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    Djokovic says weeks at 1 are more important than Slams won ..... Do you agree with his view?

    For Novak it doesn't matter any stat, he owns them all :) But if 2 players have same slam count and one has double weeks compared to rival, it seals it without a doubt.
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    Guys, how you compare comfort between Toroline Pro hybrid and Restring zero?
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    Do you think Novak Djokovic will win AO ever again?

    You pretty much say Novak won't win any slam from here. Would you bet your money on that?
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    I actually used shipping company from my country which ships packages from USA and its cheaper than buy from europe dealer :)
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    What do you look for the most in a new racket?

    I look for things which is impossible by physics, but im still looking!
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    Better win against Djokovic (Alcaraz or Sinner)

    To make things more interesting. Which one has better chance to win against Djokovic next time they met. Alcaraz at Wimbledon or Sinner at hard court slam? :)
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    Better win against Djokovic (Alcaraz or Sinner)

    Maybe it was, but Sinner did played really well. Everyone talk like things changing in tennis world, so interesting what others say about which win is bigger.
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    Better win against Djokovic (Alcaraz or Sinner)

    I think Alcaraz win was better, because Novak was in top form and he only missed 2 backhands in the second set tie break. Before this tiebreak, Novak won like ~13 tie breaks in a row in 2023 season, so it maybe got in his head a little bit.
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    Im still not sure if i switch to MP. I miss my Pro at net and predictibility. Need more matches to get used to the racquet. But i will try Toroline Wasabi Pro string in my MP and if my arm survives, it gonna be hard to retire MP.
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    When i hit the ball, either racquet feels comfortable to me, MP maybe a bit softer, buts its like splitting hairs. I think MP is more comfortable, because when i put Babolat VS Touch / GW 1.27 in my Speed Pro at 24/23 kg, first game i usually feel discomfort in wrist and slightly in elbow but...
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    Predict rest of the year's Major winners:

    Jannik Sinner Jannik Sinner Jannik Sinner Jannik Sinner Jannik Sinner
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    Guys, do you feel that 16x19 stringbed racquets are more comfortable than 18x20? I played with Speed Pro 2022 unstrung RA 64 and now stock Speed MP with almost same specs as Pro but unstrung RA 65. It feels like Speed MP much more comfortable and i have big urge to try poly's again.
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    Who will win more slams, Jannik Sinner or Carlos Alcaraz?

    By TTW logic Sinner, because he won last slam. In reality, nobody knows for now.
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    Pure Strike 2024

    16 SW difference :))
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    Head Speed MP 2022

    How thinner you have in mind?Less than 1.20?
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    Head Speed MP 2022

    Played some matches with Speed MP and have mixed opinions. Liked that its easier to use and i didnt get tired as much as with Speed Pro even the match was intense. Spin is better but not better like i excepted. Comfort is very good, which is nice. But im not sure i play better with it. Sometimes...
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    Who can stop Sinner ?

    Zverev may. Prob not, but will see.
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    Guys how to buy Toroline strings from europe?I see it ship to my country but pretty expensive shipping 17 eur. Do they ship everything from USA?Do i have to pay import taxes also?
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    Zverev peaking

    Zverev always beating someone, either on court or not.
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    All these years TTW says that Djokovic declined and hes wining only because inflation era

    But this guy says otherwise. Who is right?
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    Head Speed MP 2024

    Speed MP 2024 has really huge sweetspot acording to TWU. Are these numbers mean something?
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    Head Speed MP 2022

    Im not sure how its possible to measure that bad. Maybe my Dunlop board defective :)) But my racquet seems great, by swinging it feels like my Speed Pro, both about about same SW. I put 4gr in the butt and final strung specs: 328.4 gr, 32.5 cm balance, 324SW. Gonna try it tonight. Will see if...
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    Head Speed MP 2022

    What do you call a lower swingweight for Speed MP?
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    Head Speed MP 2022

    Picked this one 300.8 290 32.4 65 Got the racquet and weight is like measured, but balance 31.9-32. I measured it with Dunlop board. How could they measured it at 32.4?
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    Djokovic is too friendly with youngsters, is that good or bad for them ?

    He's friendly with most players. Did you hear any player apart Nadal and Federer or media tell something bad about Novak?
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    Playing ultra aggressive with a soft racket?

    It's not the racquet. I believe you can improve your game with right racquet which you choose for your game/style. But matches are won by players not racquets.
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    Swing Weights going North?

    Also relative to your fitness.