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  1. kimbahpnam

    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    My opinion is if he's selling one fake string then he's probably selling other fake strings...
  2. kimbahpnam

    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    The fake strings came from seller "sunshine-usa"
  3. kimbahpnam

    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    I have here 4 sets of "RPM Blast." 2 I bought off Amazon which are real. 2 I bought off the great auction site which were fake and which I was later refunded. I've listed the differences I spotted between the two reels and hopefully will help anyone out there who might have questions about...
  4. kimbahpnam

    I Discovered the BEST and CHEAPEST Hybrid Combo

    If 1 play tester and 3 TW staffers recommended it then how did you discover it?
  5. kimbahpnam

    Federer's blacked out frame

    If fed doesn't win another major it's not because he switched racquets
  6. kimbahpnam

    Man Of Steel (2013)

    The part I had a hard time with was that it lacked any kind of CHARM. Not much between Superman and Lois that the older movies had. I can't really comment on Cavill's acting since it didn't seem like he had much dialogue. It's already been confirmed that a sequel is being made everything that...
  7. kimbahpnam

    NTRP 0 to 5 in a year? Is that possible?

    since there is no 0 rating, it's impossible.
  8. kimbahpnam

    Best tennis commercials

    Best one ever because of the irony (and music)
  9. kimbahpnam

    To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"

    I'm a 4.5 and I play mixed 8.0 for USTA league and tournaments and I have a 90+ winning %. I think there are too many variables to say that 4.5s should stay out of 8.0 just because they're too strong. I've lost to a 4.0/4.0 combos simply because they know how to play a 4.5/3.5 pairing by...
  10. kimbahpnam

    Wilson BLX Steam 99S vs Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013

    I own the 2013 APDs and I demoed the 99s this week and I didn't like it compared to my APDs. It lacks natural control because of the open pattern, it's too powerful and off centered shots were really bad.
  11. kimbahpnam

    Wilson Steam 99S - My Full Review

    I just spent about 4 hours over two consecutive days hitting with it and the more time I spent with it, the less I liked it. I am coming from using leaded up APD 2013s. I started out like everyone else thinking the extra spin was awesome. There was a noticeable amount of extra spin. The...
  12. kimbahpnam

    Idea for TW: "Demo Gold Club"

    let's start with a rewards program :)
  13. kimbahpnam

    Federer Revelations

    You mean that 1/2 step that Federer is slower than he was? He just played a 5 setter the match before and the commentators even said how he looked a little more sluggish after the Tsonga match than the matches leading up to it. Also, the more important thing is, if you weren't watching, was...
  14. kimbahpnam

    Adidas "New Apparel" Ad on Tennis Warehouse website

    obviously OP doesn't know any players outside top 4
  15. kimbahpnam

    Murray vs Simon

    I feel bad for people who paid to watch this match
  16. kimbahpnam

    nike air max cage?

    I've used size 9.5 for the CB2.3, CB4.3, Vapor 9, Big Shots, Barricade 6 & 7. I ordered the 9.5 for the Air Max Cage and found they're just a little longer in the toe area. Every where else in the shoe feels fine, but the there's like an extra .25'' extra just in the toe box. If I could...
  17. kimbahpnam

    appropriate add for babolat in light of sandy hook

    i think it's inappropriate because roddick's retired -_-
  18. kimbahpnam

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    I would go until you reach the "cloth" part of the shoe which is under that white layer.
  19. kimbahpnam

    Newly (damaged) Babolat APD 2013 & Trap Door Picture

    I got my newly ordered Babolat APDs but they arrived damaged from TW, probably by the stringer...on both frames and at the exact same spot. Yea, yea they'll end up chipped anyway, but when I buy a new car I don't want any blemishes on it even though one day it will have some. I'm the one who...
  20. kimbahpnam

    2013 Babolat APD Thoughts

    So I was fortunate enough to be the first one to grab TW's demo of the new APD (4 1/4, poly). It still had the plastic on the grip when it arrived. Came strung with RPM Blast...sounded like mid-upper 50s tension. Gotta admit whoever strung it at TW left a few loose knots. Right now I use...
  21. kimbahpnam

    New Big Shots...cheaper ?

    wow...i didn't even know they came out with a new version already... i can't believe they dropped it $10...sounds too good to be true.
  22. kimbahpnam

    Nalbandian robbed

    it was obviously that line judge getting his revenge...
  23. kimbahpnam

    Ferrer Spanish player of the year!

    sarcasm?...because i doubt he cares.
  24. kimbahpnam

    Federer to retire in a few years

    after he wins gold in rio
  25. kimbahpnam

    New Head Prestige 25th Anniversary Bag

    looks like a lot of leather!
  26. kimbahpnam

    Do you think Roddick will come out of retirement with the win?

    by this logic Kuerten should come back after beating Djokovic!!!