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    Mantis Comfort Synthetic

    I'll add that I too like MCS for a hybrid setup and am sad that it is no longer available at TW.
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    Biphase 17: full bed or hybrid? help me decide!

    I played w/ X1-biphase as a full set for 4 yrs or so. It has great feel, good power, and great spin for a multi-filament. In the past couple of years, I"ve been experimenting with hybrids, I haven't been able to make X1 work with any of the polys I've tried. I've opted for softer, lower...
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    Which racket will...

    give me better footwork? get me to watch the ball all of the way to my racket? keep my chin up when I serve? make me prepare early for the ball? help me select the high percentage shot? get me to ball quicker? get me fit enough to finish strong in three sets? keep me from tensing up on...
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    tecnifibre red code

    I've been playing red code 17g with x1 biphase 17 in the crosses (52/57lb) and love the blend of power and control. I really tried to make SPPP work for me; it seemed to have more pop and more spin, but I could never keep it under control. Tension maintenance is great with both strings.
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    Dunlop Biomimetic 200 players - what's your setup?

    Keifers, for all of my hybrid experiments I've used lower tension on the polyester compared to the multifilament, regardless of whether the poly is in the main or in the cross. Not only do the manufacturers recommend it, but also because polyester has more bending stiffness than the...
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    Dunlop Biomimetic 200 players - what's your setup?

    I've only tried my base setup of Red Code 17g/X1-Biphase 17g @55/59 so far and I'm liking it! I've played this setup on my Aerogel 200, my Aerogel 4D and my MW200G and this still my favorite setup across all of them(give or take a couple pounds for the weather). Been bombing first serves with...
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    40 and over players ! Need your response Please !

    I'm 43, play 4.0-4.5 doubles and have used Dunlop 200g for the past 10yrs, currently alternate playing with both the Aerogel and 4D.
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    Is Aerogel 200 a stiff racket?

    I've been switching back and forth between the MW200G and AG200. I string both with 17g Biphase, typically around 63lbs. I've had no real joint issues with the AG200, though truth be told, I've never really been prone to that type of injury (knock on wood). I've had my AG200 for over a year...
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    A new Roddick?

    A lot on the board has been said about how Gulbis tanked the match against Roddick. I think what's notable is not Gulbis, but how Roddick gutted out a match against a more talented opponent. I am not a big Roddick fan. When I think of Roddick I think of what Lendl used to say about Agassi...
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    Do you prefer Technifiber Bi-phase 16 or 17 guage

    Ditto on the Red X1-Biphase. Its just didn't play the same and seem to lose tension far too quickly. Looked great though.
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    ALL 3.5-4.0 players... What racquet are you using???

    Dunlop MW200G, X1-BiPhase @ 62lbs 4.0 doubles Been fooling around with the Aerogel 200, but haven't committed to it for league play.
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    ***Dunlop 200 Series Club***

    How interesting! I had the similar experience going to the Redondo MP and then back again to the MW200G. I definitely had a more western grip with the Redondo, but that grip just didn't work for me on the MW200G and I'm back to a more semi-western grip. The dwell time/flexibility good point...
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    ***Dunlop 200 Series Club***

    I completely agree with you. For all of its merits, I never felt I could dictate play at the net with the Redondo. At the baseline, it was different and I felt the Redondo held its own (especially with all the lead tape I added), but doubles is a lot more fun with the MW200G and I feel my game...
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    ***Dunlop 200 Series Club***

    After being seduced by the Redondo MP for a year, I switched back to the MW200 when I realized I hadn't nailed a confident volley in some time. The transition back took a few weeks, but the old net game is back, with reflexes slowed by a year. After a couple of months back on the Muscle...
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    Red Code & X1 Biaphase

    I've been playing a one-piece 17 gauge X1-Biphase string job for the past 2 years. Love the touch, feel and the volleys. String pockets nicely when you strike clean groundies. I've been playing around 60-62 lbs on a Redondo MP and MW200G and both were quite fine. I've experimented with a...
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    Sentimental favorite: Prince CTS Approach

    I got a new stringer a month or so ago and after I strung the two rackets I play with normally, I've been trying to get in some stringing practice on other rackets. I dug out my Prince CTS Approach from the garage and stringing it was a trip down memory lane. Spec wise, it's probably...
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    Time For a New Racquet?

