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    Is the racquet spec listed in TW strung or unstrung?

    Is the racquet spec listed in TW strung or unstrung? I measured my new AeroPro drive with strings on, and it's 3pts Head Light while TW listed as Balance: 5pts Head Light. Just curious if it's normal. Thanks.
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    what's ARPD? AeRoPro Drive? I am interested in a 4 3/8 grip size one.
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    Help on Aero Pro Drive

    It looks like a lot of people like Aeropro Drive. Gotta demo it~
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    Help on choosing a racquet

    Isn't that Flexpoint Radical has 18X20 closed string pattern which is supposely not spin friendly?
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    Help on choosing a racquet

    oh.. I thought Aeropro Drive helps serving. The other thing concerns me a little bit is the stiffness. Would it be harsh to the elbow? (and that's the thing that cannot easily test out duing demo :( )
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    Help on choosing a racquet

    I am a 4.0 baseliner. Western grip with heavy topspin forehand; two-hand BackHand. I am currently using POG OS with luxilon alu rough 16L @ 58lb, which offers a great deal of control. But sometimes I feel I need a slightly more powerful racquet, and maybe a little bit lighter would be perfect (I...
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    Ncode nSix-one 95 Vs POG OS

    I played ncode 95 for a season and now I am using POG OS. I found that with ncode 95, my ground shot have significantly more spin on it. I am a little confused: isn't that POG supposed to be king-of-the-spin racquet with all that open string bed? I also find that ncode has a more solid feel...
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    When Do U Break Strings?

    I only break them on forehands.
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    POG OS String: Alu power? Rough? or Timo?

    Yes, I was talking about Alu Rough. I did some search on the reviews and feedbacks, it looks like Alu rough is the one to go.. Thanks.
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    POG OS String: Alu power? Rough? or Timo?

    It looks like Alu Power is a really popular string. I wonder how's Rough compare to Alu Power. If it gives extra spin, why not?
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    Ashaway Monogut

    It's a great string, especially the price is right. The only downside is it doesn't hold up tension. It can go really lose after 2 weeks. If you play alot in the summer and break it in 2 weeks or so. that's perfect. It usually last 2-3 times longer than prince synthetic gut w/duraflex, in my...
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    POG OS String: Alu power? Rough? or Timo?

    I am currently using POG OS with Monogut 17. The spin and power are great, but it looses tension so quickly, like in a week or two. I don't want to use synthetic gut because they are too easy to break (5-10 hours). I really want to try out luxilon strings on my POG OS, but I need your advice...
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    Which player racquet is the "king of spin"?

    The ncode Six-One 95 16X18 has pretty dense string patten in the center of the string bed, and I think POG mid are better in spin generation.
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    String loose or string tight for spin?

    In my experience, tighter string provides more spin.
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    Is synthetic grip causing palm fatigue?

    You may be right. The new racquet does have a smaller grip. (4 1/4 vs 4 3/8 for POG)
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    Is synthetic grip causing palm fatigue?

    I used to use POG and put a wilson Pro overgrip on it. I can play for 4-5 hours without any problems in my palm. I recently used wilson ncode Six-one 95, also used wilson Pro overgrip. But after 2-3 hours' of play, I felt fatigue and slight pain. Maybe it's because the grip is softer than the...
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    POG vs Ncode nSix-One 95. Help pls

    bump... once
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    Klipper leather

    How different can a leather grip be if you put an overgrip on? I am currently using a POG with original prince leather grip on and it looks fine after 1.5 years. But I've only used Prince leather so I have no comparison.
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    POG vs Ncode nSix-One 95. Help pls

    I felt wilson NCode nSix-One 95 is much solid than POG mid at baseline, and it's more powerful as well. It's also less stiff and has larger sweet spot. After hitting with NCode nSix-One 95, now I felt my POG mid is too stiff and not solid enough :( I want to try the lead tape thing again...
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    wilson pro overgrips...i might be hooked!

    I don't like them.
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    Wilson nCode n six one 95 did live up to the hype.

    I am thinking of switching from POG to NCode n six one, too.
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    String Tension of Wilson nCode nSix-One 95 vs. PS Classic 6.1

    I tried Ncode Six-one 95 with Luxilon Alu BB @ 55lb, it felt really good. Very solid and the power was just right.
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    Restring? break or cut

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    呵呵 真有意思 Ps: 系统一定要至少十个字才能发帖 :(
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    Pro Staff 6.0 95 vs Pro staff 6.1

    I tried PS 6.1 today and I like it alot. It's more solid than my POGs (mid and OS) and more powerful (not too much, just about right). Control and volleys are all good. I was thinking of switching to PS 6.1. But after reading this post, I may have to reconsider since no one likes Tennis...
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    the quickest time u broke strings?

    is this real?
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    Kick serve a lot easier with heavy racquet?

    I like your name.
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    Adidas Barricade warranty is the best!

    Does that mean you can keep on getting replace shoes :)
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    Adidas Barricade warranty is the best!

    It just took Adidas 15 days to get back a new pare of Adidas Barricade II! That was quick! Great shoes btw. and I am recommending Barricade to every of my tennis partners.