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    In/Out Device

    Is it safe to assume that the device still does not work reliably? Was thinking about it today.
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    Stringsnapper treat for TT.. Federer vs Ferrer 2019

    Nice video. Wish I was there as well...
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    Modern forhand: why use a loop takeback?here

    How you take the racket back has nothing to do with RHS. Thus, the loop has nothing to do with RHS. The takeback only helps you from premature external shoulder rotation before the forward swing. That's it.
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    Practiced the underhanded slice serve today. HOLY #$%# !!!

    I do this couple times a match (mens doubles 4.0) if I have a guy standing couple of feet behind the baseline. For those who think they can get the ball back with any kind of pace or drop shot it for winner, think again. It's a lethal serve when done right. Against slow movers at the 4.0 level...
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    I will give you the greatest advice ever.

    I know the "greatest advice ever". He has personally told me. He said to follow through on all the strokes so that the butt cap points to the opponent. :D:D
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    some info on ATP vs WTA Fh

    To me, this pat the dog stuff is very imprecise. WTA swing does not have "pat the dog" because that requires ISR just before the forward swing to create the lag. For them, they are already in the ESR position when the forward swing begins. That opens the racket face.
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    some info on ATP vs WTA Fh

    In my opinion, SSC is created during the initial forward swing from ISR to ESR.
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    some info on ATP vs WTA Fh

    The lag is ISR->ESR from the FORWARD swing. WTA swing has that same ISR-ESR in the back swing.
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    some info on ATP vs WTA Fh

    Biomechanically speaking, I like to think of ATP and WTA forehands like this: During the forward swing: Extreme ATP forehand: ISR->ESR->ISR ATP forehand: Neutral shoulder ->ESR->ISR WTA forehand: ESR->ISR The initial ISR->ESR is the whip that causes maximum RHS. Just look at Jack Sock's...
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    Do you do split step?

    My opinion. 3.5 and under - unnecessary 4.0 - may be helpful depending on the opponent 4.5 and over - a must At 4.0, if you often find yourself half a step behind because of the increase in speed of the ball, then you are almost forced to split step. In other words, I do not think you need to...
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    Andy Murray's tension measurement device?

    A cheaper option would be an app called Racket Tune for 3 bucks. An even cheaper option is FREQ MESS which is free. But it only runs on PC's.
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    Tennis String Lubricant (Product Playtest) SPIN SPIN SPIN

    The product seems like a silicone spray, just packaged nicely. I personally use Sailkote, best dry silicone you can buy IMO. It's best used on poly strings that are notched after several hours of use. The spin effect seems to wear off after a game or so. Better than nothing. Pros probably don't...
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    Kick Serve: Beginner progression vid

    So the secret is out. The coach calls it supersizing the grip. We call it the 2-1 grip (not quite BH eastern since the index knuckle is still on bevel 2). Nice video....
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    Beware of the compliment...

    Nah, it's all fair gamesmanship IMO. I do it too. Mine goes something like "man, your forehand is so accurate today. What's the secret?". That gets him thinking and he falls apart :-)
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    Push vs Pull serves

    The biomechanics of a forehand and serve are very similar. What the doctor is describing in a convoluted way (IMO) is that loading of the back foot is very important in starting the kinetic chain. Whether you call that push or pull or some other term, it's basically loading of the back foot...
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    Tips on developing a reliable good second serve

    You have identified the main problem, but yet have no direct practice plan. How about practicing toss in your garage? I know. It's pretty boring. But it will pay dividends later.
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    I have no idea what is Conti grip anymore.

    I bet you think your wrong grip is the correct one because you are not laying your wrist back. That is the key to sticking your volley.
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    Low Backhand Volley

    If the ball is below the net, you need to have a fuller follow through to clear the net. It sounds like that could be your problem. Try a longer finish where the hitting face ends up pointing to the sky and see if that helps.
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    Do strings make much difference in spin in practice?

    String types make a huge difference for any level. But, within the same string type, I don't think it makes any difference at the club level. I have used different brands of poly strings like RPM, Luxilon Big Banger and cheap Volkl Cyclone. The sounds they make and the tactile feel may be...
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    Control vs power

    I said nothing about the hard work Rafa and Toni put in. All I did was point out the logical fallacies of the OP. Did you have any comments on that?
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    Control vs power

    There are so many logical jumps in this that the conclusion cannot possibly be right. So, you are saying Rafa hitting hard early caused him to be a successful pro. Really? Then you extrapolate that to everyone to say that what ever worked for Rafa must work for everyone else? Really?? Everyone...
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    My FH after watching Murray/Djokovic/Thiem

    To me, it doesn't really matter how you take your racket back. So long as you end up in the slot position as you start your forward swing, you should be fine. Without a video, we are all guessing here.
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    US Open/Wimbledon Advice

    Check this link here for all the info you need for US Open.
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    Moving to Northern suburb of Cincinnati, OH

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am planning on it since it seems to be only 10 minutes away from my new apartment.
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    Moving to Northern suburb of Cincinnati, OH

    It's official! I will be moving to Liberty Township (next to Mason) by the end of this month. Guess I will be spending a lot of time at Mason HS. Please pm me if you are near the area and would like to hit.
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    seeking the truth - does the wrist actively release on the fh?

    I think you need to explain what you mean by "inside" and "outside". To me, outside means the racket head stays to the right side of your body. Here is a good video about this. If so, then I would think that most male pros hit outside to inside. What is your definition of inside and outside?
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    Pros don't hit deep near baseline that much

    Watch where Monfils and Simon are standing. Even though the balls are landing near the service lines, they are both standing behind the baseline. That's the key in my view. At the club level though, a short ball to the service line will not force the opponent behind the baseline.
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    Sock/Kyrgios forehand

    Biomechanically speaking, it's rather simple really. It all has to do with your shoulder position. Most pros go from neutral-ESR-ISR to generate the whip. Jack goes from ISR-ESR-ISR. In other words, he generates more RHS because he starts off with the shoulder fully internally rotated. If you...
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    How would you fix this volley issue?

    You need more pace on the low volley because the racket head is open, which tends to pop the ball up. His tip works because the waiter tray position prevents you from decelerating into your volley. That's all. Salzy does not explain the reason very clearly IMO. But his tip is solid.
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    How would you fix this volley issue?

    The amount of follow through depends on how high the ball is. If the ball is below the net, you need more follow through. Jeff Salzy had a good video on this where he brings his racket into a waiter's tray follow through position. It took me a long time get this idea.