealing with. Sounds like it was at least a patela tear which seems nasty by itself. I hope...
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    Ummm. Themselves. I guess it depends what they are yelling… they never cover the content of their messages during the matches.
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    I know you didn't. I was just saying.
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    This makes sense to me… and I do this when frustrated. The funning thing is my double partner's first name is the same as mine…. so when I yell at myself in third person with things like "Dave- what are you an idiot for trying that!" or "Dave stay focused and move the feet!" I hope my partner...
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    Oh and if they are yelling "to" their box saying things like "I'm doing everything I can and it's not working WTF should I do now?" I can get that. But if they are yelling "at" their box/coach saying things like "WTF kind of plan did you come up with because it's not working!" or "you guys...
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    Hmmmm. This is why I'm puzzled a tad. When I stub my toe I scream and yell and rant and rave… but I don't run to my wife and kids and verbally abuse them. That's why this doesn't make sense to me.
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    Why do player yell at their box???

    I'm sure it's been covered many times but my search didn't give me anything good. So… why do players yell at their box? And what do they usually say? I mean I can understand players getting frustrated but are they really blaming their team for their bad play? I'm confused.
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    Golfers/Tennis elbow survivors

    Excellent post. I will say you can play through some of it with adjustments with set up but rest is ideal without a doubt. Kinda funny actually when you think about all the posts on this. Duh. I hurt my arm playing tennis so maybe I should rest from tennis bit. Talk about obvious. But it's...
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    Some people should not be using Poly strings.

    Many of us only can only wish we were young again.
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    Over 48yo using 12+oz racquets

    53. I used to use a Volkl C10 for a bit. Closer to 13oz than 12oz. Serves got tiring. I use just under 12 oz now. Price Warrior 107 and Head Graphene Prestige Pro suited up and ready to go. Works great for me. I'm sure I could have "adjusted" to a heavier racquet eventually but decided to...
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    Stop playing up!?!?

    I played on a team of 3.5 players. It was 2 singles, 3 doubles format. We did really well one year and 6 of us got bumped up to 4.0. We weren't sure about what to do as we wanted to stay together. The captain put a 4.0 team together the next year with mostly the same players. Some of did...
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    Fish Oil & Tiredness/Fatigue

    I just did some reading and it seems like those fish oil pills get great reviews. My 1000 mg fish oil pills are only 300mg of Omega-3 which is important I guess. Any fish burps? Might try these.
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    Fish Oil & Tiredness/Fatigue

    I take it regularly. But I've always been tired. Lol. No, I didn't notice anything from the fish oil.
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    How far can you go in your 50s?

    Lol. You are still young!! Sounds like you just need to get in shape and hit the gym. What till you hit your 50s and everything hurts- then you can complain.
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    What is your weakest shot ??

    Sometimes it feels like they are all weaknesses.
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    Kohlschreiber's shirt at Marrakech?

    Yes! Thank you.
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    Kohlschreiber's shirt at Marrakech?

    What is the logo/vendor of the tshirt he was wearing when he played Coric?
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    For those with questions about tie-off knots

    I use a DHH. Never had any issues with them. I think TW uses them a bunch too. Edit: I use OUTUOT, Not OUTOUT. I think I watched one of Irvin's vids to learn it.
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    Have u quit playing to work on shot

    This. Mentally accept that your serve stinks the way it's been, and if you don't work on it as you do in the lessons you will always stink. For me, I've committed to work on the new serves in friendly matches, etc. Mostly that is. :)
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    It is impossible to like Kyrgios

    I'm kinda liking him lately. Sure he acts immature a bit but who the hell didn't at his age? He sure is entertaining. I love the pure gift Federer has but man it can almost get boring watching. Yep, I know it's not best for a player to let his emotions get away from him but there are plenty...
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    Don't Americans like Nadal more than Federer?

    Thinking about this more. I think Nadal would be right up there with Federer if he didn't pick his ass so much. Kind of bothersome.
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    Going to take serve lessons

    I agree. I feel the OP's pain for sure! I'm in same boat. Problem for me is when I went to 3.5 to 4.0 the weak serve becomes a huge flaw and opponents jump all over it. I'm pretty solid with my grounstrokes but starting off in the hole is not ideal. It also leaves my doubles partner...
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    Don't Americans like Nadal more than Federer?

    Ouch. I was hoping Nadal would take Miami. Maybe where you are from you would like to see the weath/wins evenly distributed amoungst the players?
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    Help the aged.

    Ummm. If you are getting on with years, have a tough shoulder and an 18x20 pattern I wouldn't touch polys. You could go lower say 48 or less. You could try gut or multi filament. You might be surprised how well it plays at low 40s. Imo 18x20 feels as stiff as a board in general i play...
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    Kyrgios should have resigned in protest

    Hate this crap. Like Kyrios or not it's complete BS. In the last tie break some woman yelled "out". The damn ump should have given a let.