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    I finally filmed myself while hitting

    So brave, I keep wanting to but have not done it yet. Hoping you will inspire me.
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    Should on court coaching be stopped? Watched jCF give Alcaraz instructions on every single point is just beyond ridiculous

    I don't have a huge issue with coaching, but it should be like in other sports - at specific times. Change over/time out/half time/etc. Being told where to serve each serve, coaching on a micro level point to point - is wrong. Even worse it detracts from the match/the sport/ and if the player...
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    Blade V8, worst balde ever? no Blade ADN !

    Which v8 are you atalking about 16x19 or 18x20.. The 18x20 is best frame i have played with, and based on the 15 rackets I currently still have from the last 2-3 years that is a lot. it is not powerful but better feel and control than almost any racket i have played with, equal to better...
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    Funny you should ask, in an effort to not waste 4 pairs of shoes I ordered the pair designed for sport/tennis. I have played one 3 hours round in them (in the ubersonic 4). The arch initially felt like the old barricades- uncomfortable high. But as i got used to it and it dropped some, felt...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I was a PS gen 1 fan, but used the 18x20. Then went to ultra tour, then blade 16x19, then ultra pro 16x19, the prostaff 16x19 v13, then ps v3 16x19 then head speed pro (current version) and most recnetly v8 blade 18x20.. Which i am finally happy with. I love the PS gen 1 until i got tennis...
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    What is the experience like w orthotics/insoles. Is there one recommended for tennis? I was a long time barricade user, then moved to ubersonic. Loved the 3's but the 4's on some courts cause foot pain. specifically in the heal bilaterally and behind the 2nd toe on my left foot, randomly...
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    ASICS Speed FF2

    The plastic split soles cause them become sliders quickly, long before the tread is actally worn out. Now I weigh 225lbs and am an aggressive mover (not slider) but with occasional steps esp on the hard courts the midsole will make contact with the court and the shoe will slide unpredictable...
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    More spin with 18x20?

    I was a purestrike gen 1 18x20 guy, after two years started having tennis elbow. Switched to the ultratour 18x20.... but eventually shifted to a 16x19 (because of aging and wanting a little more free power/spin). I played the ultrapro 16x19, then the blade v7 16x19 (which prob won the most...
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    Some great court-level practice snapshots from Bercy....

    Yeah. Tennis on TV leaves so much on the table. Used to have serve speeds or slow mo analysis of shots. None of that anymore- or rare at best. No they have more data, balls course, etc than ever. Could do so much. Plus better camera angles. Does TennisChannel Plus let you pick the camera...
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    I ordered Ascis Gesko FF in April. ETD May.. Then June... Then July. Then finally "in stock", "shipped" and then email, out of stock, refunding. WTH is going on with these shoes and TW?
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    The salt tabs help a great deal. I like the salt tab plus because I am old and like the caffeine. In my perfect world they would have ibuprofen mixed in too.. lol The pickle juice (is mostly because of the salts/electrolytes), also why pregnant people "want" or "crave" them- pregnancy can...
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    2022 Roland Garros QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal [5]

    I was very disappointed by Nole. Huge fan, and really thought this was his chance to tie the GS, to be the only man to repetitively beat Nadal in his house (3x) and block a GS for Nadal. Most importantly, in the GOAT talk, going through your main rival on their surface/court. IMO this...
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    RIA Sunglasses for tennis

    Has anyone tried these? Are they worth the $$? Do they really help w seeing the ball and the sun?
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    4.0 is my final offer

    IDK what level you all are, but both seem to hit a lot of rally balls down the middle. Most players worth their salt are going to make you pay for that. If I couldn't put shots away or was missing I would be running you guys.
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    The real reason why Medvedev won, and why Djoko looked like that

    I think that is it is very true that Djoker likes and even thrives off of pace. So less consistent pace and making him work is a good tactic. I also think it is well established that hitting up the middle (deep) is sorta Djoker's kryptonite. Not really sure why, but I think he is the...
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    I don't want to hear anyone talking about Novak's "easy" draw anymore...

