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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    I'm really digging his controlled aggression. Considering how it seemed like grinding was going to be the endgame of the tour for a bit, it's a breath of fresh air to see the young talent being aggressive.
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    The Official Teenage Tennis Talent Thread

    Mmoh looks like he has a bit of the same idea that the younger Zverev had when he was first breaking onto the tour - he always wants to stand so far behind the baseline. His attacking game isn't even that bad, so it baffles me why he doesn't try that more when he has the opportunity rather than...
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    17 year old junior disqualified for "hitting" a ballkid. Inconsistent rules?

    It seemed accidental in the video. If it were a significantly hard hit, it would have deserved a DQ, accidental or not. Anything intentional really should get an automatic DQ. Disqualification rules and point penalties in general due to bad behavior really needs to be dealt out more...
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    The Official Teenage Tennis Talent Thread

    Is Mmoh looking like a good prospect now, or is this just a good run for him (despite Kozlov's apparent mental lapse this last match)? Mmoh did not look very promising last year with his "just a rally shot" backhand and a forehand that had all spin and no penetration. I know he still has quite...
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    Rublev: The Next Tennis God

    From the latest highlights I've seen of Rublev (as I haven't been able to see a full match), it seems that he kind of expects his big hitting to disturb the other pros into giving him slower and easier shots. The biggest issue that I see from him at the moment is his inability to play any...
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    US Open 2016 QF: Juan Martin "Tower of Tandil" Del Potro vs Stan "Stanimal" Wawrinka

    Del Potro's gutsy challenge failed him, but he was gifted erratic forehands from Wawrinka to get the break.
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    2016 US Open Round 16 - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs. Jack Sock

    Sock dictating the tiebreaker with his forehand punishing the Tsonga backhand. Too bad it sounds like his return game has been suffering all match, so most likely won't win a fourth set.
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    2016 US Open – Men's Singles

    Nadal's forehands seem rather tentative this second set. Not controlling the point on that side like he should, which let Seppi gain some momentum here. At least Seppi might start being competitive now.
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    2016 US Open – Men's Singles

    Harrison going all he can to just make Raonic play just one more shot. Good strategy considering Raonic is barely moving at all - really more like walking to every shot.
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    2016 US Open – Men's Singles

    Janowicz is being handed a terrible-playing Djokovic on a platter but can't seem to figure out that if he just kept the ball in play he'd be the one up a break right now.
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    REVISED: Updated Open era achievment ranking system using current ATP weighting

    While I agree that the ATP should give at least a decent amount of points for an Olympic win, a similar argument that kept in 500 level achievements for the older players can be applied to the removal of the Olympics - namely, as the Olympics occur only once every four years, it is a tournament...
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    Bronze medal match: Rafael Nadal vs Kei Nishikori

    Good eyes from Nadal. Let that ball go instead of hitting the volley (but had to challenge his way through the point).
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    2016 Wimbledon R16: #5 Ninja vs. #9 Cilic

    Cilic hasn't really been very consistent on any of the slower surfaces this year. If Nishikori can extend those rallies, even if it is just putting pressure on Cilic's groundstrokes by returning serve, then he can win. Thinking Nishikori in 4 very tight sets (though haven't seen either play at...
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    Young Gun Taylor Fritz Gets Engaged

    In order to counteract all of the negativity present in this thread: Go Fritz! (in all endeavors, including those beyond tennis)
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    2016 Nice Final - [1] Dominic Thiem vs [8] Alexander Zverev

    Team Thiem in two due to Zverev's low gas tank and Thiem's finals experience. Probably two tight sets at most. Thiem has been cruising this week.
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    The Official Teenage Tennis Talent Thread

    Kozlov wins against Millot in three, with the third looking pretty comfortable. Will be interesting to see how he fares against Nishioka who defeated top-seeded Ram in straights. That match will be a good barometer for where Kozlov stands on the tour at the moment. It's interesting how...
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    Hopes and expectations for the clay season?

    I would like to see Thiem pull off an upset at the FO this year. With Nadal's current clay form, maybe Thiem can beat him again.
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    Novak Djokovic (1) vs Rafael Nadal (4) - 2016 Indian Wells semifinal

    Nadal is getting some great depth on his ground strokes. Much better than all year at the moment. Too bad it had to be against the world number one.
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    The Official Teenage Tennis Talent Thread

    Tiafoe just stole the first set from Goffin at Indian Wells. Looking at how Tiafoe had been playing in that set, you'd be left scratching your head as to why he'd been struggling to do as well in the challengers as Fritz has been.
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    2016 BNP Paribas Open / Indian Wells General Discussion Thread

    Currently watching college player and wildcard McDonald at the moment currently playing world 140-something Frenchman Millot. McDonald's regular rally balls are doing absolutely no damage at the moment. Additionally, McDonald is constantly hitting towards the middle of the court while Millot...
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    2016 ATP500 Acapulco Telcel SF: (4) Dominic Thiem (AUT) vs Sam Querrey (USA)

    Most likely Thiem in 2: one tight set and one weak set. Querrey was good about punishing the backhand in Delray Beach, but Thiem's no slouch when it comes to his backhand.
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    2016 Delray Beach International Tennis Championship

    Meanwhile Krajicek wins the first set against Anderson in a tiebreak and soon after gets the match after Anderson retirement. Anderson was doing so well in Wimbledon and the USO last year, yet I've barely heard him getting anywhere this year. Hope this is only a minor setback to his 2016.
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    2016 Memphis Final Kei Nishikori vs Taylor Fritz

    Found some pretty good highlights of the match. Nishikori forcing Fritz to change direction so much that the highlights seem to exaggerate how much he uses the slice forehand.
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    Taylor Made Fix For Men's Tennis On The Fritz!

    If Nishikori does make it through, it will be a great test for Fritz despite the mileage Fritz has accumulated this week. Nishikori's backhand will not fold easily and he is very good at constantly applying pressure, especially with angles and moving the opponent around. I certainly hope...
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    Becker looks like Fritz ended his career, not the match.
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    The stats say that Becker is winning 2/3rds of the long points (over 9 shots).
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    Tiebreak time. Fritz bouncing back and trying to make Becker earn the point. Mental advantage Fritz.
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    Becker doing his best to hit through Fritz to avoid 0-40 now.
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    Fritz gets broken after nearly recovering from a 0-30 hole only to commit two UE's on the forehand side in a row. The inexperience is showing a bit there.
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    ATP 250 Memphis Open 02.08 - 02.14

    Fritz working the point very nicely to get to 40-15 and a good serve to follow it up for a pretty comfortable hold. It seems as if Fritz has a hard time on his serve when the returns are aggressive.