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    Nadal's so boring to watch

    Yes, because he should play to his opponents strengths, right? :shock:
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    Enough about the scheduling and how its unfair to Nadal

    It's a valid complaint, tbh. This isn't the first time it's happened to him either. That's why so much fuss is being made about it.
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    More rain later today, what if they can't finish the QF today?

    So I read there's 90% of rain again tonight yet they put the QF on in the evening, again.. If Gonzo takes the tie break there's no way this match ends quickly. If they can't finish today then when would the organisers start thinking of putting back the SF? Or would either player be required...
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    Can we all agree now that Murray is

    Only reason he got to #2 is because Nadal got injured. So no.
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    Is Murray #2 in the world now?

    All he had to do was better Nadal's result and he did that. Nadal better get it back 'cause meeting Fed in the semi's is lame as hell. Needs to be a final.
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    2009 ATP Rogers Masters 1000 (Aug 10 - Aug 16)

    Better then the 7 games yesterday!
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    Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer || Rogers Cup

    I don't know what people expected from his first singles match in what, 2 months? Of course he's going to be rusty
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    Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer || Rogers Cup

    You know in The Matrix, would Neo have knocked over the vase if The Oracle hadn't of told him?
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    Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer || Rogers Cup

    Is there a stream to this?
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    Mirka has TWINS!!!!!! Congrats to the Federers!

    Congratulations Fed and Mirka
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    Most impressive tennis-achievment ever!?

    Fed's 21 semi's in a row.
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    If Nadal wins the US Open, then who would you say had a better year?

    If Nadal wins he completes the golden slam, so it'd be hard to top that.
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    Sampras on Federer and Nadal

    If Agassi didn't lose to Pete the other 6 times they played he would've had a 9-0 h2h. It's all what ifs.
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    Sampras on Federer and Nadal

    If Agassi was beating Sampras in slams constantly the same thing could've been said about him.
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    Tennis records that tennis players don't want

    Losing in every GS final - Lendl :( Post some more
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    Poll: Who is your least favorite current player?

    Easily Murray, but the temptation to vote Federer was too strong since he said don't click it. Sorry :(
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    Why must people try to devalue Federer's 15th due to Nadal's injury/losses?

    Probably because he wouldn't have beat Nadal in either final. Especially the French. Like you said though, it's not Fed's fault. But still
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    Who is your favorite player?

    Other Haas, but Nadal only had 7 votes so I voted for him :twisted:
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    Andy Murray is TOTALLY Overrated

    I don't like Murray at all. He's boring to watch and the "come ons" are annoying. But, he isn't overrated at all. I respect the guy though.
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    Fed & Nadal's H2H: looking at it in a different way

    Nothing, since Murray hasn't beat Fed in 5 GS finals
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    Fed & Nadal's H2H: looking at it in a different way

    Wow, I actaully agree with Maximo :shock:
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    Andy Murray's blockbuster movie

    "How to lose in straight sets in a GS final" I'd pay to watch
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    Imagine if Federer said something like this!

    That is an AWESOME answer. Damn, Pete is cool like that.
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    Everyone hates Roger

    LOL Unless you're being serious...:confused:
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    Awwwww Federer is so cute

    Awesome thread
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    Which final is greater Wimbledon 2008 or 2009

    '08. '09 was pretty average barring the tie break in the 2nd set where Federer saved 4 set points. Last set was just really really tense. '08 was more exciting. Federer was getting blown away 2-0 sets down. Then he pulled it to 2-2. Plus he saved the championship point in the 4th set...
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    Is Nadal dominant on clay due to weak era?

    Considering it's his weakest surface, he had no problems getting to the final 4 years in a row.