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    Pushing as a viable strategy?

    Bamafan, the fact that you’re still in high school changes the advice completely. Your game is just developing and you don’t know where it’s going to land unless you’re already a prodigy. Most high schoolers are either big topspin baseline players or pushers. Pushing won’t work against really...
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    Post injury racquet

    I completely tore my RTC 30+ years ago and partially tore it again 12 years ago. There are several things to keep in mind: 1) Lighter is the most important factor. Every extra gram on a frame exponentially stresses the shoulder. 2 Medium swingweight is best. You want something that is easy to...
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    Defense wins singles, offense wins doubles!

    Match stats show that ATP pros don’t hit any faster than the NCAA men. They are just more consistent and hit with more spin. 5.5’s are mostly former college players, so pretty much the same as the NCAA guys. 5.0 is generally where you will see a significant drop in pace. 4.5 is, by...
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    Good poly to go with velocity mlt in a hybrid?

    A word of caution - I wanted more comfort and so tried Velocity crosses with TB mains a couple of times. In both incidences, I was like, “Dang, where’s the spin, where’s the feel?” Later, I tried FB Velocity in another frame and saw where the spin and feel went. Despite posts to the...
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    Excuses excuses excuses

    I used to use normal (distance) lenses in both eyes for tennis, but found I was sometimes mishitting easy groundies and mis-timing volleys a lot due to lack of close up vision. I started using my monovision lenses (dominant eye distance and non-dominant close up focus - think bifocals with each...
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    ESR Question: Spot the Difference in the Images

    Apache, you’re only asking about 1 small moment in the motion. The short answer is, he supinates the forearm more than you do before the arm starts forward and his grip is looser. However, there are other things you’re not doing compared to him that will make a bigger difference in your...
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    Thin beam Pure Drive

    Yes, Babolat seems to have made the PD VS/98 even more polarized than the regular Pure Drives. They definitely hit above their weight class.
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    Thin beam Pure Drive

    People weren’t suggesting the PD VS because you said you wanted to keep the beam 22 or less. The VS is 23 in the middle. You may like it, but it does not play like a regular's PD, especially the 2012. It feels very stiff, has a small sweet spot, and is not nearly as maneuverable as its...
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    Arm Pain with Speed MP but not Speed Pro

    I know you tried added weight. I find the MP performs best with a little weight added at 10 and 2 - larger sweet spot, better stability, and more power without any loss of control. It also makes it feel plusher. That being said, the MP is not hard on the arm compared to most frames in its...
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    Thin beam Pure Drive

    The one frame that pulls up in racquet finder with PD specs in a thinner beam - the Head Graphene XT Speed MP. TW has the reissue on sale for $99 right now. I haven’t hit with it so I can’t comment on how similarly it plays to a PD. I do know many have said it plays stiffer than the 67 that...
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    How to get more control from the Pure Drive

    I added about 12 grams to the handle and a couple to the head (split between 3/9, 1:30/10:30) in my PD 2021. It increased control, stability, and feel. I am using BK in the mains and TB in the crosses strung at 55 (yea, it’s tight and stiff). They balance each other’s playability well while...
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    Can this racket be saved? Please help

    What PRS suggests will work but will be a lot of work. The simplest method that does not add significant weight is to fill the crack and glue the butt cap on. Get a plastics glue (JB Weld makes a good one called Plastic Bonder). Make sure the handle and butt cap are as clean as you can get...
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    Need more penetration!!!!

    BHS7T is one of the two lowest powered strings I have ever used. Use a different cross. ITM, try dropping the tension by pulling each string as far out of place by hand as you can and then putting it back. This will not only drop the tension by a lb or two but will help minimize notching.
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    How do I measure the power?There is no radar!You can't see how fast I'm hitting. how to measure spin?? we are not a tennis cannon, each stroke is diff

    You can generally compare the power of frames/strings. Drop hit at least 10 forehands from the baseline at the same height, using the same swing path and RHS as close as you can. Note the net clearance (launch angle), depth of first bounce, amount of hop from topspin, and place of second...
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    Babolat Pure Drive 2024 Official Thread

