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  1. Seifersquall1

    Federermagic Youtube account suspended?

    There's a channel that's giving us a bit of federermagic back:
  2. Seifersquall1

    What improved your serve the most?

    Tossing high, extending my arm and bending the knees helped a lot.
  3. Seifersquall1

    My Game

    Thanks for the tips. I've been lazy hitting with the ball machine so my footwork's obviously gonna suck :mrgreen: I actually play better against big hitters somehow and worse when I play with mediocre players :(
  4. Seifersquall1

    My Game

    Thanks. I have noticed my left leg kicking up on the backhand a long time ago but it's natural to me now so I don't notice it anymore :( I tried to stop but it's very difficult somehow... Any ideas to prevent the leg dragging?
  5. Seifersquall1

    My Game I'll post more videos if I have time. Please give me instructive criticism :)
  6. Seifersquall1

    going back to tennis question

    Yep. I missed hit a lot that I actually broke a string (they were dead anyway). The balls seemed faster even if it's in the same velocity that I usually hit. You should hit half court for awhile.
  7. Seifersquall1

    Rate this serve

    The last serve was nice :)
  8. Seifersquall1

    Tournament in a few hours

    Yeah I guess lol. I'm just so nervous thinking that I'm not ready.
  9. Seifersquall1

    Tournament in a few hours

    Well, I won again :)
  10. Seifersquall1

    Kevlar at low tension = magic!

    Alright I might string it at 43/48
  11. Seifersquall1

    Tournament in a few hours

    I have another tournament in a few hours. This one is weird. I have to play only six points in total per person. I'm pretty nervous about that. Any tips?
  12. Seifersquall1

    Kevlar at low tension = magic!

    Does kevlar drop tension rapidly? Can you still control it even if it's strung at a low tension?
  13. Seifersquall1

    Kevlar at low tension = magic!

    Yeah you're right. I'm less of a noob now :)
  14. Seifersquall1

    Kevlar at low tension = magic!

    I'm sorry that I revived this thread. Nickb, I'm planning on stringing my k90 with crossfire 17. What tension do you prefer.
  15. Seifersquall1

    Any Replacements for pht?

    My brother just borrowed my racquet and after two hits, he shanked one and snapped my pht string. I'm going to buy a new set of strings but I don't know where to start. PHT loses tension too quick and I find it hard to control. Any suggestions?
  16. Seifersquall1

    3 Grams Added

    Will it make a difference if I add 1 1/2 grams to the 3 and 9 oclock postions?
  17. Seifersquall1

    Gee Willikers Batman! is back from his tennis break.

    That's what exactly happened to me when I took a two week break. But I got my game back in one week somehow.
  18. Seifersquall1

    Good books...

    Thanks for the feedback.
  19. Seifersquall1

    help finding a grip

    Yonex Supergrap?
  20. Seifersquall1

    Babolat Lead Weight Tape

    Ok, thanks.
  21. Seifersquall1

    Babolat Lead Weight Tape Does this lead tape work on thin racquets like the k90?
  22. Seifersquall1

    Nickb's Poly Reviews

    Full job. 10 char.
  23. Seifersquall1

    Good books...

    Can you give me a review of those three books you've read? I'm planning on buying a book too.
  24. Seifersquall1

    Nickb's Poly Reviews

    Nickb, Have you tried Kirschbaum Competition 17 (1.25)? I already bought this string and I'm wondering if it's good for my K90 before I get it strung.
  25. Seifersquall1

    Tournament in a few hours

    Aw yeah! I won :) Thanks for the tips guys.
  26. Seifersquall1

    Tournament in a few hours

    I'm playing a junior novice tournament boys 14. And I only have to play one person.... Any tips and tricks you guys wanna give me?
  27. Seifersquall1

    ***Pete Sampras Dampener Club***

    I use a black.
  28. Seifersquall1

    Help picking a new string!!

    Most poly strings don't hold tension well at all so try using multifiliments.
  29. Seifersquall1

    Your Racquet You Use

    Wilson k90 PHT 16L @ 55lbs Pete Sampras O damapener Wilson Pro Soft overgrip
  30. Seifersquall1

    Favorite Overgrip?

    Wilson Pro Soft.