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  1. m2nk2

    Kyrgios, coach split article. Kid is too annoying

    Kokki is exactly the same as Kyrgios though.
  2. m2nk2

    Jim Courier?

    He would win 7-8 probably. This era is a lot weaker than his era so he'd be right at the top.
  3. m2nk2

    The New Generation

    Exactly. It's not normal for a 34-year old to be ranked nr 2 or for the same 4 people to have won 45 of the last 49 masters.
  4. m2nk2

    More grass court tennis, please

    Boodles is just exhibition but no ATP points.
  5. m2nk2

    More grass court tennis, please

    Less HC and more grass. I'm all for that. But lets have the grass longer to allow for less bounce and faster game. Bad news for Nadal and Djoko and Murray. But it's difficult to be good on every surface.
  6. m2nk2

    The New Generation

    Not because he's better than any of the top 10 but that they'll will retire leaving him with even less competition. Weak era getting weaker.
  7. m2nk2

    I'm guessing Federer would be doing better with his pro staff 90

    I think he should go back to his PS85. No, seriously.
  8. m2nk2

    If Andy Roddick wins US Open, do you think Blake will try harder?

    Yeah, think so. It's usually how it goes when you play with someone a lot. Then that person wins a big title and you realise that if he can, so can I.
  9. m2nk2

    How the Challenge System should be changed, especially for Wimbledon

    I guess I'm the only one on this forum who wants to get rid of hawkeye altogether. Or they should only be given 1 challenge/set. It's too much challenging going right. Sometimes 10 times in a single set.
  10. m2nk2

    Nadal not happy with the Stuttgart Mercedes

    I think op thinks the Mercedes model is called Stuttgart.
  11. m2nk2

    London / Queen's Club 2015. 1st round between Nadal and Dolgopolov.

    Nadal will be at the WTF this year most likely and back to top 5 as well. He's got no points to defend from here on basically.
  12. m2nk2

    London / Queen's Club 2015. 1st round between Nadal and Dolgopolov.

    Yeah Kyrgios is quite tricky for him too. But he will straight set Darcis and Rosol of course.
  13. m2nk2

    London / Queen's Club 2015. 1st round between Nadal and Dolgopolov.

    Nadde will do just fine at W unless he's up against Isner or The Dog.
  14. m2nk2

    London / Queen's Club 2015. 1st round between Nadal and Dolgopolov.

    The Dog was ranked 13 before he got struck with tonnes of injuries. He's not a bad player when he's healthy, especially on grass.
  15. m2nk2

    The Ymer Brothers - Future Force of Sweden

    Elias just won his first challenger! Will be around 130 next week!
  16. m2nk2

    How bout this to bring S&V back?

    Or how about this: Grass (W) - Fast HC (USO) - Fast HC (AO) - Medium/slow Clay (FO) - Slow So half the tour will be fast to allow for a more varied gameplay. Rather than just mindless ball bashing from baseline on every surface.
  17. m2nk2

    John Inverdale fired from Wimbledon

    Chris Bradnam needs to go as well.
  18. m2nk2

    Haas is Back! Feel Good Story of the Year

    I think he'll beat most players under the age of 28. He played in the same tournaments as Edberg so I'll route for the good Hasse!
  19. m2nk2

    2015 ATP Mercedes Cup-250

    Woah, that ball bounced twice. Bad bad Zverev :/
  20. m2nk2

    Clay Weak Era?

    Entire era now is very weak and keep getting weaker. But I guess it's more notable for clay since 90s clay was extremely strong.
  21. m2nk2

    Wawrinka's BH between net post & IBM sign=Amazing

    "That's an oil painting of a backhand right there" - Rob Koenig
  22. m2nk2

    Who was hitting better? Soderling-09 agaginst Rafa or Wawrinka-15 against Djokovic?

    Söderling for sure. Nadal was at his peak around that time.
  23. m2nk2

    Nadal doesn't have the heaviest balls in history!

    A rainy day on a clay court then I can assure you that Nadal's wet balls are the heaviest. I've seen them in person and that spin is immense!
  24. m2nk2

    Is Djokovic Beatable?

    Not until the other players get a racquet made of the new super material Graphene like Djoko has.
  25. m2nk2

    Is Djokovic Better Now Than in 2011?

    I'd say no. Everybody else is worse I think. When I say everybody I mean Fed and Murray and obviously Nadal. Djoko has remained same level as he has had in the last 2-3 years. Its the new super material Graphene in his racquet as well.
  26. m2nk2

    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    Time violation in that moment? Ridiculous, I agree with McEnroe there.
  27. m2nk2

    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    Pretty good first set though, considering.
  28. m2nk2

    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    What was Novak doing there?!?
  29. m2nk2

    RG QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [6] Rafael Nadal

    Maybe to get a set, but doubt even that.