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    Serena's Legacy Problem

    cant agree as watching the williams' -the soon to be greatest womens tennis pair that ever walked the planet is quite interesting than another squealing russian clone as they bring excitement to the tournament even though they are odd for entertainments sake watching the W's is a great experience
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    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    and the same goes for the men buddy yeah ban karlovic , isner then eh buddy too smart and the same goes for the short people and ones with diseases and short arms legs and leave perfect specimens like jankovic lookalikes to tuff out as well as mountain chested henin wannabees
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    Australian Open final- Henin vs Serena

    great 15 consecutive points henin , but no trophy . well done serena in doubles too
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    Henin Versus Williams

    doubles and singles champion show some respect guys
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    WOMEN'S - 2010 Australian Open

    me too serena 4 the win i dont like her and then again henin is a total borefest and not much to look at either
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    Serena - 24 GS Titles! (possibly 25 tomorrow)

    no need to celebrate after winning is there and please explain the relationship between beauty and justin henin as i am finding it difficult to put the 2 together especially when looking at her chest
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    Davydenko switched to Ozone PRO TOUR?

    what does the name of the racquet have anything to do with how it plays?
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    Davydenko switched to Ozone PRO TOUR?

    that racquet must be worth alot to him them
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    gosen polylon vs babolat ballistic polymono

    gosen polylon plays the same as kirschbaum honey imho- same exact string if not for the orange tint.
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    Poly-ish but not poly...

    topspin energy
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    Technifibre X-1 Biphase

    topspin energy as i had to find out myself is better than n gut and kgut tour fyi
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    Ball biting

    I think you could never be further from the truth
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    topspin energy ?

    thoughts? anyone used it recommend it?
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    BEST OF THE REDS – please help me choose

    Dont trust anyone full stop . I have made many neg posts about certain racquets on tw only to not have them posted on read add/feedback.
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    3 character search?

    I was wondering if you could change the 3 character search limitation, I am trying to search for racquets and it is not helpful when you cant type in something like yonex mp 5 and so forth it is truly annoying anyone one else with me on this.
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    German Natural Gut?

    I heard that this german from *bay is gut is made out of sheep gut not beef and was a less durable.
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    Sampras is freaking amazing!!

    sampras is a tossa . " I hung in there" wtf? More like he let you hang in there , you over the hill gorilla .
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    John Isner

    Fed gave him that set , dont forget. all you yanks think all the same
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    !!looking For Steal Hard Strings!!

    try prince pro blend 16 (highest stiffness rating of all strings)string it at max ie 75-80 lbs and bobs your uncle..
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    ***something Very Instersting; Marat Safin Match Used Racquet, With High Detailed Pic

    This frame is def cracked and I would not bother risking anything with an overseas deal , no accountability .
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    Stuck with racquet, bad situation.

    I think your problem is mainly due to technique , unfortunately you need a good coach and a miracle:grin:
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    Gamma Stinger

    i think i heard it breaks frames easily
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    Luxilion supersense monotec 16L

    maybe they should have said "YOU TOO, can play like federer"
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    whats up with querrey?

    of what i've seen of slammin sam q there is nothing that makes me excited- his game is very predictable -similar to roddicks , but with less impact, in my books he just cant cut it . sorry but the truth hurts ,when its close to home.
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    sandpaper your strings?

    I did actually try this once being a string maniac- and i found that the ball spent too much time on the strings trying to pry itself away from the racquet, that it screwed with my strokes. so I stopped it. guys who I cream at the local courts were beating me so i stopped me btw I did not use...
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    Luxilon String to match Babolat

    luxilon is all hype -good string -but for the money there are better options (cyberflash,babolat polymono-etc,)
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    Hi , Yes spinfire is a nice string but you have to string it to the max 65-75 because like alot of polys it loses initial tension. this string is amazing with x1 on the crosses or vice versa makes a nice ripping sound .
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    Why did someone string like this?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with tying off of a cross string I ve strung hundreds of racquets this way fyi
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    x-one hybrid?

    x1 is just an average string loses too much tension and waaaaay too much power.
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    Alu Power or Alu Power Rough?

    i dont think so , that is not proven but is just based on individual experience