    I add weight to my PD’s, 5-15 grams in the handle and 1-2 grams in the head. It greatly increases the comfort and helps the feel some, especially if you get the weight distribution in the head right. They’re still no friend of the arm, but are not the arm eaters that some other frames are...
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    Racket with heated handles

    I’ve played when it was in the low 20’s, hence the socks for a glove. The advantage with that and the mitt is that your hand is in contact with the grip. It’s really hard to feel the bevels through gloves. Most of my extreme cold weather play was before stiff, light racquets and poly. I...
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    Blade 98 V8 16x19 Help

    I have Diadem Solstice Power in my Blade. The extra power and spin add a lot to the playability. I also found a thinner gauge of TB Soft (18) had much of the same effect while slightly reducing the SW.
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    Racket with heated handles I used to make my own when I was a kid by taking a sock (or two if it was really cold) and cutting a hole in...
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    Carlos in a slump?

    Carlos needs different coaching. By going big when the risk/reward isn’t there, he’s not playing smart tennis. Strategically, he needs to play higher percentage tennis and be aggressive to big targets. He has to be willing to grind longer and wear down opponents. He needs to realize he...
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    tweener racquets for a counterpunching playstyle with groundstrokes on the flatter side?

    The OP is looking for tweener power and forgiveness, not a player’s frame. Speed MP is low powered enough to work for flat hitters, especially after adding weight to the head and using a control string. Yes, proportional string enlarges the sweet spot and gives more power, but at the cost of...
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    tweener racquets for a counterpunching playstyle with groundstrokes on the flatter side?

    The usual suspects - FX 500, Speed MP , Babolat PS and PD, Wilson Ultra V4, Babolat PA 100 and 98 (hit or miss on the 98, some LOVE it and others don’t like it at all). FX 500 - does everything well, nothing outstanding. Will compliment an aggressive game, lacks feel on volleys, punch on...
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    I can´t serve with my main racquet

    It’s probably not a technique issue since it’s better with every other frame. It’s likely a balance/weight distribution issue. It could be a bit too much weight in the head, making you late. Going to a lighter gauge string will make a difference. If you use a dampener, even a lighter...
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    Had a little spat at the local pro shop after a string job

    I can see both sides. Rush labor implies, “Drop whatever you’re doing and do this now. I’ll pay extra for the inconvenience.” Kid is doing nothing, no other racquets in the queue. It’s technically not a rush job for them if the stringer is on the clock in the shop doing nothing but watching...
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    Any thoughts on Pure Drive 98??

    It feels stiffer than the regular PD. Babolat lists the unstrung stiffness at 74, and it felt every bit of that.
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    Any thoughts on Pure Drive 98??

    The 98 has a higher SW, massive plow, and monster stiffness. It’s the only frame to hurt my wrist in the last 5 years. Needs a softer string. If you are a baseliner that likes to crush the ball with flattish strokes, can handle the 330 SW, and aren’t worried about arm health, then the PD 98...
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    How many of you can control serve direction on 2nd serves?

    Every 4.5 and virtually every 4.0 I know can locate all their serves as far as wide or body. Some can consistently hit the corners. IME, most people don’t give signs at 4.0 and below because net players usually aren’t aggressive enough to potentially poach on every point.
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    Head Boom Pro Vs Babolat Pure Aero 98

    I agree, it’s odd. My two examples agree with Bab’s published specs and swung even heavier than the numbers would indicate. They really crushed the ball, though. Reminded me of the first Pure Controls that had swingweights in the mid 330’s.
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    Head Boom Pro Vs Babolat Pure Aero 98

    Trip, the PD 98 does not have a SW of 315. I don’t know how the retailer site got that number. Babolat lists the SW at 300 unstrung. The two PD 98’s I tried had swingweights of 328 and 330.
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    I've stopped switching/ trying different frames

    I do think finding the right frame/string is important in reaching your potential. Sticking with that frame and developing your game is more important. (That being said, there’s no telling how many frames I would have if I weren’t married ;)) No frame will be perfect for every stroke. There...
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    Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Vs. Babolat Pure Aero 2023

    The PA 2023 will definitely be easier to use and will have more control than the PD with the same string at the same tension. The solution for me was to use a lower powered string (TB) strung on the high side (55 lbs) with the PD. I have the control I need but still the power to finish points...