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    Anyone going to Indian Wells?

    I went Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Purchased tix on-line and printed them out at home. TravelAdvisor gave all the local, affordable hotels a pretty bad review, so I stayed in Banning. Wasn't able to go last year, and this year, I noticed that the tournament has sure changed. I'm not sure...
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    Indian Wells * BNP Paribas Open 2011 * Pictures

    Yup, Pentax K-5 with a Sigma EX 70-200/2.8 or a Sigma EX 100-300/4 lens attached. Most shots in Tv priority mode. Upped the ISO a bit to get the keep the shutter speeds around 1/1000s. I'm loving that 7fps capability. When I have time, I'm going to composite some serving shots into a single...
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    facing Robin Soderling across the net

    content deleted - didn't know there was an IW picture thread under the results sub-forum
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    Who's A Senior? I Am!!

    One needs to turn 50 sometime within the calendar year.
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    Goran Ivanisevic playing a tournament next week

    Looks like Goran is playing a tournament next week in Zagreb. Only doubles, teamed with Marin Cilic. (Yes. Some of us actually watch and enjoy doubles.)
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    Davis Cup Final 2010 - France v Serbia

    First to call it. (post #10 on first page) Where do I claim my brownie points?
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    Amatuers vs pros (vid)

    From stevegtennis 690 Kosakowski, Daniel USA 1 23 23 0 23 10 690 = Rank 1 = Rank Diff (from last week) 23 = Pts This Week 23 = Pts Last Week 0 = +/- (points added or lost this week) 23 = +/- Since Jan 1 (points added or lost since beginning of year) 10 = # of Trn...
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    Davis Cup Final 2010 - France v Serbia

    3-2 for the first time finalists
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    The Doubles Thread

    I just love this photograph. Is there anyone who loves the doubles game more than Leander, who plays with as much intensity, is so talented, and is so gentle, friendly, and accommodating with people who watch his matches in person? Next year will be interesting. The TEAM is back!
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    End of an era: SteveG Tennis no longer maintained after this year I'm really going to miss my "Monday Morning Fix" when I check SteveGtennis for the results of all the tournaments, even obscure ones. Steve, you done well. Enjoy "having your life back". We'll miss you.
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    How should Isner and Mahut be rewarded?

    Sheech! Some "reward", and that to be followed up by his doubles match being the second of the day on court 19. Looks like Mahut had enough in the tank for his dubs match today ... to be finished tomorrow. (Is there a record for playing the most consecutive days at Wimbledon? This will...
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    Isner and Mahut are an embarrassment to tennis

    Completely true. I had the same thought yesterday as the set wore on and John was obviously crippled with fatigue. Mahut could have wrapped it up quickly with a better return game. Great match! Glad I was able to watch most of it.
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    How should Isner and Mahut be rewarded?

    They did, (or maybe you were just joking). What did the AELTC present to both of them at the end of the match? Two boxes each, presented by Tim and some lady old-time Wimbledon champion, who's name I can't recall.
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    Pete Bodo on Isner v Mahut

    I only saw the match from about 15 all, to its conclusion today, (on epsn3). Pretty much all of the aces were "real". Surely, fatigue has to have played a factor, but the speeds were incredible as was the placement. Those two factors together will account for a lot of nonreturnable serves.
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    Caption this: Isner vs Mahut

    Absolutely! The only caption that is funny is the ball-boy one. All the rest are in very poor taste.
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    The real Wimbledon loser

    You're a man after my own heart, naylor. Were we fraternal twins separated at birth? You expressed my thoughts exactly. p.s. If you were watching closely during the semi-finals and the final when they showed the "grounds", you would have noticed that the forecourts of most of the courts were...
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    Calender grand slam?

    It would be a "Serena Slam".
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    where do people play near Los Angeles?

    For those in the San Fernando Valley, (or Simi Valley, Glendale/Burbank, Santa Clarity Valley), the Los Angeles Tennis Players Association plays on the California State University, Northridge courts. They have drop-in singles on Saturday mornings and drop-in doubles on Sunday mornings and...
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    Do you now believe Federer is the GOAT?

    Just four...all in the same calendar year.
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    espn is joking, right?

    When's the next Master's Series? (1000 event) No doubles, but at least they show an entire match, from warm-up to after-match stats...blowout or cliff hanger, no switching from match to match. After a match is over, then and only then to they go over to a match already in progress. Now...