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    Women vs Men Video Recording

    Serious answer to the question -- I don't see a gender difference and I think everyone (male & female) walks around a little bit self-deluded. Sometimes I coach folks for sales and they have to record themselves (video or audio) and they're always very self-conscious about it. I tell them...
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    Also I should of the stated reasons for this four line thing at 40+ is "women don't like to play singles when they're over 40" and now for 18+ spring, our area is doing an option where you can be in a flight with only 1 line of singles and 4 lines doubles. The other flight would be...
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    This match I'm talking about, S1 and D1 were the double bagels that cancelled each other out and the opponents won D1 so if it would have been weighted, they would have gotten the win. I feel like this could NOT have been unanticipated by USTA had they thought about it or asked players for...
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    Okay so here's what I heard back from our area coordinator. First off, my math was wrong lol! We were NOT evenly tied. So we did win fair and square so I feel a lot better about that. She also said in her reply that my area is changing next weight to prioritizing D1 for the win. Here's her...
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    Argh.....we had a 2-2 tie today that hasn't been entered into Tennislink yet. The stats are SO close for both of our teams but our opponents have played one more match than us to date since we had a rainout day. Our GWP to date is 1% away (we are lower.) Everything from today's match was an...
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    When do you expect USTA ratings to come out?

    I remember last year Tennis Record had "bump probability" and they don't have it up at least not for my region. Anyone else see this? (I'm not going to be bumped but curious for some others who are on the bubble what TR will say vs what actually happens.)
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    Can you recommend a Topspin trainer?

    Keep at it! I'm doing this too -- never taken lessons before (just done clinics but never skill-specific lessons) and specifically want to learn to hit with topspin. One suggestion is to do two half hour lessons instead of 1 hr (if you're doing an hourly lesson) then rent ball machine to...
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    Tips for playing in 100F+ heat

    Search old posts on this topic because there are tons of great suggestions (some of the "how to deal with cramping" also has good heat suggestions.) When I was in a tournament that was super hot this summer, the medics were helping people (several needed help) and they said "We're not allowed to...
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    Playing as "stronger" partner and opponents target your partner

    OTL, I have been both people in your match scenario and what has worked for me both ways is telling (or being told) to stay aggressive. This is a low-ranked player but with whom you have sometimes played successfully so you guys need to get your collective mojo back so you move well as a team. I...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    Update on my post up-thread about the unusual wear pattern (with pics) -- just got off the phone with TW. I had emailed them pics and they didn't respond so I called today to follow up. They have never seen anything like it and have no idea what I could be doing and they will accept a return for...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    And I don't play in pants or anything that might rub from above??? I wear a tennis skirt. I do wear dark socks (the black socks you can see in this picture.)
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    They fit great and I love them. They're super comfortable. My one complaint is they feel a little bit bulky on the bottom like I feel a little like I'm tripping over my feet/clunky. But in general they are good shoes. I wear Birkenstocks to the court and bring my tennis shoes in a shoe bag...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    I love the color! No, this wear pattern is like nothing I've ever seen before. Normally the main place my shoes wear is on the outer heels (I'm a pronator.) But that weird top thing? Never seen anything like it.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    Am I doing something wrong?! Look at the wear that happened so quickly on my new shoes:-( I got them the 2nd week of July and have played approx 10-12 times since then. I just noticed this when I went to put them on yesterday. I'm wondering if maybe I'm doing something wrong with how I'm...
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    Ladies rec tennis youtube channel

    Thanks, folks! I need to work on my production values lol! I am a work in progress:-)
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    Ladies rec tennis youtube channel

    I hope this is okay and I think it is as this is just a hobby for me and not a business or anything that I make money from . I created a YouTube channel where I am sharing thoughts etc about the world of ladies rec tennis: ( . I will be...
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    Can a "regular" player cultivate an inside-out forehand?

    After playing one season of ladies USTA 3.5 and 4.0 both, the main difference I noticed in stroke competency is with 3.5, if you accidentally hit directly to your opponent, you still have some chance that they'll make an error, especially with an overhead or net volley. With 4.0, if you...
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    Adidas SoleMatch Bounce, anyone tried it?

    Great review - thank you! Yes, my feet look GIGANTIC to myself when I look down. I am petite and wear a women's size 6.5 so ordered these in 7 and I have never felt like I have such clodhoppers before lol.
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    Can a "regular" player cultivate an inside-out forehand?

    Thanks, guys! I am going to work on it and also my backhand - always my Achilles heel unfortunately:-( PS Cawlin I'm a lefty too! I am playing 3.5-4.0 level. I am LOLing at switching racquet hand -- meaning they are going ambidextrous!? Whoa! I am pretty strongly left handed though. I can't even...
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    Can a "regular" player cultivate an inside-out forehand?

    I hurt my rear deltoid on my non-dominant side a few weeks ago (non tennis related injury) and as I was recovering, came back to the courts and in a clinic the instructor told me to just run around my backhand that day. I'm pretty speedy out there (something I specifically work on a lot) so it...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    I did not get selected to test these but I bought them and finally had a chance to try them out yesterday. These are terrific for those needing a wide toe box. These are very cushiony-feeling and needed zero breaking in. I brought my previous shoes to the court with me just in case but I was...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    I missed out too -- looking forward to checking out some in depth reviews soon:-)
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    Your favourite socks

    Stance! Pricy but worth it and they last a long time. I wash them on cold with my other cold wash sports gear and I think that helps preserve them too.
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    Wide toe box

    That is me.....need very wide toe box but narrow heel. I've never tried an insole specifically for narrow heels but may need to look into this. I just emailed about the play test for the Solecourt Boost so fingers crossed I'll get to try it out:-)
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    Can't beat older/foxy players

    Many older players have really good anticipation for what you're going to do next so that buys them (a lot) of time, so even though they're slower, they have a head start to head in the right direction.
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    Foot faulting in tournament -- classy umpire response

    Made me spit take my gin & tonic!
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    Net measurement

    A captain gift a few seasons ago (before my time but I've seen people with them) is a measure that you set at net height and it drops to show you if it's too low/high. It's a cool little gadget that wouldn't take up too much room. I usually feel like the net is too low/high for both players...
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    Foot faulting in tournament -- classy umpire response

    This was a first for me in a tournament recently. The roving umpire pulled aside my opponent during a turnover and talked quietly and privately to her. Later I asked what it was about and my opponent said it was a foot fault warning. I for one really like that way of handling things. I hadn't...
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    Mindset to level up

    Thank you, thank you so much you guys for all the responses. I have come back to this thread many times for inspiration and ideas. Just to clarify, I'm not trying to increase my level from 3.5 to 4.0. I'm trying to "level up" my game meaning play well against a higher caliber of players. I think...