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    NXT/ Velocity

    low to mid 40s
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    NXT/ Velocity

    X-1/V is ultimate comfort setup, better than gut. Low tension poly has better performance but X-1/V is king of multi setups. Just try it and call it a day. I always have a racquet strung w X-1/V just in case.
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    X-1/Velocity hybrid strung in mid 40 lbs range if your arm hurts. Low tension poly can be comfortable but still wont be comfortable enough if you suffer arm pain simply because the impact shock still gets transmitted when you hit the ball. If your arm hurts, just take a break for a few weeks...
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    1.25 with 1.30

    try them at same tension, i guarantee you get more spin w thinner albeit less control so balls might start spraying with thin strings at low tension
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    1.25 with 1.30

    thinner string will have more bite
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    Blend with solinco hyper g

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    LUXILON 4g desert bronze/black?

    color definitely matters…it’s no coincidence that a lot of black strings play similarly dead while silver strings have a crisp feel and bright neon strings have a little more liveliness. I doubt Kemp even plays tennis, lacking first hand experience
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    Poly for high 3.5 Sophomore?

    with HG, i would go thinner gauge and lower tension and it will start to have more power the value in 4g is that it will stay good for a long time so you save on restringing fees
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    Poly for high 3.5 Sophomore?

    low tension poly is your best bet…try using 1.25 gauge hyperG or lux 4g at lower tension (around mid 40s tension) and the string bed will open up and you will get to experience some great ball pocketing. With these low tension setups, it’s best to pick a string that has good control, tension...
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    How high can you tension up X-1 Biphase?

    X-1 mains with Velocity cross is the best way to go…as X-1 loses tension and starts becoming launchy, the low powered Velocity will help tame the rocket launcher feel of X-1. I do 42/40 in my v7 blade and nothing feels better.
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    Natural gut storage - opened half sets

    Can buy 2 packs of X-1 for the price of a pack of natural gut. Since I string myself, I prefer 2x string beds of X-1 than 1x of gut. X-1 with velocity holds up surprisingly well because the slick low powered nature of velocity complements the X-1 when it starts losing tension and becomes...
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    How does the thickness of the cross string affect play?

    thicker mains would really hinder the elasticity of the string bed (could be a good or bad thing considering what you want) think about how 18x20 plays compared to 16x19…thicker cross would result in denser string bed (more control and durability) while thinner would make it feel more open (more...
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    Natural gut storage - opened half sets

    i found a pack of pacific gut that had been sitting in a drawer for 10-15 years (since my high school days) and it still played fantastic…it wasnt even sealed too! X-1 biphase still better though :-P
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    Power level comparison between these 3 strings

    hyperG is great for low tension setups because of its low power…i like to use as a main in hybrid (ghostwire cross) to soften up the stringbed, 17g at 38/36 lbs feels great
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    I hate Penn balls.

    penn balls are garbage and dont bounce up even when fresh (think bouncing up to waist for serve)
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    Compare/contrast your experiences with premium multis

    nothing compares to X-1 in terms of feel
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    Compare/contrast your experiences with premium multis

    hybrid the best feeling multi (X-1) in mains, with a cheaper slick good tension maintenance string in cross (velocity or multifeel) and voila, you have the best multi setup
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    Velocity but livelier

    try multifeel cross instead of velocity for more crispness
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    Velocity but livelier

    X-1/velocity hybrid is the way to go
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    Let's create a list of the Top Favorite Poly Strings

    alu spin 1.27/element 1.25 hybrid is my current favorite… HG/ghostwire gets honorable mention
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    Head Velocity 17 versus 16 versus X1 Biphase

    after a few hrs the coating starts to wear off due to inter string and ball friction. Same thing happens with poly but not as drastic
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    String similar to Luxilon Alu Power but cheaper? (2023)

    i heard alu lasts longer with element in crosses…i will be experimenting alu spin 1.27/element 1.25 in my v7 blade
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    String help needed

    low tension poly is probably your best bet (low 40s tension) now it’s a matter of taste…silver strings tend to be more crisp, black is muted, neon color is lively hyperG 1.25/ghostwire 1.22 seems like it would be a good combo and probably break before the strings die… alu spin1.27/element 1.25...
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    What string for a 12yr old boy UTR 3 - the Wilson NXT I recently got lasted a month!!

    another option would be to get a racquet with tighter stringer pattern so strings break slower but then you trade off power and spin for control and durability. I would recommend 8 main throat such as the wilson v7 blade 98 16x9 that i use.
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    What string for a 12yr old boy UTR 3 - the Wilson NXT I recently got lasted a month!!

    X-1 biphase 15L mains with Velocity 16g cross will be the most economical multi hybrid that provides that NXT feel. Once he starts getting better, he’s gonna be popping strings about every 2 weeks. Your options are a.) get a stringer or b.) use poly for more durability. Or i guess c.) dont play
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    What is the most powerful polyester string?

    if you want power, use a control oriented poly at low 40s tension. Below that, it starts to get too loose and powerful with no control. Maybe if you have a tight string pattern lower would work but it sucks to have a racquet restrung only for it to be too loose. If you string a bit tighter, you...
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    Head Velocity 17 versus 16 versus X1 Biphase

    velocity has a slick coating that actually allows snapback…for the first few hrs there is very little string movement similar to poly which i absolutely love about this string setup
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    Head Velocity 17 versus 16 versus X1 Biphase

    X-1 mains with velocity cross is the way to go…16g for 16x19, 17g for 18x20. V crosses helps tame the power of X-1 when it starts loosening up while also basically cutting the price in half. Only need premium strings for main
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    wilson championship balls decline in quality

    I’ve noticed that during pandemic, Wilson was running short on supply of balls. After playing a few cans, I’ve noticed the quality has drastically gone down. The balls die much faster and stop short sometimes with an erratic bounce. I suspect they started using cheaper materials to cut costs and...
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    High level non poly users

    I am 35 yr old 4.5 player that doesn’t use poly. I use X-1/Velocity 16g hybrid in my v7 blade 98 16x19 and my arm stays happy as a clam. Poly definitely provides more performance (can hit harder with more spin and control) but the pain is just not worth it. X-1/V doesnt lock up for the first few...