    I think the point is not that this is an easy or hard draw compared to other slams, but for the talent available/players in the draw- he has by far the hardest path to the finals. And thus since you have to play the points and never know what is going to happen, it is a very hard USO esp with...
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    No Escape From Alcaraz

    I will bump this. There appears to be no escape from Alcaraz. He is putting people on lockdown and I think they wish they were in solitary! Real deal... this is the guy that Djoker is really competing with!
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    Tsitsipas Shoes

    I thought he had the barricades on in the first match.. because i was showing them to my wife and saying the adidas wording is not that bad.. (she agreed - "they are wearable")
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    Tsitsipas Shoes

    Anyone else notice that he changed shoes. He was wearing the new Barricades with the lace protection system for him. But in the last match it looked like he was wearing the old ubersonics in the new colorway. That would be a big strike against the Barricades which seem to have been somewhat...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    I like the vol. cyclone tour 16g at 48lbs. It is super soft and has a ton of bite, esp for 16g full poly.
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    2020 Prostaff update

    Sadly, didn't play w the 11. I feel like when in the sweet spot and take a reasonable cut- more power than I got w the blade 16x19 v7. But just rally balls, the blade has more inherent power.
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    2020 Prostaff update

    Sorry cant speak to grips. Mine (now have two) seem appropiate. But until this racket I played with a 4 1/2 and I dropped down to 4 1/4. I also usually use leather, but have kept these stock w exception of tourna grip overgrip. Pleasantly surprised. my 2nd frame came in at 337 grams (my...
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    Better Sports Etiquette: Zverev or Tsitsipas?

    Don't forget whatever Tsitsipas said to Mend to set him off a few years ago. When was the last time a you saw someone say something to a player that had the other player literally wanting to fight. The Greek cheats, his dad cheats- all the time. You combine that with the gamesmanship (which...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    Well my UltraPro 16/19 has leather grip, bigger grip and a little lead at 10/2:00. I have "retired" my v7 blades, my ultratours and sold my PureStrike 18x20's. There was a review online- tennis nerd I think. He says very similar layup but the prostaff is a little stiffer and lighter. For...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    I recently have started playing with Prostaff 97, v13. My racket history PureStrike 2014 18x20 to UltraTour 18x20 to UltraPro 16x19 to Blade v7 16x19 to UltraPro 16 x19 to Prostaff 97 v13. All of the older frames were modded with leather grip and weight and Tournagrip, I can provide strings...
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    ProStaff 97 and elbow issues...

    I think people need to be specific with which prostaff the arm pain is happening. Interested in hearing what people think about the newest Prostaff97 (not RF, not LS, not 100) and arm pain. I am specifically interested in 97 v13.
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    Tennis Balls

    Bump. What are you guys using especially with the "ball shortage". I typically play with ProPenn (Extraduty-hard, regular duty- clay). But with the ball shortage, decided to try Dunlop. I also had a match earlier this year and liked the Dunlop that day, so I ordered a case of the Extraduty...
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    Citi Open Final: McDonald vs. Sinner

    Only watched about a set and 1/2. To me the most interesting aspect was mac looked like he was hanging on but clearly doesn't have any big weapons... maybe other his mind and playing smarter.. Sinner just has more gears...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Ultra Pro (16x19) Official Thread

    I cont my racket roulette. I went ultra tour. Ultra pro 16x19. Blade 16x19. And then recently prostaff 97 (not rf). But a, feeling like I might go back to the ultratour. Fav thing about the ultra pro and blade 16x19 is volleys and backhands. Definitely plows through the ball is nice...
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    Novak has a much better chance vs Nadal tomorrow than most people think

    I don't think that this match matters as much in the grand slam race... it would raise the number needed to be the leader by 1, but Djoker is legit fav in 3/4 slams. His game and health also favor more years of future play than Nadal. This match does matter in the "GOAT" debate, because...