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    Tennis shoe with most cushioning

    The new Gel Resolution 8's have Flyte Foam AND Asics Gel in forefoot & heel. That should make for a dynamite combo for cushioning.
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    Flagship Shoes question

    Hate to say that price is usually a good indicator, but it usually is pretty true. Most of the most expensive shoes in the brands are the flagship models w/ the most technology thrown in.But it also depends on what you are looking for. Most brand's shoe lines come with the top of the line shoe...
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    Looking for a shoe with a LOT of cushion in the heel....

    Have you tried the newer Rush Pro 2.5 & 3.0 ? The rear/heel cushioning is substantially better than the 2.0's, especially the 3.0's. They have really beefed up each successive line as I guess people have asked for more cushioning in the rear.
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    New Shoes from Nadal at RG19

    Does he have the tiniest feet ever ? Or is it just a visual illusion ?
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    Nadal's health has been his biggest foe!

    His style of play is all out grinding with long, hard rallies. He get's injured because of the work & energy involved in each match. Also, he was one of the professionals that has complained about the ATP schedule taxing players. He has a point.
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    Tennis Shoe Reissues

    I've seen them re-issue the old Agassis. K Swiss did a modernized version of the SI 18's w/ similar design & color.
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    Shoe advice

    If you want light, fast shoes take a look @ the lightweight lines of shoe companies such as Babolat Jet, Nike Vapor X, Adidas Ubersonic, Asics Gel Solution Speed FF, etc. Will give you a much lighter feel, good traction, etc.
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    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    The Ubersonic is considered the lightweight shoe in the Adidas line. Most lightweight shoes such as the Babolat Jet, Nike Vapor X, Adidas Ubersonic, Asics Solution Speed usually don't have great durability. If you are looking for a long lasting shoe, take a look at the Babolat SFX3 (though it...
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    I need help picking a tennis shoe

    Everybody has a different foot type so what might be good for 1 person, might not be good for you. Definitely watch the Tennis Warehouse reviews on Youtube, but even moreso if you have a decent tennis shop to go to & try them.
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    Is it normal to smash your toes on hard stops?

    Yes, there is a term for it, it's called "toe jam." Usually means that the shoe that you are wearing isn't a great fit for particular foot type. If you foot is narrow or if the toe box is too wide, or heel slippage, etc. Perhaps go to a good tennis shoe store & have them take a look at your foot...
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    How are you guys able to spend so much money on natural gut?

    Not a big string breaker so my set lasts me a long time. Love natural gut, but have had the combo hybrid pack from Babolat w/ RPM Blast. Love it. Put the guts in the main & the RPM Blast in the crosses.
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    Nike Air Max Wildcard shoes

    Here is Tennis Warehouses video on it. It looks interesting. I'm wondering how the stability of the shoe is compared to the Zoom Zero as the Zoom Air is supposed to be more stable (laterally) than Max Air. Hope the upper is softer as the big knock on the Zoom Zero is that the upper is a bit...
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    Nike Vapor X

    The front crease where it bends when you run forward was digging into my foot & overall pain in the arch area. Just an unbelievably uncomfortable shoe in general which is odd as all the flyknit shoes in their running line I loved & were very comfortable.
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    Nike Vapor X

    God I hope they are better than the Flyknit versions of the 9.5. I really loved my regular Vapor 9.5's, bought a pair of the flyknit versions and HATED them. Some of the worse shoes I've ever worn on the court. Finally just wore them as regular walk around shoes as I was in massive pain when I...
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    Addidas Play for the Ocean Collection

    I like the design & colors. The fact that it can even help a little bit in getting plastic out of the ocean makes me want to get it more.
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    What are currently the most popular shoes?

    Most popular are the Nike Vapor line, though they are light they might not fit your durability qualification. The new Zoom Zero has gotten a lot of positive evals. In the Asics line the Gel Resolution's are usually their most popular shoes though the Gel FF's have gotten raves. I've had the...
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    Hard court shoes for senior player

    You do realize that the Nike Vapors are not the most cushioned shoes in their line right ? It's their lightweight, speed shoe. May want to try their new Zoom Zero line. Among other shoes I have tried (I am like you as I have bad knees & am older) the KSwiss Hypercourt Express, the Babolat SFX2...
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    Looking for a Good Shoe (Heavier Guy)

    I'm 5'9", 220-ish. Also take a look at the K Swiss Hypercourt Express. Just a little bit wider than medium for bigger feet, great cushioning & really good support & stability.
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    Nike Booth US Open

    Sad as the Nike store in Dallas now basically has nothing left in tennis section. Used to have a section the same size as Golf, now they barely have 1/4 of a wall. Same with Nike store in Vegas. They used to have an entire section for Tennis, now there isn't any tennis gear at their store.
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    New Bab SFX coming out?

    Or maybe take a look at the Propulse Fury, they are more medium. Perhaps that is why they made the SFX wider again as the 2 lines were similar in fit (if not cushioning) in the previous iteration. Now Babolat has a medium width line & a wide shoe line. The Fury (I have a pair) plays more like a...
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    Any tennis shoes not made by the big names? (Preferably a North American manufacturer)

    K Swiss are great shoes. Hypercourt Express are a great overall cushioned & stable shoe. Wilson also makes a great overall shoe in the Rush Pro 2.5's.
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    Shoes and knees

    I have some pretty ginger knees. While I really like lightweight shoes, the knees tend to take a pounding w/ them given their lightweight they usually have thinner midsole cushioning. For shoes that I usually play with I would suggest a little bit heavier, more supportive, more cushioned...
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    Yes it is. Full length air. Vapor & Cage have rear Zoom Air units only. React has front & rear Zoom Air units. This is the only one that has it throughout the midsole. Rafa wears custom shoes, so it really doesn't matter if the standard shoe only has it in the rear. Could be that's the line...
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    I’ve tried em all (almost) -the best shoe on the market is the ASICS Gel Res 7

    I've seen some beginners use running shoes on the court....also saw some of them twist ankles & lose balance. Most running shoes don't give the lateral support that tennis shoes do as they are designed for forward motion, not side to side stability.
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    Looking for some alternative brands

    LOVE my Lululemon clothing. Expensive but ridiculously comfortable as well.
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    Federer’s new Nike contract........Am I missing something
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    Nike Needs To Bring Back the Vapor 9.5 Tour

    I loved my Vapor 9.5's, HATED the flyknit versions. The Vapor X aren't quite as comfortable as the 9.5's for me as they feel a bit short & snug for me, but they aren't bad, just don't fit like a glove/9.5's. May want to try the Nike Air Zoom Prestige, they are supposed to fit like the 9.5's.
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    Crazy light shoes - 230g

    Be careful, most running shoes are not designed for the side to side movements of tennis. I've seen beginners use them but many times I also see people in running shoes roll their ankles all the time as well. Those running shoes do have thicker midsoles but many times it will cost you stability...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I had Mizunos back in the day when I played Volleyball. Them & Asics used to be THE shoes in the Volleyball market. I liked them, well made shoes w/ great cushioning. Wouldn't mind trying a pair for tennis if they ever came out.
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    Nike After Federer and Nadal

    I have a Nike Store here in Dallas that use to have an entire wall dedicated to Tennis clothing & shoes, now the cut it to about half of that. When I used to go to Vegas a lot they had a massive Nike Store in the Caesar Forum shops & they had an entire Tennis section, now they have gotten rid of...