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    Brand new beginner with wrist pain - racket suggestion

    The Dunlop aerogels were great frames. You will not get anything remotely as good for $100. Your wrist pain is probably a result of poor technique, possibly just holding the handle too tightly. Tendon issues must be treated carefully however, as they can take a long time to go away if they...
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    RHS may be hurting your fh

    Good point. I'm not sure how a closed face works if you are not using poly. Probably ok but I suspect poly with an open stringbed is the best.
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    RHS may be hurting your fh

    You know, your arm does look kind of "long" but when I went frame by frame, your swing looks pretty good. What I noticed however is that your swing perhaps lacks acceleration into impact. It's more of a long and slow motion rather than a loose and snap motion. To use an analogy, it's like...
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    Footwork on serve to body (OHBH)

    Two things. One, you have to get it out front of your body rather than letting it get in on you. Like Becker does in the vid, this is more important than getting a full stroke. Two, if it's into your body so much that you have to move sideways, really you should be moving the other way and...
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    Simplest forehand techniques

    I posted some time ago that I could hit a better FH than any 4.0 doing basically this. You cleverly left out the crucial component however, but we will just keep it a secret between us.
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    Suzanne lenglen serve

    Most of you would kill for her backhand. She clearly has copied Warinka's open chest technique.
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    Pretty cool links about ATP vs WTA forehand

    I think the division into ATP and WTA is too restrictive. That division is based on if you take it back past your body line. Another important aspect is bent elbow or straight elbow. Then there is the question of whether you "pre-lag", ie put the racquet into lag as part of your backswing, or...
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    1hbh parametric acceleration

    There is a lot of disagreement in the golf world over this entire issue. Golf instruction has typically been even worse than tennis instruction. Two things changed it in the past 20 odd years. One, the rise of Tiger Woods, who was kind of a Federer figure in terms of influencing technique...
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    1hbh parametric acceleration

    Release is the release of clubhead lag. Generally it describes the clubhead moving from behind the hands to ahead of them. A more accurate description would be the angle between the shaft and the lead forearm increasing to 180* or more. The later you delay release, the better.
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    How to beat a player like Santoro?

    I think this is a really good approach. If the guy is a retriever, he wants to run. That's his game. Take his biggest weapon away from him.
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    Throwing Like a Girl... Fixes? Cures?

    Hot and can toss the football with you? And probably knock down a few brewskis afterwards? This girl doesn't exist, it's a computer generated image.
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    Need help with BH and more

    I thought you looked ok. You do look a bit tight. It's like you are trying so hard to use your core that you are giving up athleticism in the stroke. Relax and let it flow. If you want more top on the two hander, you need to work on your racquet position.
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    2 vs 1 handed BH superiority issue resolved

    The one hander has a higher offensive ceiling, but you need a really good slice to complement it. Otherwise, at the pro level, they can run around a slice BH and crush it with a FH. This is the reason the one handers we see on the Tour are all pretty much outstanding yet we see lots of average...
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    Why did I lose? (vid of me vs #2 player in club ladder)

    What jumped out at me is that you are very quick and have good footwork but you often manage to still be in a suboptimal or awkward position to hit the ball. IOW you get there but then don't get your stance organized efficiently before hitting. You look hurried and have to arm a lot of shots.
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    Could you beat either one of these 70 yr olds? (Full match highlights)

    If anyone wants to play a senior former top pro, Jimmy Arias is on staff at Bath & Racquet, one of the top tennis clubs in Sarasota, Fl.
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    Coaches' Management Techniques

    Evidence from the pro tour suggests the optimal coaching situation to become a really elite player is to have a psycho parent, or maybe uncle. Some, Fed for one, make it despite having outwardlyly normal parents but he seems the exception.
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    Does Kyriogs not pronate as much in his serve???

    Consciously trying to pronate will ruin your serve. By pronate, I mean rotate your forearm. In fact, you should try to delay pronation as long as you can.
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    Does Kyriogs not pronate as much in his serve???

    In most cases, some variation of stay sideways, keep your arm loose and snap your wrist.
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    Serve Help

    For a couple of months, your serve is not bad at all. The main problem I see is you appear to be trying to hit checkpoints along the way. That interferes with a smooth relaxed swing, the real key to power. You need to get a better drop, deeper and more behind you. Now, you appear to stop...
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    2nd Serve Under EXTREME pressure: Kick, Slice or Top Slice?

    Yes. Against an aggressive returner, you can't just groove in a slice to his wheelhouse. The wide slice has to be a surprise second serve, not your go to option.
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    Responsive feel?

    It depends on what your definition of good feel is. I like the feel of a Pure Drive Roddick with poly. Very raw and direct feeling. Others hate it.
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    Any tips on watching the ball?

    This should be put on a plaque outside every tennis club.
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    Throwing the Racquet Drill

    I know plenty of you will disagree but I really don't see much if any value in tossing the racquet. That's not how you serve. If you wanted to emulate a good serve, you would slam the racquet into the ground just in front of you, not try to hurl it into the next county. Throwing a heavy...
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    Throwing the Racquet Drill

    I'm not suggesting a person try to hit specific points. But the points are important. You have to develop a feel for producing a stroke that hits those points. Some people, typically the very athletically gifted, can see a motion and reproduce it. Others seem to need a more structured...
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    Throwing the Racquet Drill

    Really? See 0:32. This is what I meant, call it what you wish.
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    Swing up or down into court (serve)?

    No but I do think he is kind of at one extreme in the hitting versus swinging continuum.
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    A deeper overhead is the one you just try to slice back deep. Hitting a winner from behind the service line is going to be a big ask for anything below 5.0.
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    Swing up or down into court (serve)?

    None of the above. OK, the hip thrust does add pop, provided you stay sideways. I would be willing to bet that Groth has internal shoulder rotators that are twice the size of a normal man. The Tennisspeed guy posted MRIs the Japanese did of an elite American sprinter and a Japanese sprinter...
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    Swing up or down into court (serve)?

    True but I think supination lets you get a deeper drop. Not by much though. I do think it helps with getting proper spin.
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    Throwing the Racquet Drill

    I think you can get a deeper drop just by letting your wrist go loose and letting it fall naturally into a radially deviated/supinated position. Few adult rec players can get much ESR, certainly not at Fed levels. But you can serve very hard with almost none. You're right, your release...