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    Modulating Spin, Toss and Pace for Better Serve Consistency, which technical aspect to focus on mainly

    1. You must make contact around 12 oclock or less if you want to hit kick. This is a MUST. Tossing at 1230 to 200 will give some form of slice or top/slice. 2. Try to stay sideways on kick.
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    Toss falls apart - what to do against nerven?

    Copy the Isner toss. So simple yet effective. Slight shift weight forward and release with a straight arm. The key point for me is he releases the toss around 12 or 1 o'clock and keeps his hand there palm up AFTER the toss has completed. Toss at 12, Stay at 12. Toss at 1, Stay at 1.
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    Tips for improving the frying pan serve

    hammer serve Take a look at around 1:10 of the video. Pat talks about tossing a little bit lower.
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    HELP-I toss the ball too soon in my tennis serve.

    Do you flick or flow your toss? How do you hold your toss? Not holding your arm up? Find your routine and sequence. This is mine below. I've done it so many times I don't have to think about it anymore. Step 1. Get your weight moving back: Elbow the enemy Step 2. Start moving your weight...
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    New hitting video

    Good hitting TLM! I am going to ask the opposite of everyone. How do you hit with so much spin and not too much through the ball? I hit with too much power...Would like to add your shot to my arsenal.
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    Forehand Finishes

    Hi, My pro says I don't get enough net clearance on my forehand because my finish is not high enough to swing that aggressive on every shot. I finish just below the shoulder and swing very hard. He also said I'm too stiff with the wrist as I start swinging thus causing the racquet not to drop...
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    volley types

    Hi, I was my practicing with my club pro and I was working on high putaway volleys from mid court. Some things I worked on: A lot of forward momentum (sprinting forward). racquet back a little bit farther than normal. follow through to the target (almost feels like a slap). wrist was...
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    Cramping Badly After Matches salt is working for me.
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    Tournament Reseeding

    Hi, I was playing a city tournament. I was about to play the number 2 seed but he defaulted 3 hours before the tournament started. I thought I was going to get a bye into the next round. The number 3 seed complained because he felt he should get the bye. They gave the number 3 seed the...
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    Yes you can hit a serve 7' up the back fence (if conditions are right)

    His serve is pretty good.
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    Roddick Toss

    Hi, Can someone please explain to me how Roddick's toss puts the ball in the court by about 2 feet? His arm looks parallel to the baseline and the tossing arm movement looks pretty close to perpendicular to the ground. Is it the way he releases it from his hand? Is it the forward...
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    Is Cramping Genetic

    Calves is where it starts. Then if I keep playing hard, it spreads to the entire body: hands, stomach, chest, arms. I do some stretching but maybe I will try more. There is another player who is in the top 10 in the city and he also has full body cramping. He always gets a bye in the first...
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    Is Cramping Genetic

    Thanks for the replies... Any more ideas on how to prevent cramping when playing multiple matches in one day?
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    Is Cramping Genetic

    Hi, During club tournaments, you are required to play more than 1 match (possible 3 or 4) in one day. I always cramp during/after a tough 3 setter in the first match. I think I hydrate well. I drink 2 to 3 bottles of Gatorade the night before. I drink 2 to 3 bottles of water the night...
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    AeroPro Drive Cortex vs AeroPro Drive 2013

    Hi, My current racket of choice is the AeroPro Drive Cortex (Non-GT). I tried the GT for 6 months but the stiffness felt higher and swingweight was higher. My question is the new AeroPro Drive 2013 similar to the Cortex (Non-GT) version as the swingweight is now lower? Is it worth the...
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    Name this player

    Magnus Larsson
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    At what point in time do you think of a target?

    I meant if the shot is easy I would go for a forcing shot. (Offensive target) If the shot was difficult, I would stay within the Directionals. (Neutral target) I hope this clears it up.
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    At what point in time do you think of a target?

    Hi, This is what I currently do in a timeline. I split as my opponent makes contact. I evaluate if my opponents shot is easy or difficult. If easy, I go for a target forcing shot (away from my opponent). If difficult, I play high percentage tennis. So, in reality, I am picking a...
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    Waiter Tray

    Hi, Looking for tips to avoid the waiter tray serve.:???: Palm down. I checked Revolutionary Tennis before on this. I have an abbreviated service motion. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Is a Kick Serve Really 7 to 1?

    Hi, The 7 to 1 swing path for a kick serve looks really steep. Maybe I gotta work on my flexibility. lol. To me it looks like the swing path is (left to right - ACROSS the ball) (not as much UP) as people advocate. It looks like 8 to 2 at best. Or is this just an illusion?? Look at...
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    Timing the Split Step on Returns

    Hi, I time my split by hopping forward as my opponent is making contact with the serve. What do you when your opponent has an erratic toss therefore making the timing of the split at contact more difficult? Split again? Back up? Thanks.
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    Rules of Medical Time Out

    The first treatment was not considered a medical timeout as it was within the allotted time frame between sets.
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    Ball fall out of pocket? Quote: Q. If a tennis ball falls out of your pocket during a point, what's the ruling? Is it a let or does the opposing get the point even though you have won the point? A. If you are playing social or...
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    my strokes (5.5) if interested

    Not posted. I was there to watch it live. He's playing the number 21 guy on the list below today.
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    my strokes (5.5) if interested

    Congratulations Tony beating C.R. in the semis. I didn't realize how fast you are and how big your groundstrokes are! Wow. Good luck in the final!
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    Djokovic: 'New diet helping me win'

    He seems to have celiac disease. Common among Europeans. My friend had it. He had severe stomach pains everytime he ate something with gluten. He could eat pasta but only pasta made out of rice. He couldn't eat pasta made from wheat. He...
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    This is what NTRP 4.5 is looks like?

    ncode n3
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    Split steps for older players.

    Try this...(It saves energy)
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    Crushing the chest height ball, in mid court or 3/4 court...

    Get into position quickly. Hit the ball at its peak. Crush it completely flat. The video of this guy is a little nuts but he makes sense to me.
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    Raising the tossing arm.

    Hello, I have just a couple of quick questions about the tossing arm. I play right handed. As you extend the arm up (straight up to the sky) should you feel a stretch in the left shoulder? As the arm is extended in the air, should the weight on both feet be balanced? I find I have a...