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    Monte Carlo: Verdasco vs Djokovic

    i picked verdasco, but if its really hot, it pick a strawberry banada blizzard
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    AO SF - R. Federer vs A. Roddick

    fed in 3 but closer than begals or breadsticks
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    Federer's Back

    replay of AO 07? hope to see even more amazing shots coming from fed racquet
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    Issues about the Olympic Games 2008 in China

    Many people think China is cheating because of their record medal count this year but i personally feels that they did nothing wrong. they might of put more money into training their athletes but why not if they are that rich. some of the issues are: Opening ceremony: who cares if some of...
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    what to put in a microgel prestige mid?

    i tried sppp and big ace in their lowest gauges on the mp version and i think it feels amazing, especially the sppp. i play with mostly spin
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    Head Flexpoint Prestige - Mods?

    i know, despite how much i love the racket, 199 is still too much, especially considering its been out for like 2 years (give or take)
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    What if....

    what if the stringer cracked your racquet by accident... what would you do
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    What if....

    what if the stringer carcked your racquet by accident... what would you do
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    How many slam titles for Federer in 2008?

    i think he will win all 3 to 4 slams but he will definately win the french this year.
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    is Luxilon overrated?

    personally, i never used luxilon strings before, i has been all babolat PHT but since many of the pros are using it, is there a reason why that is? or are they just overrated and pros just used it because of sponsorship. also, why does most pros uses alu power more often than other luxilon...
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    Head FXP prestige Mid vs Mid-plus

    i just read one of the thread talking about how head prestige mid is actually measure 89.5 square inch. im just wondering if that is true than what is the actualy head size for the mid plus...
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    Luxilon Big Banger G8?

    i recently noticed that i can purchase this string from wilson but i just wanted to know if anyone have tried it and what they think about the string
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    Head FXP Prestige

    one has full job of pro huurricane tour 16 - strings been in there for a while one has pro hurricane tour 16 on main and head tour 16 on crosses - freshly strung. 57 on mains, 59 on corsses.
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    Head FXP Prestige

    i only noticed this problem not long ago. both of my prestige mp's lost their solidness... everytime i strike the ball, it feels like the racquet has been cracked but they are not. i even have a really wide dampner to reduce most of the string vibration. what is wrong?...
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    Babolat Propulse

    some people says that the shoes recently containts 6-moth durability gurantees can TW confirm it.
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    Does the LM Prestige MP butt cap come off?

    it opens for my fxp prestige mp. im not too sure about lead tapes because it is really messy inside.... best word i can think of (messy)
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    Babolat Propulse

    i am about to buy a babolat propulse and im just wondering how do they fit... i am currently wearing nike air zoom vapor 3, size 9, so what size should i order the propulse.... and btw, how is the durability???
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    FXP Prestige MP spec

    i own two fxp prestige, mp version, and both of them appear to be 1 1/3pt head light but how come in tennis warehouse, it appears to be 7pt head light?
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    More Spin?

    which of these string have more spin? SPPP or CyberFlash or ProHurricane Tour all around 16 gauge(between 16 and 16.5)
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    safins strings

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    safins strings

    aussie open 07 - safin vs roddick
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    SPPP 16 vs SPP Hextreme 16L

    im just wondering what is the better string for access to spin and tension-holding capabilities and durability btw feel free to post any other string that is also good in terms of what im looking for...
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    FXP Prestige to Babolat APDC?

    i was also looking for a more spin racquet after i got the fxp prestige mp. but decided to keep it becasue of thecontrol. also, i think racquet does little in terms of spin. good technique is what really matter.
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    SPPP vs Topspin CF vs SPPP hextreme

    i currently use fxp pretige mp, i have a high topspin FH and one handed BH and prefere lots of control over power. if i rank the characteristics of strings, it would be control, durability, spin, and power would be last. what would be a good string for me? btw, i really like the orange string...
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    FXP prestige mp vs nBlade midplus

    what is the difference between fxp prestige and nblade? i noticed that they have similar specs and both racquet looks really nice right now, im using the prestige mp just wondering because the nblade is about 50bucks cheaper
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    String half set from full set strings

    has anyone tried stringing a hybried from 2 different full set strings? for example, i am currently using head fxp prestige MP (98sq in) and a did a little bit research and found out that the mains needs 21 feet of strings. which made me think if i cut the full set of pro hurricane (40 feet)...
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    Spin poly?

    i been using pro hurricane 16 for a while and was wondering if theres any other strings thats better in terms of spin and playability
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    string pattern

    i use head fxp prestige mp and the 18x20 string pattern is awesome, you get ALOT of control even though you loose some of the spin but i have a semi western forehand and i can produce just about the same amount of spin. i think string pattern doesnt have much of an affect on spin as much as...
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    FXP users

    when ever i break the strings on my fxp prestige mp, i break it at the 3o and 9o clock part (the thinist part of the frame, FXP) im just wondering if its because im shanking the ball alot or if is becasue of the racquet itself any FXP users are welcome to contribute