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    what does player raquet mean?

    What is a player raquet
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    I'm Kind of a Beginning Player, so could i get a little raquet help

    You mean Head LM Radical MP? Zenit, dit you try the Pure Drive Tarkowski have you used the Prince Shark MP and does it have as much control as you say the Radical has? I should have a raquet with low power since I generate my own power and hit the ball too hard at times?
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    I'm Kind of a Beginning Player, so could i get a little raquet help

    Where would I find that raquet? And I have kinda lured it down to the Aeropro drive and Pure Drive Would you recommend those for beginners. Because when I do a full forehand (swing my arm completly around) I hit it to hard very often. I want a raquet that would improve that. But from what I...
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    I'm Kind of a Beginning Player, so could i get a little raquet help

    I am looking to buy a new raquet, and I am a beginner. I am looking for a raquet with medium power and a lot of control, so could you tell me the exact name for the raquets these pros use, because I have seen these raquets and would like to try one. Also if you have any recommendations about a...
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    Maria has a heart

    So she wear gold. Federer did as well and it's not like it changed the way either played. Think of College Football when the symbols are added to the helmets after every championship
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    Sharapova a one slam wonder?

    Which I'm sure she will do, because like it's been said a thousand times, She's still very young. (1001 now)
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    Mauersmo and Davenport don't need to grunt.....

    [ The screaming from the Venus and Sharapova match could have been mistaken for a porno movie had the you not hear the lines person and chair person. I wouldn't go that far
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    Who is the fastest guy on tour?

    Mostly On clay, friend, Mostly on clay
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    Can Mauresmo hang tough *Spoiler*

    Yeah I still have my fingers crossed on davenport Losing :p
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    Does anyone play in the Tampa area?

    I am 16 and i'd like a new person to play.
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    Wimbledon's music

    I like ESPN 2's music better than NBC, as a matter of face I like everything about the tennis better on ESPN 2
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    coin toss

    Yeah, I'm sure he thinks She would have won if she had the call. Venus simply outplayed sharapova... - - - - - This Time ;)
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    Tennis on grass-The Cure for Ailing U.S. Tennis

    I'd love an American to keep winning Wimbledon. The Only problem is I Hate Roddick and Davenport, and I like Federer and Sharapova
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    Not like you'd believe me, but I like Sharapova for her game just as much as her gorgeousness (<-- Word?) but I will still watch the finals because I am a tennis fan spoilers - - - - - - - - I just hope Mauresmo can pull a comeback down 3-5 PLEASE!!!
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    I'm New So I want Some Opinions

    I will be a Junior, I just got into PLAYING (not watching- I've been a fan for a while) I don't expect to have a big future, just to meet people and have a good time, Actually starting to play it has made me love the sport even more. I'd call it a healthy obsession!
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    Sharapova a one slam wonder?

    I like you, and as long as you're here, i think I'm gonna like it here
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    Who is your least favorite Top 10 womens player?

    Davenport for sure, Don't ask me why but i just cannot stand her. and in my opinion, not just cause she's my fav., but I don't think Sharapova is much worse than anyone elses with grunting. Man, Venus played a Great game though.
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    I'm New So I want Some Opinions

    My least favorite female tennis players are Kournikova (because she's such a ditz and couldn't play tennis to save her life) Thank you somebody said it finally, btw thank you MegacedU for the warm welcome. I'm pretty depressed that Sharapova lost but I hope Mauresmo can hold on: I can't...
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    Why we should respect Roddick ?

    Not focusing on his strokes and only working on his serve is why he isn't beating Federer in the first place. BTW a little off topic but does anyone else find it a little wierd that Feliciano Lopez is pretty much the only Spaniard that has the best stats and success at Wimbledon and The worst...
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    I'm New So I want Some Opinions

    Who is your favorite Male Tennis Player? Who is your Favorite Female Player? Who is your least favorite male player? who is your least favorite female player? (The ones you hate) My favorites are: Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova My Least Favorites are: Andy Roddick and Lindsay...
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    Need A Little Help- New

    First of All, This Is my first of Hopefully Many posts on this forum, so hello. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Florida. I am on Summer vacation and in August I'll be in 11th grade. I just started playing tennis a few months ago, but I've been watching for a while. I play tennis for fun, and...