    I stuck with my MW200Gs for 5 yrs and only changed when I cracked the frame on my racket (hot day + hands slippery with sunscreen + kick serve = cracked frame). If I could have found a replacement I would have stuck with them, but they are too hard to find these days. In my experience, you...
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    Most maneuverable 12oz. frames

    The Pro Kennex Redondo is 10pts head light and 12.1 oz. A lot of its users on this board modify it from stock though, adding lead to trade off maneuverability for better "plow through" on the groundies and serves
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    Availability of Alpha Revo Stringing Machine

    Any idea when TW will be getting more Alpha Revo machines? In fact, I noticed that there aren't any stringing machines in stock. Is this a seasonal thing?
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    Ugliest tennis shoes ever?

    Does Reebok always hit their shoes with the ugly stick on the way out the factory?
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    PK grip pallets? I ordered my second Redondo MP last fall and when it finally arrived, I was surprised to notice that the grip seemed smaller than my previous Redondo, despite both having the same listed grip size (4 1/2). I had a guy at the local shop put a heat shrink over the pallets, but...
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    That's funny. I ended up going to a more western forehand after playing with the Redondo MP, but I'm sure that's just circumstances. I was never consistent enough to hit a true western forehand with the small sweetspot on my prior racket (MW200g) and I found my best forehands with the MW200g...
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    Calf Workout?

    Skipping rope works. So does running barefoot in the sand or, if you have the opportunity, playing beach volleyball.
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    Gonzalez an up and coming pro?

    I agree. I think Gonzo has an uncommon forehand and court speed I didn't realize he had (maybe its the 10lbs they say he lost). But the variety in his shots has to be a product of working with Stepanki (sp?). I really like how he was working his slice backhand to set up points for his big...
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    Dream Final!!

    Anyone notice Serena serving and volleying in the first set? Nailed the backhand volley for a clean winner. Granted it may have only happened that one time; I couldn't stomach the match and didnt' watch the whole thing. But what I saw was that Serena was just pounding the returns and her...
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    Dunlop 200g Club

    You wouldn't be the first to leave a Dunlop 200G for a Redondo. There's quite a community of ex-200G users who've gone over. After 5 months of play, the only downside for me on the Redondo mid-plus has been the reflex volleys. After I leaded up the racket to get the balance I like, I...
  27. S, my level of awe has increased

    You've got to give it up for Roddick. Taking the returns early, good court movement and actually volleying with confidence... he looks like a new player. A lot more than a big serve and a big forehand. I used to think that only the mercurial Safin would be able to pull together the game to...
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    Racquet Myth: 'Growing into' an 'advanced / demanding' racquet

    I find this interesting as I switched from a tweener racket to a players racket 6 years ago because I couldn't keep the ball in the court. I'm a bigger player (6', 200lbs) and the heavier flexible racket helped me keep the balls in play and (as a side benefit) forced me to improve my footwork...
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    Pre-match superstitions?

    Before every home USTA match this season, I stopped off at a Pollo Loco and ate one of their chicken burritos. Oddly enough, I won just about every match that I ate a burrito. A simple equation developed in my head: Burrito = home win Absurd, isn't it? Standing in line, I've had a...
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    Is the Redondo a modern day 200G MW?

    I stopped playing with my MW200G back in July when I switched to the Redondo 98. Like BasilJ, I played with the MW200G for six years and I have loving memories of reflex volleys when it seemed like I barely had time to register the ball. After a summer of hitting with the Redondo, however...