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    Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO

    Spent about 20 hours with the tfight 315 iso strung with Weiss Ultra Cable at 53lbs. It reminds me of the Pure strike 3rd gen and the Solinco white out. I swear if neon/yellow means SPIN in the racket world, white means firm feel and good pop with control. Quick thoughts - Lower launch than...
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    18x20 Wilson Shift prototype

    yeah in that realm… probably slightly less in my opinion. I’d say the combination of launch angle and stiffness of the aero 98 causes it to feel the most powerful.
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    18x20 Wilson Shift prototype

    first impressions after a hour and half hitting session strung with Solinco Confidential 16L @ 53lbs. It reminds me of the Speed Pro, but more balance towards the head. Initial feel was firm like the Solinco White out, but kind of softens up on groundstrokes. It’s like an M&M stiff candy...
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    My strings solinco confidential 16l. The TF40 is great… probably my favorite racket for my backhand. All my rackets are in around 345 grams with a balance point around 30-31cm. for some reason or another that grip shape just makes continental feel unnatural… also, I don’thave a racket tech that...
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    So I ask for a racket recommendation, and some troll says get coaching if you can’t play with the rackets you’ve tried. Not saying I’m special, I’m just not gonna sit back and let someone say some backhanded comment.
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    Playing with the rackets isn’t the problem, finding the specs I want… My problem is some stranger saying you need coaching when I’m asking is there a more flexible solinco white out.
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    You talking trash? I’ve played college tennis, and am uspta certified coach… who are you to talk?
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    I thought pointing out the rackets I enjoyed, and what about them was enough buuuuuut if it helps Rad pro- thought it was great preferr more open 16x19 patterns Extreme Tour- I didn’t like the Hollow feel Speed Pro - don’t like 18x20’s Prestige MP - don’t like 18x19s Babolat Aero VS- good...
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    Need a racket recommendation!

    My perfect racket would be Solinco Whiteouts string pattern in a TF40 frame with a normal grip that isn’t rectangular… I’ve heard the Blade Pro has a pretty open string pattern. Anything else out there that fills my needs? I’ve tried Radical Pro, Extreme Tour, Speed pro, Prestige MP, Pure...
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    Need more power (currently using a Blade 98 v7 16x19)

    In my experience. The Next step up in power (from stiffest to more flexible) are the babolat pure strike, solinco whiteout, Technifibre tf40, and radical MP.
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    Types and Play Styles of Racquets : Vcore, Ezone, Dunlop FX, ...

    The pure drive and it’s off spring the aero pro drive are pretty much the grandfather of all modern 100 square inch 16x19 rackets… and I agree every company has tried to copy those 2. but I’d argue the blade 98 and ezone 98 are what made the 98 player frames popular… and the pure strike And VS...
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    Best racquets for spin and control?

    I’ve tested pretty much all of the 16x19 98’s… these are the ones I liked for spin and control. vcore 98, pure aero VS, and extreme tour are on the more powerful, more spin but controllable range solinco whiteout, TF40, and pure strike are a step down in power, but you lose a little spin...
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    VCP 330 2019, TF40 315 16x19 2022, Head Radical MP 360+ 2021: How would you compare power levels?

    I’ve tested both throughly over the summer Honestly the Radical and the TF40 are very similar in terms of power. I’d give a slight edge in free power to the radical, but it’s barely noticeable. VCP is a whole level below in power though.
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    Vcore 98 2021 vs ezone 98 2022 - are they basically the same racquet

    Ezone felt like it cuts through the air better when swinging even though the vcore was suppose to have all the aerodynamic features. Everything else seemed to be the same to me both pretty powerful, and despite all the alleged spin tech in the vcore both felt like they spun the ball well. heck...