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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    hi! i've been using polytour rev and rpm blast @48/46 lbs for 2022 Ezone100 and Pure Aero 2023. and happy with both of them! 1. Will M8 fits well for my rackets of choice and taste of strings(i love rev and rpm :))? 2. + i'm thinking of increasing some tension if i keep using rev(maybe...
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    Zoom Vapor Cage 5 Rafa

    It's been a long time since Nike releases zoom cage 4. ANYONE knows ANYTHING about zoom cage 5 or whatever they called it?
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    ANYONE heard about new zoom vapor cage 5 rafa? i guess it's been a long time since nike releases zoom cage 4
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    Ezone 100 vs Pure Aero

    I do believe both are great, and maybe "too much" good for my skills lol. So, how would you compare EZ with PA?
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    Ezone 100 vs Pure Aero

    i'm considering buying 2022 Ezone 100 or Pure Aero.. I guess PA have bettter spin, while EZ feel much more comfortable..(meanwhile, worried about "MUTED" of EZ) i'm just intermediate player around 3.0~3.5. Which one would you guys recommend more? + Any other racquet recommendations would be...