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    Yonex Vcore Pro 100 Alpha

    Does anyone know how this line differs then the non alpha. I'm interested in the 290gram model. Is the 290g just available outside of US? The 300g is too heavy and 280g is too light in the non alpha.
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    need racquet advice:yonex or Wilson

    I've narrowed down to Yonex Dr 100 285g or Wilson Burn LS. Love yonex feel but like the easy power and depth of Wilson spin effect. I used Lux 4g rough. Any thoughts long term how I would favor one or other?
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    which has more power: Lux 4g or 4g Rough

    I'm using 4g Rough now, love everything about it but was wondering if 4g regular would provide more power. thanks
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    Need string recommendation please

    Anybody knows how Wilson Revolve compares to Lux 4G Rough?
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    Need string recommendation please

    Yes. Yellow cyclone 1.25mm with Ezone XI. Used it for a year and a half. I've been getting best match results with 4G Rough so don't think I would go back. Plus it wasn't as long lasting.
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    Need string recommendation please

    I haven't regular 4G, you're saying I would get less power with it. Heard it's stiffer too correct?
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    Need string recommendation please

    48 lbs is tension. I've never broken poly strings. The strings cut into each other too much and loses playability so that's when I restring. Luxilon 4g Rough almost doesn't move at all.
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    Need string recommendation please

    I'm currently using the Luxilon 4G rough 48/48 lbs in my Yonex DR 100 10.6oz Lite. Im looking for a recommendation on something a little more powerful but still have the qualities i like in 4G Rough -feel, tennis maintenance/control (last me over 25+ hours before restring playing at 4.5 level)...
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    New Ezone racket

    I've now tried both the DR 100 300 gram and 285 gram (coming from AI 100 LITE leaded up to 292grams) and i don't like either of the new frames. I can't exactly pin point why but I think the new grommet hole shapes (rectangular vs circular of AI) is making it more plush and less control for me...
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    Yonex AI 100 Lite for Junior Girl

    I'm a 35yo 5'5 120lbs male 5.0 playing with this racquet for last 2 years. Came from using Head Instinct 11oz. This racquet like the other poster said is extremely maneuvable. It's solid on returns too which is surprising for 275 gram. Love this racquet. Now I'm looking to get DR100 285 just...
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    New Ezone racket

    I play with AI 100 Lite leaded up from 275 gram to 290gram very headlight with all the lead tape in handle. Played best tennis of my life with Kirschbaum Proline2 (4.5 level beating a few 5.0). Last 3 months tried and played just as well with Lux 4G Rough but developed tennis elbow. I liked the...
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    got mine yesterday.
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    Need advice on shoe now that Nike Air Max Cage DC

    Been wearing Nike Air Max Cage for last 1.5 years. Coming from Barricade 7 which i liked durability but was willing to trade off for Air Max Cage for comfort and lighter weight. Now i need a show recommendation. Don't like the look and feel of the new Nike Air Zoom or whatever it's called...
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    Cheaper alternative to Lux 4g Rough?

    I've been using Pro Line II on Yonex Ai 100 10.2oz for past year. Loved string (powerful, plush/soft, ball pocketing) and getting good results from it but doesn't last me very long. Have to restring 1.25mm version every 3 matches because control is gone. Couple weeks ago I demoed the Ai 100...
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    String suggestions for Head Graphene XT Speed S

    This racquet has a little more power than i'm used to. Which of these strings would be a good fit for this racquet to give it a little more control? Volk cyclone 16g Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 1.25mm Yonex Tour Spin Or hybrid set up with a soft synthetic gut.
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    Opinion on Yonex Poly Tour Spin compared to my current setup

    Currently using Yonex Ai 100 Lite with Pro line 2 16g @52 lbs. Like the power coming from Pro Line but missed the bite and spin of my previous string Volkl Cyclone. How would yonex poly tour 1.25 spin blue compare to Pro Line or Cyclone?
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    Need Recommendation on Light Racquet 10-10.5 oz range

    Played one session with the Pure Drive, it's just as quick as the Yonex but the feeling is more harsh than i'm use to. Maybe because demo came strung with RPM blast @ 56lbs and i use Pro Line 2 @ 52lbs. Hard to compare power/plow through with the strings set up. Held the Wilson Juice L...
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    Need Recommendation on Light Racquet 10-10.5 oz range

    i'm 35yo 5'5 120 lb small frame adult. I used to play with Head Instinct Mp 11.1oz range but found lighter frames better for my body and game.
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    Need Recommendation on Light Racquet 10-10.5 oz range

    I'm a 4.5 player with a game similar to Radwanska at 4.5 level of course. Currently using Yonex Ai 100 Lite (10.3 oz strung) but looking for more pop/heavier shots. Recently tried Head Graphene XT S, liked the power but found it not as maneuverable as my Yonex and late on shots. Any thoughts...
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    Head Youtek Extreme Elite-when coming to USA?

    Does anyone know when this racquet is coming to the States? I've played with the Extreme Mp and I think the lighter Elite would suite me better. Thanks
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    Prince o3 Hornet MP

    I need recomendations on something similar and currently on market. Played with Hornet for 3 years and like it very much. 100sq and between 10-11oz. thanks
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    Need advice: prince o3 hornet and youtek elite

    Played with O3 hornet for 2 years broke racquets now i'm using Youtek Elite. The latter is very stable and I like it but it's not giving me enough power. I like them about but I need a little more power against the heavy hitters. I play with Alu power rough. I like these two racquets specs...