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  1. Bengt

    About to give up on stringing...

    I almost threw my KM away 20 years ago but then I bought the stand and it's so much easier. 1) Master the Parnell knot (it's all I use with my KlipperMate) 2) Multis are the easiest to string (TF PU strings especially) 3) BUY THE STAND!!!!!
  2. Bengt

    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) into two threads

    The Kimony Techni is the first leather grip I've installed which did none of what I see are the 3 main issues with installing a leather grip: 1) riding up and exposing the butt cap 2) creasing on the turn from flat to diagonal wrap and 3) leaving a bulge on one side of the grip due to the...
  3. Bengt

    New York Times: "A Fix for Your Tennis Elbow"

    For the same reason baseball players train with more than 36 oz. I had to twist the green one at least 50 times a set to feel it working. It got tedious. I think the blue one would have worked better for me from the start. I had a mild/med case of TE - pain on serve and ohbh. Btw, I...
  4. Bengt

    New York Times: "A Fix for Your Tennis Elbow"

    I have both the blue and green. I recommend the blue unless you're very weak due to the pain. Btw, it works. I use it everyday as a preventative measure now.
  5. Bengt

    Racket Experiment... PresMid vs. RadOS

    I care. I used a microgel Prestige mid for the first time last weekend and was very pleasantly surprised with it. If I were to pick one word to describe the racquet it would be 'solid'. I've been using a POG OS due to elbow injury and expected the tiny Prestige to put a major hurting on...
  6. Bengt

    Pushers dont win Grand Slams

    The player you describe would have a hard time competing in Women's 3.0.
  7. Bengt

    Best "power" strings for thin beamed rackets

    Forten Sweet 16 is more gut-like and better than X-One Biphase, imo. I played a couple of hours with both in identical racquets (Avery Control) at identical tensions (55). I can hardly believe it. I would love to see someone else compare the two. The ball pocketing of Sweet is incredible.
  8. Bengt

    Nashville/Clarksville Racquet Stringing

    Nevada Bob's on Harding in Nashville.
  9. Bengt

    Klippermate Stringer Coming in the Mail Today!!!!

    There's a shelf underneath the stand for your tools. Very convenient.
  10. Bengt

    The Real Reason Serve and Volley Tennis has Disappeared

    S and V is a losing strategy at the pro level as a result of STRINGS. Prior to the adoption of poly even the best volleyers the game has ever known lost a ton of points. After poly, the 30th ranked player can put the ball on a player's shoetops. That wasn't the case prior to the late 90's...
  11. Bengt

    Klippermate Stringer Coming in the Mail Today!!!!

    I've owned my Klippermate for 10 years and have strung hundreds of racquets. If you don't need to take your Klippermate around with you, I strongly recommend buying the stand. It makes stringing so much easier.
  12. Bengt

    Prince Precision Graphite Series 125

    If you don't mind, how wide is the head?
  13. Bengt

    NRG2 vs X-1 Biphase: Your Opinion?

    You just need to string tighter and/or use a higher gauge. IMO, the difference between cheap multis and the high end multis is playability at higher tensions. Cheap multis act more like a typical syn gut while high end multis perform more like gut.
  14. Bengt

    Why are multi's not popular?

    My opinion is that multis are much more popular than this forum indicates. This forum is dominated by those less than 30 years old. Give their poor, Nadal-wanna-be form a few more years to wear on their elbow ligaments and you'll see an increasing number of them putting the poly away and...
  15. Bengt

    PK KI5: why did I ignore you?

    I liked the racquet - especially on volleys (must be something to that twistweight thing) - but I got pushed around by big hitters at the 4.5 level when I played with it because it simply doesn't possess the needed mass. Serves didn't have the ooompf they normally do. And yes, the upper hoop...
  16. Bengt

    Official Prince Exo3 Graphite owners' thread

    The 93 is a little easier to play with than the POG mid and that's just what I need. I really like it. Strung with X-One 17 @ 61.
  17. Bengt

    Hard times for Prince?

    Long term POG user here who is sold on the EXO Graphite 93, fwiw. It has that extra give for this 4.0 which the original doesn't have. I initially scoffed at the holes as a marketing gimmick, but maybe there's something to it. Beat Liquidmetal, Youtek, BLX, NCode, Aerogel etc. At least you...
  18. Bengt

    Ashaway Dynamite = fantastic string

    I've used the 17g and if you string it at the right tension it is very good (soft, but not mushy), but the cover coming off is beyond simple fraying - it's a defect.
  19. Bengt

    Prestige VS. Graphite

    Don't forget that the grip shapes are like night and day.
  20. Bengt

    Kennex Kinetic System

    PK Kinetic is the real deal. The Ki5 PSE cured my tennis elbow when nothing else worked including rest. I can't explain it. I found the non-PSE version to be a little too light and underpowered, though.
  21. Bengt

    Tennis Elbow???

    I'm a 4.0 and got tennis elbow. I read on Talk Tennis that it's because my technique is terrible so I got some lessons, became a 6.0 and now my TE is gone. Just kidding. I took some time off, bought a flexbar, did the exercises, bought a couple Pro Kennex Ki5 PSEs (13 oz) and now I'm recovered.
  22. Bengt

    ProKennex Nation

    You PSE-ed it, in other words. j/k Do you know the SW?
  23. Bengt

    ProKennex Nation

    ^^^ Is the white one a Ceramic Ace?
  24. Bengt

    ProKennex Nation

    You have to string it that low to get any power out of it. I strung mine at 52 and it still didn't drive the ball like I'd like. I loved it on volleys, though.
  25. Bengt

    Wilson to Extreme: From Kuebler to the Spin

    Great overall post! However, does anyone remember what those shoes were? As a very little kid into Superfriends and all I went nuts for those and was very, very disappointed that I couldn't jump over my house with them. I recall they were blue with a small white and red stripe.
  26. Bengt

    Redondo vs. Ki5 in comfort

    I demoed the 15 PSE and didn't like the relative head heavy feel. That racquet is just begging for a leather grip. It should have come with one like the 5 PSE.
  27. Bengt

    Redondo vs. Ki5 in comfort

    Right, I should clarify that I was referring to swingweight which I believe is just a tad over 300. I had a hard time driving the ball with it. The PSE version solved that problem. I imagine the PSE would be difficult for the new style windshield-washer forehand types, though.
  28. Bengt

    Whoa nice cheap alternative to lead tape

    I'd take the 34 cents and apply it to the cost of lead.
  29. Bengt

    Redondo vs. Ki5 in comfort

    The 5g/Ki5 is simply too light for a "player's" racquet. It forces you to swing too hard. With that being said, it is the real deal when it comes to elbow trouble. Try the PSE version.