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    Gravity Tour Auxetic Lovers

    Yes. I have both. I prefer the gravity tour because of the comfort. I really liked the speed pro but it felt a little tinny at the hoop during mishits. Otherwise, speed pro is an excellent all around racquet that I could play with as well. I felt like I could relax and swing a little slower and...
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    Yonex VCORE 98 Tour

    Yes I did the same thing for my Vcore 100. I use the head hydrosorb pro grip which shrinks a little after use (but has a cushiony feel) and had to do the same thing with removing the glue residue from the VCore 100 pallet. It was kind of a pain to be honest. I also play with the Gravity...
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    Pure Strike 2024

    the one i have is the same. i was offered another that was slightly higher, but would have been <330SW still
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    The gut/poly thread

    i just realized klip legend is back in stock. definitely more than it used to be, but still less than the other brands. any comments about changes to from anyone who has tried it recently?
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    Pure Strike 2024

    i agree with your posts. played with it today. i think the 100" 16x20 is pretty solid. my SW Is around 325-327 (strings- gut mains, poly cross, 55/50). took me a few hits to click with it- i was shanking balls at the beginning. here are my thoughts: - good balance of stability, maneuverability...
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    Pure Strike 2024

    i bought a 100" 16x20, had racquet matching service with SW which should come out to around ~325-327. I will try it out and compare to my current racquet of choice (gravity tour 2021) & pure strike 16x19 (PO7), though i havent used the PO7 in years and sold it. VS touch 16g 55lbs mains, wilson...
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    Pure Strike 2024

    in particular, this 16x20 PS 100 model with a softer RA seems like it will be really interesting. for those of us that have used the prior models, i think many of us looked for a 'softer' feel and this may be something that pulls some of us back. i will be getting a 16x20 model i don't know...
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    New Head "secret" racket?

    Agree with the above by @Classic-TXP-IG MID for specific racquets/recommendations, I think you could pretty much give anyone (thats an intermediate player) a radical MP, speed MP, gravity tour and they would work for most people (who play a more modern game).
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    Kobayashi Maru String Scenario

    unfortunately, I didn't play it for long, so didn't give it much of a chance. it still felt a little stiff to me initially, so i went back to my usual setup of gut/poly. technically, i didn't have any pain so i don't think it was necessarily the HGS/GW combo but i didn't want to risk it. I...
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    The gut/poly thread

    Usually 55lbs(25kg) for the gut mains and 50lbs (23kg) for the poly cross So that would be 27kg for the mains and 25kg for the cross (59/55 lbs)?
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    The gut/poly thread

    How would you guys adjust the tension when going from a 100” 18x20 pattern (I.e. Gravity tour) to 100” 16x19 (I.e. Vcore 100)? Or would you just keep it the same? I’d like to increase the tension but worried about stringing the poly cross too high may affect comfort
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    Gravity Tour Auxetic Lovers

    I have tried multi poly (velocity/Wilson revolve) and it played much better for me than velocity full bed. I actually tried velocity full bed at 55lbs in the GPro and didn’t like it. Also felt weirdly stiff and boardy at the beginning as well. Multi poly with the poly a few lbs lower than the...
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    Head Gravity Pro club!

    Gut/poly seems to complement the frame very well in my opinion I do VS 17g @ 54-56 and poly crosses (usually revolve or ghostwire @ 49-51 lbs). Typically 5lb differential, so 55/50. I’ve never tried RPM crosses personally though
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    Take this with a grain of salt but I did kind of test to see how different set ups played for me against my friend (4.0 all court guy). I won all 3 times (it’s pretty even normally) 1) Gravity tour- vs touch 55lbs/ ghostwire 50 lbs- probably the heaviest shots (tougher to return, penetrates...
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    Have to get a new duffel bag
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    Head Auxetic Gravity Official Thread

    There are heavier synthetic grips like Wilson shock shield but it’s a gel grip. The feel is not for everyone but you may not even notice a difference
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    Best strings for flat hitters

    Definitely worth a try. You will get more control without sacrificing much. There is a gut/poly thread such is a great read as well
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    Tourna quasi gut ? Like ? No like ?

    i have not tried quasi gut, but try quasi gut armor. i think it fits that description.
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    The gut/poly thread

    Looking for a gut/poly alternative. Anyone try triax/soft poly? I string my racquets (Gravity tour) with VS touch 16g/17g with ghostwire crosses 55M/50C on an alpha revo 4000. In the past when I have strung poly full bed, I did 46/44 or 45/43 (proline II 18g and Cyclone 17g). Any tips for...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Swingweight is lower than I expected. Figured it would easily be above 330. I’d be interested to try it based on the SW listed above
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    Poly maind - best syn gut or multi as cross string

    All of the multi crosses that I have used inevitably notched and limited movement. I used a shaped poly though so not sure if that makes a difference. here is my experience Velocity- actually felt kinda stiff to me Multifeel- frayed NRG2- very comfortable, but expensive Tourna quasi gut...
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    Homemade ALU power?
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    Kobayashi Maru String Scenario

    Going to give HGS/GW a try in my GTour and compare to my regular Gut/Poly setup. Thanks @g4driver
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    The gut/poly thread

    recently, I havent been playing until breakage any strings- at some point, i can feel the stiffness of the hybrid after a couple of months which is when i typically restring. i find that it will inevitably break when the strings feel like that within the next few play sessions so i just restring...
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    The gut/poly thread

    ive used my latest vs touch/revolve hybrid for about 20-24hours of play, ~5 weeks. gut is stuck out of position, frayed all over as well (which doesnt bother me) but the stringbed doesn't seem to be as consistent as it usually is (some typical shots going long or in the net). time to restring...
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    Grip size

    If I measure, I could use a 1/2 but I have just been using 3/8 in everything. It’s fine for me. I have 1/4 as well. In short, I’d just stick with what you have and maybe add a regular overgrip or use a thicker grip instead (like Wilson shock shield). I’d only think about changing if you felt...
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    Solinco Whiteout Users Club

    So you felt no issues with comfort for the whiteout? That was my biggest concern for the WO racquet. since the XTD version is still not in stock, I was considering trying out other racquets like the blade 18x20 or the TF 40 305 16x19 that have a lower flex. Never tried a foam filled racquet...
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    I have wanted to try it as an alternate to gut/poly when the weather is not suitable for gut/poly so let us know how things go with the Triax. RPM soft was another one I was interested in. I have diadem evolution as well but have not tried as a full bed either. That could be an option for some...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    So I read some people were having issues with elevator for their machine and I seem to have run into an issue as well but couldn't find whether or not anyone else has had this issue with their machine by searching the thread. Mine currently will not work at all for drills when the machine is...
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    Yonex ezone 98 2022

    personally, i wouldn't write off the speed pro if you have not tried it. it might be better suited for an aggressive baseliner, but i think you could do most things well with it. the big test will be whether or not you are getting the serves you want from it. i dont use it but i prefer it to...