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    Coco Gauff’s forehand…

    Fill in the blank: Gauff’s forehand is ____________________.
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    After watching his last clay matches....

    If he continues his stubborn play of hitting balls 15 feet from behind the baseline he won’t be back. He needs to make a change in his strategy or add more variety to his game. In the past he’s won poorly played matches by grinding, but that’s not possible for him to do anymore. Sad to say, but...
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    Nick Bollettieri passes away…

    Per Tommy Haas via Instagram:
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    Will Alcaraz be the weakest one Slam wonder of all time?

    Terrible. Be happy we have a new talent to watch.
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    Who has the best resume outside of the Big 4?

    Stan. Slams always over everything else.
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    Who had tougher draw Thiem's USO Vs Carlos's 2022USO

    Thiem’s was tougher: Cilic, FAA, De Minaur, Medvedev, and Zverev.
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    Thiem, Medvedev, and now Alcaraz…

    Can a new men’s player win a slam outside of the US Open?
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    Should Felix overhaul his game?

    Agree. He has very “whippy” ground strokes. Maybe more weight would help, but he is not a baseliner built for long, extended rallies. Overhits way to much.
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    Should Felix overhaul his game?

    Under Uncle Toni's tutelage, Felix's results have been a mixed bag. Some success at slams last year, but aside from an overdue tournament victory, this year has been dismal. Over time he's aspired to become aggressive at the baseline but with no real ground weapons to support it. With strong...
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    What Killed Serving & Volleying?

    Almost everyone in the game adapting a two-handed backhand. Two-handers have never become elite serve and volleyers.
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    A Rando will win Men's USO 22

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Norrie won. His stroke production is painful but he plays a gritty game.
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    Is Seb Korda top 10 material?

    Tiafoe has more talent than him, and he struggles to stay in the top 30. There was potential with Seb when he was younger, but his competitiveness has been dismal this past year.
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    Is Seb Korda top 10 material?

    I think he’s happy where he’s at. No need for him to work hard when he can just coast…
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    Is Seb Korda top 10 material?

    Oh and he doesn’t have the killer instinct both his father and sister have…
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    Is Seb Korda top 10 material?

    Everyone trying to make something happen with him, where he can’t even make it happen.
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    Is Korda paying for the sins of his father?

    To be honest, he’s been a disappointment. His game hasn’t changed much in the past two-three years. For his height he hasn’t developed a bigger serve nor more skills at the net. And he appears to have reached that max height so I wonder why he hasn’t worked on flexibility and strength...
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    It appears he’s uncoachable. This make or break style he plays can only go so far.
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    Officially confirmed: Alexander Zverev has diabetes

    If he only marketed himself more as a human being, I’d like him better. But best to him and this new foundation he will be starting.
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    Those who have seen / met tennis players in real life how was your experience? Who was very nice and who wasn't ?

    Friendly: Tsonga, Simon, Hewitt, Cilic, Sock, Alcaraz, L. Fernandez, JCF, Coric, Radwanska, Fognini, Goffiin, Kvitova, Chang, Rafa Not-so-friendly: Serena, Sharapova, Zverev, Niishikori, and especially Navratilova All of these were various experiences at Indian Wells.
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    Nick into the Wimbledon finals…

    If Nick plays and beats Novak in the finals, does the walkover from Rafa in the semis make it count as beating the Big Two in winning a Grand Slam title?
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    Sasha Zverev Injury Update

    And Zverev isn’t the beast Muster was.
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    Zverev back in 6-8 Weeks

    During his injury, Thiem’s team (?) estimated a quick return to the US Open as well. He had access to the best physicians and then was given the green light to begin training. It didn’t go well and he was sidelined again for another several months, which then pushed the rehabilitation and...
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    Zverev back in 6-8 Weeks

    Since he’s technically not sponsored by Adidas, I wonder if he’ll switch to brand that offers more stability in their shoes? (BTW I’ve worn Adidas for years, and played with no issues, but I’m very far from a pro level)
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    Biggest surprise of 2022 French Open?

    Casper Ruud making the finals ‍♂️
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    Zverev back in 6-8 Weeks

    I agree. Unfortunately he won’t be the same player.
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    Zverev back in 6-8 Weeks

    That’s probably 6-8 weeks for the healing. Add a few more weeks for rehabilitation and practice time. I honestly think the soonest he’ll be back to “competition” is Laver Cup. Less stress on him since it’s basically an exhibition that will offer him the needed match play.