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    Smart idea to deliberately hit topspin ground strokes after letting the ball drop low?

    I notice if I hit the incoming ball when it is low on the court, I tend to hit a lower launch angle and the ball stays in the court more and I can pound it without it going long. (Good for doubles also). This is not something I've heard taught before and wonder if it is just something that...
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    Warsaw mid august?

    Going to Warsaw Poland for a week in mid august. Any good places that I can play at? Adult mini weekend camps or drop ins?
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    Cheating towards center strap as netguy when partner serves

    A youtuber named tennistribe says it is crucial to cheat over one step (maybe a half step) towards the center strap of the court, while playing at the net while one's partner serves. Instead of being in the middle of the service box. Good idea? The reason is this extra step cuts off much of the...
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    2023 Roland Garros SF: [1] Carlos Alcaraz vs. [3] Novak Djokovic

    Best of five causes injuries .. the real culprit in turning a game of skill into a marathon
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    2023 WTA Rome QF : Iga Swiatek (1) vs Elena Rybakina (6)

    Did Iga hurt something by "oversplitting" on the penultimate last point of the tie break? She looked like something bad happened.
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    Preplan your stroke used in service return? Or improvise?

    I notice playing deuce side, the net chick poaches bigly on down the t first serves, but stays on second serves and wide serves. Should I aim to hit that down the T first serve down the alley-line to burn them? They will be wrong footed. My opposing net chicks seem predictable but annoying.
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    Preplan your stroke used in service return? Or improvise?

    Doubles: Should I be keeping an open mind when waiting for a service return (other than watching the toss and swing) as far as what kind of stroke to use? Sort of like being at the net and waiting for some kind of passing shot or lob? Or should I be preplanning it, thinking if the serve is down...
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    Thread about VOLLEY and DOUBLES

    A coach told us in a clinic that not to go to the net (as server or returner) unless you have a short ball, because you already have a partner at the net and it isn't worth the risk. True? It was a 4.0 clinic
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    Biomimetic 200 tour lead tape on grip

    I remove it and it swings better now, more brutal feeling and less sluggish
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    Biomimetic 200 tour lead tape on grip

    I bought a Dunlop 200 tour biomimetic used on here. I tried to replace the grip and noticed lead tape on the handle and the string weight with gut and leather grip is 372grams Can I presume the previous owner put the lead tape on? It makes the grip feel too big but I wonder if Dunlop put these...
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    Doubles Switching automatically, and using angle of incoming ball to determine priority

    Two questions for doubles play: After crossing the center line into my partners side to receive a ball I had to get to, my partner didnt move. The opponents hit the next shot easily to the empty half court. My partner told me to tell him to switch; I told him that if my body crosses the center...
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    Another old grommet question: KPS 88 Grommets?

    I finally need a new head guard for my K Factor Pro Staff 88, and realized belatedly that the price is now absurd on ****. The other 90 Wilsons seem just as much. Is there any solution, like a chinese replica from Alibaba that makes these? Any other frame that would fit?
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    I may have cracked the 8.0 mixed code (3.5/4.5 edition)

    But why are the slices more effective, won't they be slower than your normal topspin?
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    Hitting backhand volleys OUT

    For volleys I use the continental grip and am Right handed; I notice my backhand "punch" style volleys go out (long) too much. But softer hits don't put the ball away in doubles. I noticed if I do a sort "slice" style volley I can control the ball and keep it low, though it is much slower. As...
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    Full gut to Hybrid with Tecnifibre Red Code

    Ok my stringer recommended RPM Blast and is going with that ...
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    Full gut to Hybrid with Tecnifibre Red Code

    I thought narrow gauges are less stiff ? Or just Red Code?
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    Full gut to Hybrid with Tecnifibre Red Code

    I use VS17 right now at 50lb in a KPS88, but considered trying out a hybrid with Tec. Red Code 18 in the crosses at 45lb. I never tried poly before, I don't want to get tennis elbow. How much stiffer would the hybrid be? Is the spin production worth it? I mostly want to add spin on my spin...
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    USTA Hijinks: Should one player be highly seeded in two separate NTRP divisions at once?

    The #1 seed in an upcoming 3.5 USTA Sanctioned mens tournament is also in the 4.0 draw as the #2 seed. Both draws have at least 16 players. It would seem this seeding is suspicious; although he could have legitimately won enough points playing "up" (i.e. at his true level) as a 4.0, if he is...
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    UTR Admits Change In Algorithm—Severely Hampers Ability To Raise Rating

    How do you know that last match is what caused his scores to drop? Utr considers anything better than a 6-4, 6-3 result to be uncompetitive. I also doubt a high level d1 alumni would be utr 6 because of "leagues", unless he is sandbagging in a 3.5 one.
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    Revamping 40+ league?

    They have tournaments, a format well suited for singles... That the Usta has 40+ leagues with two singles lines, is amazingly ridiculous. Almost nobody wants to play singles in these leagues. It has helped local leagues replace Usta ones, it is much easier to manage a doubles only team. How...
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    Revamping 40+ league?

    Guilty Guilty
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    Revamping 40+ league?

    "Are you willing to play singles?" Trepidiciously asked the team captain. "Are you willing to play doubles?" Said no team captain ever.
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    Revamping 40+ league?

    Interesting, problem is the vast majority of players hate playing singles, and your plan increases that. You mentioned singles players are highly valued... That's the problem, they are so because nobody else wants to play it. They need to call it a doubles league and be done with it. Notice the...
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    Revamping 40+ league?

    In my area, begging for singles volunteers (and the awkward pause that follows) is an anxiety fraught task even with younger players. Nobody wants the brutal workout and extra pressure. The local non Usta league got rid of singles years ago, nobody could stand it. I marvel that Usta would still...
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    Am I the only one who hates UTR?

    Nice attempt to group together that odd man out, as if those were similar sports ... They are not. Basketball and hockey are completely different in motor control needed to perform effectively compared to golf and tennis, the technical sports. And golf also has a tradition of a quiet environment...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    Straw man ... I said 4.5 "by stroke production" and then disclosed his movement was bad, his only weakness from my point of view since I cannot generate the pace and placement to match him. How else would you have had me phrase the fact he is playing down to win the booby prize of a 3.5...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    I got them in the second set, maybe when his guard was down, and he was out of shape and starting to slow down more. To get those games I also pulled out some low percentage shots (going for the winner style underdog strategy) as my last ditch effort to steal those games, but just could not...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    After playing up and losing at 4.0 tournaments but being somewhat competitive I decided to play at my 3.5 level but got annihilated by a guy who was better than every 4.0 I played by far. He was fat and did an acting job in the warm up like he couldn't swing the racquet or move but I immediately...